"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Dakilang Pamamahayag" ng Iglesia Ni Cristo® Aalog-alog

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Against Muslim Terrorists called Deash (ISIS): Arab Christians Thank President Vladimir Puttin of Russia and the Syrian Government! Obama is the greatest threat for Arab Christians!

While Christians from the "free world" are arguing whose doctrines are genuine, here in the land where Christianity was born, our Christian brethren are fighting for this faith we just taken for granted. While Protestants argue that the Catholic Church had deviated from the True Faith, here are the Catholics and other Christian orthodox churches coming together as one believer in Christ Jesus. [Photo Source: Chaldean Nation Facebook Page or visit their website Chaldean Nation]

Raising the Christian Cross and the name of Lord Jesus Christ in Maaloula, Syria.

The ancient Syrian Christian town restores our Christian Cross and the Virgin Mary statue on top of the Mountain overlooking the beautiful city of Chaldean, Armenian and Syriac Christians. Maaloula celebrates with the Syrian government officials, banner of President Assad, as monument destroyed by rebels replaced.

Located north of Damascus, Maaloula is one of the world’s oldest Christian settlements, and its inhabitants still speak Aramaic and Chaldean, the language of Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you Syrian Army and citizens including our Chaldean and Syriac Christian armies that librated the city from the criminals of Muslim terrorists also called Deash (ISIS).

Long Live the Syrian People!

Restoring the Virgin Mary statue, The Lady of Peace in Maaloula, Syria. This is a Christian city and will stay a Christian city forever!

Thank you Syria! Thank you Syrian and Christian armies. Thank you President Assad and Thank you President Vladimir Putin.

The ancient Syrian Christian town restores the Virgin Mary statue, The Lady of Peace on top of the Mountain overlooking the beautiful city of Chaldean, Armenian and Syriac Christians. Maaloula celebrates with the Syrian government officials, banner of President Assad, as monument destroyed by rebels replaced.

Located north of Damascus, Maaloula is one of the world’s oldest Christian settlements, and its inhabitants still speak Aramaic and Chaldean, the language of Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you Syrian Army and citizens including our Chaldean and Syriac Christian armies that librated the city from the criminals of Muslim terrorists also called Deash (ISIS).

Long Live the Syrian People!

#ChaldeanNation #Chaldean #Syriac #Armenian #Syria #Iraq #Mesopotamia

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ABS-CBN: INC petition violates personal freedom, lawyer says

From left: Felix Manalo (founder), Eduardo V. Manalo (grandson), Angel Manalo (brother of EVM), Cristina "Ka Tenny" Manalo (widow of Eraño G. Manalo) Photo Source: Rappler
How could Eduardo V. Manalo, the present Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® founded by their grandfather FELIX MANALO, by his conscience consents evil that’s happening to his very family? How could a "preacher" of "Christian" (if they were ever been considered Christians) love and forgiveness permits this? "Give the other cheek" (Mt. 5:39)? "Honor thy father and thy mother..." (Deut. 5:16); what happened to those beautiful verses which undoubtedly demonstrate Christian virtues? Looking back, no good son would sentence his own mother to hell just as what Eduardo V. Manalo (EVM) did to his own. I am not an expert of the Bible but I haven’t come across any of the Biblical personalities like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, the prophets, sages and apostles, who admonished, sacked, insulted, convicted, or sent their mothers to hell! Not even their church founder Felix Manalo (whose mother remained and died a Catholic) nor Eraño G. Manalo ever was discourteous to their mothers. ONLY EDUARDO V. MANALO! That’s not godly! That is pure evil, ill-mannered minister undeserving of a man of God. Clearly God is already demonstrating to every member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo®, it's TIME TO LEAVE THAT CHURCH because it does not radiate any righteous qualities. The real, true, genuine, accurate Church of Christ hasn’t apostatized as Jesus (her founder) promised (Mt. 16:1618). COME HOME to his ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH! JESUS IS WAITING!

After all, the Iglesia Ni Cristo® is OWNED BY THE MANALOS, not by the Iglesia Ni Cristo® itself!
Carolyn Bonquin, ABS-CBN News

But INC lawyer Cuevas says restrictions needed to ensure security in compound

MANILA - A petition for injunction filed by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) abridges the personal freedom of Angel Manalo and Lottie Manalo-Hemedez, the Manalos' lawyer Trixie Angeles said.

