"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Iglesia Ni Cristo: Founded by God (Jesus) or a man (Felix Manalo) alledgely now riddled with corruption controlled by a single powerful man

Article taken from IGLESIA NI CRISTO SILENT NO MORE, a blog created by an INC™ Minister exposing corruption in the Iglesia Ni Cristo® founded by Felix Manalo and is now managed by his grandsome Eduardo V. Manalo:

In the spirit of our successful 2 Million views to date (April 19, 2015 – June 27, 2015: 2 months and 8 days or basically just 68 days old, 82 posts, garnering a total of 2,008,309 Views), commemorating this global phenomenon, let me share this article highlighting the global church, our beloved Iglesia Ni Cristo, and the previously invisible global power of…… THE SANTOS FAMILY, which will now be thoroughly EXPOSED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. I will prove to you that in the present day Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), power is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals, notably in the members of the Advisory Council, but none greater than in the Santos family. I am, of course, referring to Bro. Jun Santos, his wife Annie, his sons Sergie and GP as well as his brother in the United States, Manuel (“Boy”) Santos, also a minister. Bro. Jun’s scope of control has gone way beyond auditing of the finances and activities of the Church, for potential elimination of wastage and inefficiencies — the typical role of a General Auditor, which, by the way, is his official designation in the Church. In practice, Bro. Jun wears many different hats. He is the chief strategist and major influencer (if not decision maker) in matters concerning the construction of houses of worship and other buildings including the Philippine Arena, sports complex and stadium. He is the contract negotiator, reviewer, and approver for various construction projects including signing off on contracts for materials and labor. He decides (or is a major influencer on) which long-term assets to acquire when, and which ones to dispose of, for how much, and through whom. He is also the master architect behind all the Guinness-motivated, traffic-disrupting Lingap (Aid to Humanity) activities, medical and dental missions, major propagation projects, centennial and closing centennial celebrations.

In addition, he is the brains behind the production, marketing, and forcible distribution of various UNLAD products to brethren as well as the crafting of an effective payment collection scheme. Co-ministers will attest that he decides on the fate of his fellow ministers, i.e., who gets promoted, demoted, reassigned, taken down, or worse, expelled. And lest we forget, he is also the mastermind behind the creation of the never-ending special, special offerings and the corresponding bended-knee style of devotional prayers to guilt the brethren into giving more. And if you will be able to ask around, every District, every Office, every Section, every Department in the whole of Central and other Bureaus, there is only one name who calls the shots, who makes the decisions, who gives the Go-Signal, who Approves anything and Everything, who has the power to STOP anything and everything, and unfortunately that is no longer the name of our beloved Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, ALARMINGLY, IT IS NOW THE RESONATING NAME THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE CHURCH, BRO. GLICERIO B. SANTOS JR. The Phrase: Sa atas ng Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan or At the instruction of the Executive Minister, is now just a “fine print” for technicality’s sake.

As you will see later in this article, this Santos family has surreptitiously, deceitfully and deliberately injected themselves into almost every facet of the Church, MAKING THE SANTOS FAMILY AN INDISPENSABLE FIGURE IN THE CHURCH. In fact, he and his family are directly involved in the executive and day-to-day management of INC companies notably FYM Foundation, the Subic Bay-FYM Foundation, UNLAD, F. Y. Medical Foundation (New Era General Hospital), Maligaya Development Corp., and New Era University (by extension, also the College of Evangelical Ministry). Their power extends not only in the Philippines but globally wherever the Church has a presence. In the United States, Bro. Jun Santos may keep younger sibling Boy on a leash but make no mistake. Bro. Boy Santos is a ruler in his own fiefdom, the Iglesia ni Cristo United States Main Office (USMO). According to fellow ministers in the U.S., he is every bit the tyrant that his older brother is. To those who do not know, USMO “acts as an extension of the Church Administration, assisting in overseeing a vast portion of the globe.” (Ref. http://incmedia.org/usmo-united-states-main-office/). Bro. Boy’s equivalent at the Europe Main Office also bows down to Bro Jun. With so much power to wield and a vast resources at this family’s disposal, is it any wonder the Church is plagued by allegations of: corruption among the Church hierarchy, bribery, political wheeling and dealing, harboring a fugitive, unabashed capitalism, furtive business ventures, more and more Church properties being offered for sale, unexplained wealth of those in the Advisory Council, ministers leading an opulent lifestyle discordant with their stipend, “express” expulsions of suspected brethren dissidents and complete disregard for due process and long established procedures ?

In the words of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws”. Or put another way, he who controls the purse strings… makes the rules. Or, in our days, He who bears the name Glicerio B. Santos Jr., controls the Church and everything in it. (On how Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. was able to slowly but surely conquer every facet of the church, please refer to (6 Parts Series) https://iglesianicristosilentnomore.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/part-6-the-unfelt-caring-for-the-flock/ to better understand how this came about after years of planning and assimilation from within the Church Administration. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s proceed to our storyboard. At the end of this presentation, I am convinced that even if you are on the fence about some of the allegations above, you will arrive at the ONLY possible conclusion that you can come to — that Mr. Rothschild is correct and what he said applies in this case. First off, why don’t we do a quick search for “Glicerio Santos” in the Open Corporates database?

20 matches! Does that surprise you? Bro. Jun sure is popular, isn’t he? And so are his sons, both named “Glicerio Santos”, III and IV, also known as Sergie and GP, respectively. Take note that the search results do not include the Philippines. For our study, why don’t we start there, since that is where it all began? What you will see below is a product of collaborative research among many AE’s in different parts of the world. They have voluntarily come together to lend their respective expertise from Local and International Accounting firms, Local and International Legal Firms and even Consultants to different related Government Agencies, bound by a common desire to expose the truth, as ugly as it may be, for the benefit of the Church so that it may return to its rightful state, a clean and unblemished Iglesia Ni Cristo. Please take note that all the materials/references used in their research are duly noted so that anyone wishing to verify may be able to do so. And anyone who wants to disprove anything I have presented here will also be demanded the same level of competency in data gathering and presentation. These matrices have been provided as a summary to give a bird’s eye-view of the comparative information based on the different available documented sources.