The INC filed a petition on September 23, asking the court to prohibit unknown individuals from entering the premises of the INC compound in 36 Tandang Sora Avenue Quezon City where INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo's siblings are staying.

The petition was filed before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court after CCTV footage of people entering the compound was discovered.

INC legal counsel Atty. Serafin Cuevas Jr. said the INC deemed it necessary to petition for the restrictions to ensure the security of the occupants.

Cuevas also added that the INC may ask for the restrictions as the owner of the property.

READ: INC wants expelled members out of Manalo residence

In the hearing on the merits of the case on Tuesday, Cuevas asked for the names and pictures of all the occupants.

He also asked before the court to disallow visitors from staying in the compound overnight.

"It's their [Angel and Lottie's] right [to have visitors], you see. The only people who are not allowed visitors are people who are detained. This [petition] amounts to restriction of their personal freedom," said Angeles.

Both parties agreed to meet halfway while the case is being heard.

Included in the temporary agreement is the submission of all the occupants' names and pictures, as well as the list of all their visitors.

Meanwhile, guards will be posted in a public area outside the compound to ensure the security and to monitor the visitors.

The next hearing is set on Monday, October 5.

Here is a helpful INFOGRAPHIC from Rappler

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

From Jehova's Witneses to Catholic Faith - Bro Paul Alima's Conversion Story (Cebuano Language)

An INC™ Writer Debunks the Claims of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® and Felix Manalo, reducing it to nothing but a Fake Church!

Eduardo V. Manalo (EVM), the son of Eraño G. Manalo and Cristina "Ka Tenny" Villanueva Manalo. EVM expelled his own mother, brothers and sisters from INC™ Church, therefore sending them to the "Lake-fire hell".  Eduardo V. Manalo and his chosen Ministers to head the notorious Sanggunian were accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the INC™ treasury.  [Photo Source:http://www.eaglenews.ph/iglesia-ni-cristo-evangelical-campaign-intensified-worldwide-as-its-centennial-nears/]
Debunking the claims of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® about the emergence of this fake church as a "fulfillment" of Biblical prophesies as opposed to common sense and God-given knowledge of TRUTH. As the author brilliantly exposes the in their claims, he/she said “We should never allow anyone, including our own church administration, to subvert our God given ability to think independently, to seek and share knowledge, and to discern the truth.”
On the INC Prophecy, Part One
[Source: Musing of An INC Member]

The suit winds its way uncertainly through a prejudiced political minefield as the advocates for truth tirelessly navigate the system, struggling to cast a final irrepressible light on the shadows of corruption, ceaselessly seeking both restitution and reformation, even as the hope for either grows increasingly slim.

Half a world away, in places far removed from the epicenter of the religious unrest, the remaining publicly vocal pockets of resistance are methodically and systematically silenced.

Amidst it all, the propaganda machine continues to churn, consistently albeit less vehemently, as it met and now maintains its purpose in deliberately shaping the perception, manipulating the cognition, and directing the behavior of our brethren.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, it seems we are inexorably fated to be ‘one with EVM’ and with a corrupt administration, left with little choice but to subvert our own conscience and understanding in order to blindly obey and submit, lest we and our loved ones incur dire consequences.

And yet many of us still persist in our pursuit of truth, even as our inquiries are met with faulty logic and irrationality, as the responses run the gamut from “because the Bible prophesied it” to “brother/sister, you and your household are now expelled.”

Consequently, a growing number of brethren are now asking an evolving series of questions that inevitably lead to an inquiry into the veracity of the church itself.
“Can our leaders become corrupted and lose God’s favor?”
“How exactly are the recent church events prophesied in the Bible?”
“Do these events possibly indicate that we are actually not the ‘one true church’?”

The one seemingly incontrovertible defense the church has consistently used to respond to every allegation and accusation, other than outright denial, is simply this:
“We are the one true church prophesied in the Bible. Therefore, we are the only means to salvation. If you do not obey and submit to our authority, you won’t be saved.”

As I stated in a previous entry, our pursuit of the truth is akin to arguing at the point of a gun, since it matters little whether they’re wrong or right- either way, you’re still getting shot (in our case, expelled) if you continue to persist.