1. In the Philippines

GEN AUD=General Auditor, PRES=President, M=Board Member, Y=Yes

M=Board Member, Assoc=Associate, Y=Yes, CEFO=Corporate Executive Finance Officer, CEO=Chief Executive Officer, LEG=Legal, OTR=Other

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mr. Ja Hoon Ku, a South Korean member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo®, a fugitive protected by the INC™

From Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More blog
The continuing Saga of Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. and Mr. Ja Hoon Ku

Ja Hoon Ku is a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, a convert and this is his story: http://www.studyiglesianicristo.com/Converts/convert-story-19.html

“Mr. Ku attended his first worship service in South Korea which was officiated by Brother Jun (Glicerio B. Santos Jr.). With the aid of a translator, he was able to understand the lesson. In fact, despite the language barrier, he was visibly moved by the singing. of hymns, the fervent prayers, and the orderliness and spirituality of the entire worship service. He recounted, “I was observing Brother Jun and the brethren during their stay here [in South Korea]. I admire their helpfulness, trust, and instant camaraderie even though they were just introduced to each other.”

Then one day, the whole world was startled when we saw the news on TV about JA HOON KU who was arrested for embezzling $200 Million in Korea. But surprisingly he was suddenly released by the swift order of Sec. Pacquito Ochoa and was given to the custody of Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. This act of Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. of flexing the organizational muscle of the Church in influencing Government officials to obey his orders at the expense of Church’ reputation, is truly unbecoming of a Minister. He not only put the name of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in a bad light, feeding a negative news frenzy for quite sometime for harboring a criminal. But surprisingly, Malacañang kept quite about it, then one by one, the news buzz died down…

So what actually happened?

Here is the article I wrote about it: https://iglesianicristosilentnomore.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/the-burden-of-proof-is-the-proof-of-burden/

Here are some more information regarding Ja Hoon Ku.

Watch the Video Here: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/metro-manila/10/03/14/palace-stops-deportation-korean-fugitive

And instead of expelling Ja Hoon Ku, what did Bro. Glicerio B. Santos do? He took him in, protected his beloved convert, and ofcourse the http://www.theiglesianicristo.blogspot.com gave their opinion about the matter which is, as we all know now, NOT THE OFFICIAL STAND OF THE SANGGUNIAN, because according to THE PRISTINE TRUTH, the Sanggunian do not even know them or that they even existed… so ssshhhhh… hush hush we don’t want to blow their secret, since they too are afraid to reveal who they really are, just a pseudo name.

Here’s what they have to say: http://theiglesianicristo.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-case-of-ja-hoon-ku.html According to them, WE SHOULD NOT BE JUDGEMENTAL with a person being hunted down by his own country’s government for embezzlement, but apparently it is perfectly fine to expel brethren left and right for reading my blogs, liking, commenting and sharing my articles. Isn’t odd that Bro. Glicerio B. Santos put the Church reputation at risk of ridicule and contempt because of one man, well one very rich man? Yet, they persecute and expel brethren who are seeking the truth and asking questions and looking for answers and clarifications? Bro. Lito Fruto, Bro. Jesus Ponce Jr. and his whole family and Bro. Richard Vasquez and his wife, just to name a few:

If that’s not being judgemental, I don’t know what is…

So what happened now with this Ja Hoon Ku? According to our anonymous-not-official-inc-stand-mr.know-it-all, The Pristine Truth: Where is Ja now? Ja Hoon Ku is now back in South Korea! He even attended the dedication of the new House of Worship in South Korea. Thus, truly no irregularities, no anomalies took place. He was only temporarily entrusted to the INC until the Supreme Court made a final decision on his case. – Pristine Truth”

So that means, that Ja went all the trouble of evading his government for legal prosecution for his crime, ONLY to go to South Korea to attend the dedication of a new house of worship? Did I read this right Mr. Pristine? Well I guess, Mr. Pristine can provide proof of Mr. Ja’s whereabouts since he obviously knows everything about such church matters although he claims that he is in no way connected officially with the Church Administration, he just knows, period.

Because according to brethren who grabbed this picture from a proud member’s facebook page who was able to attend the gathering, Mr. Ja Hoon Ku was not there during the dedication of the House of Worship in South Korea since he is in hiding from the authorities, that is why his associate was the one who received the Plaque of Appreciation from the Church Administration:

But then again, we could be all wrong and Mr. Pristine could be right, because for all we know, he might have been actually there during the dedication of the house of worship in South Korea, and ofcourse we will take his word for it, he knows all these sensitive information inside the church, while the rest of the Church knows nothing. He knows where Ja Hoon Ku is while other government agents are still looking for him. Just Brilliant!

So I guess it is only but fitting that we update everybody. Well this is fresh from the press as of June 24, 2015 10:31AM:


So now, the Judge that Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. used to favor Mr. Ja Hoon Ku is also in trouble according to the news: “The Supreme Court saw the defiance of Gallegos as disrespecting an order of the country’s highest court. “A resolution of the Supreme Court should not be construed as a mere request, and should be complied with promptly and completely. Such failure to comply accordingly betrays not only a recalcitrant streak in character, but also disrespect for the Court’s lawful order and directive,” the high court said. “Judge Gallegos should know that judges must respect the orders and decisions of higher tribunals, especially the Supreme Court from which all other courts take their bearings,” it added.The high tribunal continued, “When the judge himself becomes the transgressor of the law which he is sworn to apply, he places his office in disrepute, encourages disrespect for the law and impairs public confidence in the integrity of the judiciary itself.””


So according to the unofficial opinion of the non-Sanggunian-related Mr. Pristine, “Let’s not be judgemental”… So where is Ja Hoon Ku again Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr.? Since you are the custodial caretaker, and according to Mr. Pristine you are not hiding him, kindly inform the public where he is and please do the right thing and release him to the proper authorities, so you can atleast minimize the bad reputation you have inflicted upon the church administration and the church as whole. Everybody knows the political muscle of the Church (except Mr. Pristine or atleast he pretends to be too naive about it), that is why government officials bend to the will of the “powers that be”. But to use these powers for vested interest or in the favor of an individual at the expense of the whole church, is….is… *sigh*, I am already at a loss for words, you be the one to call it as it is. And anybody who’s stupid enough to think that Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. had no hand in this fiasco is probably in too much denial or is in need of a CT Scan of the head.

Lastly, please allow me to quote this: “When the judge himself becomes the transgressor of the law which he is sworn to apply, he places his office in disrepute, encourages disrespect for the law and impairs public confidence in the integrity of the judiciary itself.”

If there is a profession most honorable, most respected and most revered above all profession, it is the holy MINISTRY inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo. So if among the judiciary, Judges are expected to have the highest level of integrity, what more for the Ministers of the Iglesia Ni Cristo… So when the Minister himself becomes the transgressor of the Doctrines which he is sworn to apply, he places his Ministry in disrepute, encourages disrespect for the Doctrines and impairs the brethren’s confidence in the integrity of the Ministry itself….

Let the Ministers in the Sanggunian ponder upon this for a while…

~ Antonio Ebangelista

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Paano ba inabot ng Diyos ang Biblia sa ating panahon ayon sa Pasugo ng Iglesia Ni Cristo®?


This Week: Big News Involving the Iglesia Ni Cristo®

SC rules vs INC contractor wanted in Korea

The Supreme Court has thumbed down the motion of a Korean contractor of the Philippine Arena for a writ of amparo. The high court said Ja Hoon Ku, who is allegedly wanted in South Korea for stealing $200 million, did not substantiate his claim that his life was in danger. The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) had reportedly gotten the services of Ku in building the arena. PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER FILE/EDWIN BACASMAS
The Supreme Court has ruled that a Korean fugitive wanted for stealing $200-million from his company in Korea is not entitled to protection against government authorities running after him.
With a 13-0 vote, the high court ruled that Ja Hoon Ku, a contractor of the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s (INC) Philippine Arena, is not entitled to a writ of amparo.

Amparo is a rule of procedure that is anchored on one’s right to life, liberty and security. A writ of amparo is meant to force government authorities to disclose details concerning extrajudicial killing or enforced disappearance.
Earlier, Manila Regional Trial Court Judge Paulino Gallegos granted the writ of amparo sought by Ku. Then, on January 28, 2014, the court issued a temporary protection order entrusting Ku’s custody to the Philippine National Red Cross and ordered the Philippine National Police-Security and Protection Group (PNP-PSPG) to protect Ku and his immediate family... continue reading!

Official backed by Iglesia ni Cristo is new ESS chief of Customs

The Bureau of Customs has named a new chief for its Enforcement and Security Service or ESS. (now retracted by GMA News)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lifestyle Check for Iglesia Ni Cristo® High Ranking Ministers at Sangunian - by Antonio Ebangelista

Antonio Ebangelista: I hope sooner or later The Sanggunian, or even their opinionated alter-ego (www.theiglesianicristo.blogspot.com) will have an answer regarding the unexplained ability of the Sanggunian members to own high-end vehicles:

Continue reading here...

Who wrote the Muslim "holy" book called Qur'an?

Before you say the Quran is a "word of God" READ these!
Who wrote Quran?: Muslims be ready!

Muslims say that Bible is not the word of God because it has no known author or that most of the books of the Bible say, "author - unknown". But careful study of the Bible suggests that there are many evidences which indicate that the writers of the Bible were prophets and apostles themselves. For example the first five books of the Bible were written by Moses.

Moses writes instructions for the kings of Israel in Deu 17:18-20, "Also it shall be, when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write for himself a copy of this law in a book, from the one before the priests, the Levites. And it shall be with him, and he shall read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the LORD his God and be careful to observe all the words of this law and these statutes, that his heart may not be lifted above his brethren, that he may not turn aside from the commandment to the right hand or to the left, and that he may prolong his days in his kingdom, he and his children in the midst of Israel."

Joshua confirms that there were written Laws with them which was given by God to Moses. In Joshua 1:7-8, "Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go. This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success."

Further we read that Joshua made an altar of the LORD God as it was written in the Book of the Law of Moses in Josh 8:30-31, "Now Joshua built an altar to the LORD God of Israel in Mount Ebal, as Moses the servant of the LORD had commanded the children of Israel, as it is written in the Book of the Law of Moses: "an altar of whole stones over which no man has wielded an iron tool." And they offered on it burnt offerings to the LORD, and sacrificed peace offerings."

Joshua also made a copy of the Book of Law when they reached the promised land as we read in Josh 8:32, "And there, in the presence of the children of Israel, he wrote on the stones a copy of the law of Moses, which he had written."

Further it was confirmed in 2 Chr 17:9 So they taught in Judah, and had the Book of the Law of the LORD with them." And throughout the Bible we read about the confirmation that Bible was written by prophets and apostles who had direct contact with God.

Now the question is, who wrote Quran or who was the author of Quran?

Hadith tells us that Muhammad was illiterate and was unable to read or write. So of course Muhammad did not write Quran. Muslims claim that Muhammad dictated the whole Quran to his followers and many of them memorized the Quranic verses word by word and later they wrote it down. The bottom line is that no one knows for sure who wrote the Quran.

After the death of Muhammad there was a time when Uthman the third Caliph of Islam ordered to burn all the copies of Quran except one. It was believed that there were variations in text and recitation practice of Quran at that time and so Uthman took this step. According to Quran and Hadith, Muhammad was the last prophet of Islam. So Uthman was not a prophet and we do not know whether he kept the valid and original Quran or destroyed it? We also do not know how he determined which one was the correct version of Quran?

Muslims claim that Quran was directly given by Allah and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat the Muslim Scholar and other Muslims have claimed that Quran is the word of God because it was written in first person speech unlike Bible, where third person speech is used. But the very first chapter of Quran is written in the third person speech.

Surah 1:1-7. "In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds; Most Gracious, Most Merciful; Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek. Show us the straight way, The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray."

This is not the only one example but there are many Surahs which are written in third person speech. So if we take the word of Muslim Scholars, Quran is not the word of God.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Prize for reposting the blog of INC™ Minister Ka Antonio Ebangelista

But you will be amazed how the Iglesia Ni Cristo® through the "Sangunian" is sooooo desperate in HUNTING DOWN Mr. Expose Ka Antonio Ebangelista while poor members who pressed the LIKE button or SHARED his article in Facebook were automatically EXCOMMUNICATED from the INC™ Church!

Efforts is being done by loyal subjects of Mr. Glicerio Santos Jr. at another blog but still Mr. Antonio Ebangelista's expose still earning respect from their members who are also into hiding.

Here are some interesting posts from Mr. AE's blog, IGLESIA NI CRISTO SILENT NO MORE!

Another Iglesia Ni Cristo® property sold for Robinsons according to Mr. Antonio Ebangelista

Price: Php 45,107,000.00 (Source and details at Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

May kasagutan kaya si ReadMeINC sa mga kaanib nilang nakikipagsimpatiya kay Ka Antonio Ebangelista?

Isang liham na naman ang inilathala ng Whistle Blower na Ministro ng Iglesia Ni Cristo sa katauhan ni G. Antonio Ebangelista.

Medyo i-highlight ko lang ang mga nakikita kong mga importante baka sakaling may maisasagot itong si ReadMeINC na isang FINANCE OFFICER, na posibleng napapaloob sa tanggapan ni KA JUN SANTOS (General Auditor) na masyadong kahaman sa salapi ayon na rin sa mga akusasyon ni Ka AE. Ang mga quotes po ay kuha sa "Voice of the Brethren: EGM Video Conference Lecture October 14, 1998 – Krisis sa Liderato sa Iglesia"

Dear Ka AE, Una po sa lahat ay binabati ko kayo sa inyong tunay na malasakit sa sambahayan ng sugo, sa sambahayan ng yumaong ka Erdy, sa ka EVM at higit po sa lahat ay ang PAGMAMALASAKIT NINYO SA IGLESIA sa kabuuan.


Saksing buhay po ako nang ang aking magulang ay nilait, pinagsalitaan ng masama dahil sa pag-uulat niya ng mga maling kaganapan tungkol sa patas na pag-papatupad ng mga tuntunin sa Iglesia.


Malungkot po ako sa nangyayari ngayon sapagkat parang bawat isang kapatid po o may tungkulin ay nagpapakiramdaman. PATI PAGMAMAHAL SA SAMBAHAYAN NG KA ERDY IPINAGBABAWAL. SANA PO MAKITA NAMING MULI ANG KA TENNY, ANG KA ANGEL AT ANG KA MARK. Wala pong kalayaang pumuna o magtanong kung bakit hindi sinasagot ng tuwiran ng Pamamahala ang tungkol sa lahat ng inyong inilathala. Ang pilit nilang sinisira ay ang inyong pagkatao. Hindi po nila masira ang mensahe kaya pilit nilang sinisira ang nagdala ng mensahe.


Masakit po talaga na marami na pong mga kapatid ang mabilis na itiniwalag dahil LUMALABAN DAW PO SA PAMAMAHALA. Pero napakarami pong mga kapatid na matagal nang hindi sumasamba UMABOT SA LIMA HANGGANG SAMPUNG TAON, nabubuhay ng labag sa pagka Iglesia Ni Cristo, umalis nang walang paalam, SUBALIT hanggang ngayon ay nasa talaan.


Ito pong mga kapatid na naglike lang sa comment, o nagrepost lang article sa FB, akalain mong napakabilis itiniwalag.


Magaling kasing mambilog ng ulo itong mga Sanggunian. Saan kayo nakakita ng namamahala na ikukumpara ang kanilang mga accomplishments sa lumipas na administrasyon. Inilalagay pa sa PASUGO, na sa loob ng 5 taon, may humigit kumulang na 2,000 libo ang na ordinahan, may ilang libo ang nag aaral ng ministerial at pati ang pagpapatayo ng bahay sambahan, sa dating administration daw, 20 kapilya lang kada isang taon, pero sa ngayon, Abril pa lang halos ganoon na ang bilang ng ipinatatayong bahay sambahan.


Pero dapat bang ikumpara? Hindi ba ang lahat ay awa at tulong ng ating Dios? Yun ba ay upang patunayan lang kung saan ginagamit ang ating mga pananalapi? Pera pera na lang po ba ang Iglesia ngayon?


Masagot lang po ng punto per punto ang lahat ng karangyaan ng mga taga Sanggunian, lalo na si JS, siguro po hindi na kami titingin pa sa FB. Sana po ay bumalik ang dating maningning na kalagayan ating Iglesiang pinakamamahal. Maraming salamat po.
Kapatid na KC
Eraño de Guzman Manalo, son of INC™ Founder Felix Manalo Ysagun (posted in "Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More" blog

Ano kaya ang kasagutan ni Ka ReadMeINC sa kaanib nilang nakikipagsimpatiya kay Ka AE?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Catholic Church still growing amidst persecution in the Middle East!

Another Catholic Church was built in the Middle East. This is a clear proof that the ONLY Church of Christ is alive and being animated by the Holy Spirit against those who stole the name of Christ and pretended to be "real" but are in fact FAKE churches such as the Iglesia Ni Cristo® of Felix Manalo-- an apostate, now is governed and controlled by corrupt INC™ Ministers according to a certain Mr. Antonio Ebangelista.

Cardinal Parolin opens new Catholic Church in Abu Dhabi

(Vatican Radio) The Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, on Thursday inaugurated the second Catholic Church to be opened in Abu Dhabi, one of the United Arab Emirates.

St Paul’s Church is in the Musaffah industrial area. The emirate’s other Catholic Church is Joseph’s Cathedral in Al Mushrif.

The 1200-seat church will have daily services in English, weekly services in Arabic, Malayalam and Tagalog, bimonthly service in Tamil and monthly service in Konkani.

“We thank the rulers for providing an attractive environment where Christians feel accepted and are able to live their own identity and to practice their religious beliefs,” said Bishop Paul Hinder, Apostolic Vicar of Southern Arabia. “The mission of the Church is to do everything possible to foster the human capital of the Christian faithful and to make them strong in the pursuit of truth and moral behaviour and thus able to better serve the country.”

There are nearly 1 million Catholics in the United Arab Emirates, mostly migrant workers from South and East Asia.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Growing "Antonio Ebangelista" (A.E) sentiments among INC™ Ministers is now trending in the Social Media!

The Iglesia Ni Cristo® founded by Felix Manalo in 1914 has no guarantee that it will last forever. Instead Jesus Christ the Lord promised to HIS CHURCH -- the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH that HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL (Mt. 16:16-18), therefore the Church has been the only driving force that spread Christianity for more than 2,000 years now.  

On the contrary, the FAKED "true Church of Christ" has just reached its hundred year foundation since 1914 and now being PLAGUED with CORRUPTION by its ministers.  Truly, this INC™ Church is not Christ's and therefore will be plagued with left and right evil people. From it's founder FELIX MANALO, who denied Jesus who (GOD) coming in the FLESH and "such people is the deceiver and the anti-Christ (2 John 1:7)!

Yes you heard it right! FELIX MANALO is the fulfillment of Biblical prophesies about the COMING of the DECEIVER and the ANTI-CHRIST!

His INC™ will continue to be anti-Christ and they will continue to deceive many. But GOD WILL TRIUMPH! Hell SHALL PREVAIL in the INC™ Church!

Voice of the Brethren: “I AM A.E.”
Source: Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More

June 10, 2015

Brother A.E.,

Alam nyo po ba na nalungkot po ako dahil sa hindi ako nakapagpuslit ng recorder sa loob ng klasehan namin sa Distrito dahil sa biglang higpit sa seguridad at bawal na bawal na magdala ng kahit anong recorder. Ninais kong irecord ang webex at ipadala sa inyo hindi para labagin ang tagubilin ukol dito kundi dahil sa nauunawaan ko pong napakahalaga na marinig ng mga kapatid ang sasabihin ng Ka Eduardo V. Manalo dahil maraming nag-aabang ng kaniyang isasagot ukol sa mga alegasyon ninyo, subalit nabigo po kaming mga Ministro na marinig ang inaasahan naming sagot ng punto-por-punto sa mga ebidensyang inilahad ninyo, halatang finilter na ng Sanggunian ang mga impormasyon upang huwag makarating sa kaalaman ng Ka Eduardo. Akala ko po ng wala akong maipapadala sa inyong audio recording ay bigo na ang lahat, nagulat na lamang po ako ng mabasa ko ang blog ninyo na marami pala kaming kasama ninyo na nag-record din at marami ang nagbuwis pa ng buhay at karapatan para lamang mailabas ang katotohanan, tunay na kumikilos na ang Ama sa paghahayag ng katotohanan. At pagkatapos na mabasa ko kanina madaling araw ang blog nyo tungkol sa WEBEX… Nagkaroon na ako ng pagdududa sa aking sarili?….,Habang hirap na hirap ang Sanggunian na hanapin kung “sino ba talaga” si A.E….Nagdududa na ako sa aking sarili at napagtanto ko na…. AKO PALA SI AE!!!!! Bakit kamo? AKO NGA SI A.E…. (Just disregard the refined ability of constructing the the jaw-dropping scribbled blog)

Every minister like myself (even the ordinary brethren) with the same sentiments, having the same observations, embracing the same goal, and fighting for the same cause, in effect, is A.E. Kahit ang mga Ministro sa Abroad o sa malalayo at liblib na destino sa probinsya ay si AE. Kahit ang mga inaapi na mga Ministro, Manggagawa, estudyante na walang boses o kakayanan, ngayon ay nagkakaroon ng pag-asa na maaari pa palang ituwid ang Ministerio na dinungisan ng Sanggunian sapagkat alam naman namin na hindi ang solusyon ay umalis sa Iglesia o sa Ministerio, kundi hintayin ang isasagawang paglilinis ng Ama sa hanay ng Ministerio. Binigyan nyo po ng pag-asa ang mga pobreng Ministro na tila baga ay nilimot na at nilamon na ng sistema. Kaming lahat po ay si AE. Imagine, tens, fifties and hundreds of AE’s all around the world.

Therefore, they really cannot find you Brother, because you are everywhere. You are in the mind and heart of every living brethren praying for the same resolution, for the safety of our beloved Executive Minister, for the well-being of the Family of Bro. Eraño G. Manalo, for the entireity of the Church, so that it may be brought back to it’s clean and unblemished state.

Lagi po naming ipinapanalangin sa Ama na matapos na po ang pagsubok na ito sa Kaniyang Iglesia at mahayag na ang mga taong tampalasan, mga tiwaling Ministro, lalo na sa hanay ng mga nasa Sanggunian na hanggang ngayon ay nililinlang ang Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan at pinagsasamantalahan ang buong Iglesia.

Kaisa nyo po kami at ang aming buong sambahayan sa pagpapanata gabi-gabi para sa Gawaing ito. Sa totoo po Ka AE, lahat po ng Ministro at Manggagawa dito sa aming Distrito sa Norte ay Maka-AE na pwera na lang po yung Kalihim ng Distrito, subalit di na rin po sya maka-porma dahil nag-iisa lang sya na nagbubulag-bulagan pa hanggang ngayon, palibhasa ay tinamaan sya dun sa isang ginawa ninyong Article na Ministrong wala namang ipinasa sa pagbubunga at wala rin namang ginawang magandang kasaysayan sa mga Lokal na pinagdestinuhan nya at nagpakadaluhasa lang sa pag-sipsip at pagsulsol sa aming Tagapangasiwa kaya inirekomenda sya na maging Kalihim ng Distrito pero wala syang malasakit sa mga kapatid maging sa amin na mga kabaro nya sa Tungkulin, kaya galit sya sa inyo. Tahimik pa lang po kami ngayon, subalit mulat at gising na gising na po kami, naghihintay na lamang ng tamang panahon na kakailanganin na kaming tumindig para sa kapakanan ng Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan at sa Iglesiang mahal natin. Maraming salamat po at sana ay huwag kayong magsasawa sa inyong pagsisiwalat ng mga katotohanan upang lalong marami pa ang maging gising sa ginagawang PAGKILOS NG AMA para sa Kaniyang Iglesia.

– Ka Robert po (Distrito sa Norte)

Friday, June 12, 2015

What Muslims Don't Want You to Know

INC PRIME PROPERTY: SOLD! – PART 1 - by Mr. Antonio Ebangelista

From Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More blog:



~ Antonio Ebangelista

“they tried to bury us… they didn’t know we were seed.”

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What is TAQIYYA?

What Is Taqiyya?
(Source: Answering Muslims)
Taqiyya (also spelled taqiya, taqiyah, or taqiyyah) is a form of Islamic deception. The Quran (16:106 and 3:28) allows Muslims to lie in order to protect themselves or to protect the Muslim community. Protecting the Muslim community, however, involves lying about jihad and portraying Islam as a religion of peace.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ang Tiwalagan sa loob ng Iglesia Ni Cristo® dahil sa pagsi-share ng blog ni G. Antonio Ebangelista

Ito ang isa sa mga hinanakit ng mga kaanib ng INC™ na gina-gag order o kaya'y itinitiwalag matapos na i-share nila ang mga pagbubunyag ng isa sa mga Ministro nila na naninilbihan sa Central Office sa Quezon City.
On May 8, 2015, we were asked to report to the District office to meet with the District Minster, Brother Dyland Ramos. Brother Dyland told us that he received 2 reports about our re-posting on Facebook of a blog written by Antonio Ebangelista entitled “Locale of Humble, Texas For Sale: The Anomaly after the Anomaly” and the Facebook post about the “Ministers of the Sangunian shutting down his Facebook account”. We were asked to submit our affidavits explaining our situation. During our meeting, we asked what was our sin? The response given was that it was wrong that we re-posted these blogs and shared the post of Antonio Ebangelista, who apparently was identified as a detractor of the Church, which we were not aware of at the time of our initial post. So, on May 10, 2015, we submitted our affidavits to Brother Dyland and he instructed us to wait for instructions from the Administration...
Ituloy ang pagbabasa sa blog ni Ka Antonio Ebangelista

Pamilya ni Richard and Estrellita Vasquez

Friday, June 5, 2015

FEAST OF CORPUS CHRISTI (Body of Christ), Pope Honors Persecuted Christians

Source: Stand with the Persecuted Church
Christian Persecution is REAL. Since its birth in the First Century to the Third Millennium it's still happening.  Endless report on violence and persecution against Christians from Muslim Extremists and Muslim states in the Middle East is one of the gravest (read Aid to the Church in Need). Muslims are the main source of persecution followed by Communist countries like China, N. Korea, Cuba and Vietnam.  Secular states also persecute Christians in various ways like banning of Crosses in public areas. Removing Christian symbols in public schools, suing everyone who displays Christian symbols in the name of SECULARISM. Persecution also comes from fellow Christians who are NOT CATHOLICS such as various Protestant churches, sects, cults, and even non-Christian such as Hindus in India.  Some Born-Again protestant non-denominational groups and the notorious Iglesia Ni Cristo® founded by an apostate Felix Manalo in 1914 (now being exposed of deep seated corruption by an anonymous Minister at Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More!) and Ang Dating Daan® founded by Eliseo Soriano who is a fugitive in Brazil for rape.
Celebrating Corpus Christi feast, pope honors persecuted Christians

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service

ROME (CNS) — The Eucharist is the seal of God’s covenant, uniting Christians and giving them the strength to bring God’s love to others, even when faith carries a high price, Pope Francis said.

Celebrating the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ with an evening Mass outside Rome’s Basilica of St. John Lateran June 4, Pope Francis said the church and its members will never cease being in awe of the Eucharist.

As the sun began to set, the Mass was followed by a traditional Corpus Christi procession from St. John Lateran to the Basilica of St. Mary Major, one mile away.

Pope Francis asked the faithful as they walked through the city with the Eucharist to remember “our many brothers and sisters who do not have the freedom to express their faith in the Lord Jesus.”

“Let us be united with them; let us sing with them, praise with them, adore with them,” he said. “And, in our hearts, let us venerate those brothers and sisters who were asked to sacrifice their lives out of fidelity to Christ. May their blood, united to the Lord’s, be a pledge of peace and reconciliation for the whole world.”

The Eucharist, he said, “sanctifies us, purifies us and unites us in a marvelous communion with God. In that way we learn that the Eucharist is not a prize for the good, but strength for the weak; for sinners it is pardon; it is the viaticum that helps us move forward, to walk.”

In the main part of his homily, Pope Francis quoted from one of the texts in the Liturgy of the Hours for the feast day: “Eat this sacred food, so that your bond of unity with Christ may never be broken. Drink this sacred blood, the price he paid for you, so that you may never lose heart because of your sinfulness.”

Division and losing heart are “a danger, a threat,” he said, but the gift of Christ’s presence in his body and blood give Christians the strength to resist them.

“We scatter when we are not docile to the Lord’s word, when we do not live in brotherhood, when we compete to occupy the best places — being climbers, you know — when we do not find the courage to give a witness of charity, when we are unable to offer hope,” he said.

But the Eucharist is “the bond of communion” and the constant sign of the love of Christ who died on the cross “so that we would remain united,” he said.

“Christ, present among us under the sign of bread and wine, demands that power of love overcome every fracture and, at the same time, become communion with the poor, support for the weak and fraternal concern for those who struggle to bear the weight of daily life and are in danger of losing their faith,” Pope Francis said.

Christians lose heart when they lose sight of their dignity as Christians, he said, and instead worship “the idolatries of our time: appearances, consumption and placing the ‘I’ at the center of everything.”

Being competitive, thinking that arrogance is a charming personal quality or that you are never wrong are other symptoms, the pope said. “All of this devalues us, makes us mediocre, tepid, insipid Christians, pagans.”

As Christians, he said, we will always be “poor sinners, but the blood of Christ will free us from our sins and restore our dignity.”

“Not by our own merits and with sincere humility, we can bring our brothers and sisters the love of our lord and savior,” Pope Francis said. “We will be his eyes searching out Zacchaeus and Mary Magdalene; we will be his hands that help those sick in body and spirit; we will be his heart that loves those in need of mercy, reconciliation and understanding.”

As he did last year, Pope Francis celebrated the Mass and then rode in a car to St. Mary Major to meet the Corpus Christi procession as it arrived and to officiate at the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Eucharist had been carried on a flatbed truck with two deacons kneeling alongside it. Thousands of Catholics — members of confraternities, dozens of cardinals and bishops, plus hundreds of sisters and priests — accompanied the truck, carrying candles as darkness fell.

The truck bore the Vatican license plate “SCV 1,” the special plate usually reserved for the pope.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Kung ang Iglesia Ni Cristo® ay 100 years, ang tunay na Iglesiang tatag ni Cristo ay mahigit 2,000 years na po!

Comment of an INC™ member at "Iglesia ni Cristo Symbol, nasa Biblia ba ang kahulugan ng kanilang bandila?"

INC po ako. Unang una, kalat na po sa mundo ang INC. Lahat po ng continents, may INC. Maliban lang po Antarctica. Pangalawa, nakaka 100 years palang po ang INC kaya po nasa 102 countries palang, wag kayo excited. Pangatlo, hindi lang Filipino ang mga INC. Pero sa Pilipinas nagmula. Asan po ba ang Pilipinas, diba asa far east. Ano po ba nakasulat sa Isaiah 43:5? Diba po sabi "From the FAR EAST will I bring your offspring...", e kayong mga catholics, diba galing kayo sa rome, asan po ba yung rome? Diba asa west? You should check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Inject that intp your giant cavity, where your brain's supposed to be!!!!

Maraming salamat po G. Joemel Malgapo sa inyong ipinadalang comment.

Unang-una po, wala po sa Biblia ang pagpapakilala ng mga tagasunod ni Cristo bilang mga "INC". Kaya't kapag sinabi mong "INC po ako" ay diyan pa lang ay unbiblical na po siya.

Pangalawa, HINDI po INC™ ang "kalat" sa buong mundo kundi OFW po.  Nag-boom po ang dagsa ng mga OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) sa bawat dako ng mundo at nagkataon lamang po na ang iba sa mga Pilipino ay mga kaanib ng INC™ ni Manalo ngunit karamihan pa rin sa kanila ay mga KATOLIKO, ayon po yan sa Wikipedia.

Overseas Filipinos
Flag of the Philippines.svg
Total population
10,460,327 - 13,500,000[a]
Regions with significant populations
Countries with over 100,000 overseas Filipinos (2012)[a]
 United States3,494,281
 Saudi Arabia1,267,658
 Australia391,700[not in citation given]
 Japan243,136 (approx. >1,000,000 including undocumented workers)
 United Kingdom218,777
 Qatar200,016[1][not in citation given]
 Hong Kong195,128
 Israel176,499[not in citation given]
Philippine languagesEnglishSpanish
Mostly Christianity, particularly Roman Catholicism  · Islam.
Related ethnic groups
Filipino people

  1. Jump up to:a b Population figures shown are the top ten figures from estimates in 2012 by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.[2] Countries for which other sources report significant differences from these include the following:

In other words, OFW pong Pinoy at Pinay ang nagdala ng INC™ ni Manalo sa mga bansang iyon at HINDI si MANALO o isa man sa mga tagapag-mana niya ang nagdala niyan sa mga 102 bansang sinasabi mong "mayroon pa lang" na mga kaanib ng INC™ ni Manalo.

Kayo  102 "countries" in 100 years? 

Kami naman, eh CHRONICLED po siya sa Wikipedia (highlights are mine)

  • Although the calculations of Dionysius Exiguus put the birth of Jesus in the year that in consequence is called AD 1, history places his birth more likely some time between 6 and 4 BC.
  • c. 28: Jesus' baptism, start of ministry, and selection of the Apostles. The Gospel of Luke indicates that Christ was baptized during the 15th reign of Tiberius Caesar which is dated in 28 AD (found in Luke 3:1,21,22). Christian Gospels strongly suggest Peter as leader and spokesman of the Apostles of Jesus, being mentioned the most number of times in the Gospels. Peter, and the sons of Zebedee, James and John, constitute the inner circle of the Apostles of Jesus, being witnesses to specific important events of the life of Jesus; preachings of Jesus, such as the Sermon on the Mount; and performance of miracles, such as raising the dead back to life, feeding five-thousand, walking on water, etc.
  • c. 31: Peter declares and other followers believe Jesus of Nazareth to be the Jewish Messiah promised by Yahweh according to the Jewish Scriptures and the predictions of the Hebrew prophets. Entry into Jerusalem, start of Passion of Christ. Jesus of Nazareth is crucified inJerusalem under Pontius Pilateprocurator of Judea during the reign of Tiberius and Herod Antipas, after the Sanhedrin, under the High PriestCaiaphas, accuse Jesus of blasphemy. He was then crucified under Pontius Pilate. According to his followers, three days later, "God raised him from the dead". Forty days after his resurrection (Ascension), the Christian Gospels narrate that Jesus instructed His disciples thus: "All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of time." (Matthew 28:18–20). Ten days later (Pentecost) Peter makes the first sermon converting 3,000 to be baptized.
  • c. 34St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, is stoned to death in Jerusalem.
  • c. 52: Traditional arrival of St. Thomas, the Apostle in India.
  • c. 70: Fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple.
  • c. 100St. John, the last of the Apostles, dies in Ephesus.[4][5]
  • c. 110Ignatius of Antioch uses the term Catholic Church in a letter to the Church at Smyrna, one of the letters of undisputed authenticity attributed to him. In this and other genuine letters he insists on the importance of the bishops in the Church and speaks harshly about heretics and Judaizers.
  • c. 150Latin translations (the Vetus Latina) from the Greek texts of the Scriptures are circulated among non-Greek-speaking Christian communities.
So far, yan lamang po ang achievement namin during the first 100-150 YEARS ng IGLESIA KATOLIKA!

'Yung KABUUAN mula 4 B.C hanggang 2015 A.D eh CHRONICLED po siya. Nababasa ng lahat ng tao sa buong mundo.

Kung di ka sang-ayon sa mga entries ng mga historical facts, pwede kang mag-protest pero siguraduhin mong mayroon kang "historical facts" to back it up. So are you up for the challenge? Wikipedia is waiting even your most intelligent INC™ Defender to challenge them!

Kaya't kung kaya mong ipagmalaki ang 100 years niyo with 102 daw na bansa, eh ano pa kaya ang 2,015 YEARS ng TUNAY na IGLESIANG KAY KRISTO? 

Source: FreeCalendar
O, pustahan tayo, ginagamit niyo rin ang LIBONG TAONG BILANG na ito ng IGLESIA KATOLIKA sa inyong mga opisina!

So sa tingin mo, ILANG BANSA na po ba ang narating ng IGLESIA KATOLIKA? HETO, BASAHIN MO!

Pangatlo, maging ang mga asawa ng mga kaanib niyo na HINDI naman Pinoy ay INAKIT niyo na sa INC™ ni Manalo. Kaya't NAGKAROON ng mga FOREIGNERS sa INC™ ni Manalo.

Sa katunayan, halos lahat ng inyong mga malalaking pamamahayag ay sa TAGALOG o FILIPINO ito sinasalita dahil MAJORITY pa rin sa inyong mga pagtitipon ay mga OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS and MIGRANT FILIPINOS.
"The dedication service itself, nearly all in Filipino, consisted of much singing, some praying, a monetary collection and an hourlong homily by Manalo... English-speaking visitors listened through translation headsets." -PASUGO God's Message, ("Restoring Life", Reprinted with permission fro the Telegraph Herald with Publication Date: January 5, 2012 pages: 1-2, Section: A, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, TH staff writer), p. 17-18

Pang-apat, WALA pong FAR EAST sa Isaiah 43:5.  Tanging sa MOFFAT Bible Translations lang may- "far east" na salita.

Bakit FAVORITE nila si MOFFAT i-quote sa Isaiah 43:5? 

Sapagkat TUMUTUGMA ito sa kanilang gustong palabasin na si Felix Manalo nga naman ay "HINULAAN" daw ng Banal na Kasulatan.

Kaya't ang tanong pa rin natin eh SINO si MOFFAT at may karapatan siyang baguhin at ilagay na lamang ang mga gusto niyang salita sa kanyang sariling version ng "biblia" at SASABIHIN ng mga INC™ na salita pa rin ito ng Diyos?

SALITA na ito ni MOFFAT at HINDI ang Diyos!

Totoo bang may "far east" sa katuruan ng INC™ ni Manalo o wala?

"Let us set this clear, We have never taught that  any mention of the expression of 'far east' refers to the Philippines.-PASUGO, July 1997, p. 5.
Kayo nga mismo eh hindi pa magkaisa sa katuruan eh kami pa kaya ang aasahan niyong mag-solve sa inyong kalituhan?.

Pang-lima. Wala pong PILIPINAS sa biblia. Walang FAR EAST. Walang HULING SUGO!

Pero bakit Pilipinas? 

Bakit hindi Indonesia? Taiwan? Vietnam? Malaysia? 

Bakit "PILING-PILI" ang PILIPINAS sa pagkakatatag-muli ng "Iglesia Ni Cristo®"?

Dahil ba ito'y BUKOD-TANGING "CHRISTIAN COUNTRY" in the South East Asia?  

Maaaring pakisagot nga yan?

Pang-anim: Ano ba ang ginawa ni Felix Manalo: ang MAGTATAG ng IGLESIA? O ang i-RESTORE ang original na Iglesia?


Salamat po.

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