But, what if we can prove that the gun was never loaded to begin with? Or that it doesn’t work?
Or that the gun itself isn’t even real?

In the same manner, for argument’s sake, what if we can prove that their expulsions have no merit? That their threats don’t work? Or that the church isn’t “real”?

This brings us to the fundamental inquiry many of us have already explored in our membership, an inquiry I recommend every active member pursue (ideally with an open-minded reasonable minister, if you’re fortunate enough to know one) in order to truly explore and ascertain the basis of one’s faith.

And so we come to that inevitable fundamental inquiry, which is simply-
“Is our church, the Iglesia Ni Cristo, and the last messenger, Brother Felix Manalo, truly prophesied in the Bible?”

Since the administration continues to employ the church’s divine prophecy as an all-encompassing defense that excuses whatever questionable actions they may take, be it their alleged financial misappropriation and questionable financial practices, their purely profit driven pursuits, their peculiar preoccupation with world records and entertainment, their embarrassing and immoral responses to the crisis, etc, then I feel that a simple inquiry and revisit into this prophecy is justifiably merited.

So let’s continue.

According to the doctrine, our church, which emerged in the Philippines in the Far East, was established in 1914 by virtue of the fulfillment of the prophecies of our Lord God (as per Isaiah 43:5, Moffatt translation) and of our Lord Jesus Christ (as per Acts 20:28, Lamsa translation) through the commissioning of the last messenger, Brother Felix Y. Manalo (as per Isaiah 46:11).

For today, I will primarily address the three verses used in the previous statement which are most frequently used by our ministers as prophetic biblical proof of our church and of the last messenger, namely:
1) Isaiah 43:5
2) Isaiah 46:11
3) Acts 20:28

First, let’s look at Isaiah 43:5.

On Isaiah 43:5 – “East, east and afar of, and the Far East”

Isaiah 43:5-6 in the New King James Version reads:
“Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your descendants from the east, and gather you from the west.”

Isaiah 43:5 in the Moffatt translation reads:
“From the far east will I bring your offspring, and from the far west I will gather you.”

The Old Testament, including the book of Isaiah, was originally written in Hebrew. In the original Hebrew translation of Isaiah 43:5, the church claims that the Hebrew word “mizrach” refers to the geographic term “Far East” and therefore consequently refers to the Philippines. The church uses Smith’s Dictionary of the Bible, authored by bible scholar William Smith, to interpret the Hebrew word “mizrach” to mean “Far East.”

This is what our church claims Smith’s Dictionary says:

“While both terms, “kedem” and “mizrach”, can be translated as “east”, “kedem” is used in a strictly geographical sense to describe a spot or country immediately before another in an easterly direction, whereas “mizrach” is used of the far east.”

Essentially, the church claims that “mizrach” means “far east” according to Smith’s Dictionary.

Let’s examine exactly what it states:

“East. The Hebrew term, kedem, properly means that which is before or in front of a person, and was applied to the east, from the custom of turning in that direction, when describing the points of the compass, before, behind, the right and the left representing respectively east, west, south and north. Job 23:8-9.”

Muslim Defenders shamed themselves in a Public Debate with Catholic Defenders!

For the sake of non-Filipinos who are watching this video, this Muslim was so arrogantly claiming  HE KNEW ARABIC very well, but when being asked by the Catholic Defender to EXPLAIN in PURE ARABIC the meaning of "Alif namin" he immediately withdrew from the debate saying "I don't know."

The Muslim man clearly was pissed off. He cannot accept the painful rebuttal of the Catholic Defender. Instead, he forced the moderator to finish the debate... The Muslim man claimed he knows Arabic but non of the questions he could explain in pure Arabic. Now, the easiest way to save himself from public humiliation is to RUN because they really do not know ARABIC...


RUN and HIDE! #ProDeoEtEcclesia #ToGodAndTheChurch!

When did the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST APOSTATIZE? Debunking the Iglesia Ni Cristo® claims

Posted in the Feast of Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, the ARCHANGELS!
Apostasy was during the 1st - 4th Century 

The Iglesia ni Cristo believes that it is the one true church founded by Jesus Christ and was restored by Felix Manalo in the last days. They believe that the first century church was apostasized in the 1st or 4th century due to false teachings. INC says that this apostate church is the Roman Catholic Church. Meanwhile, its reestablishment is seen as the signal for the end of days. -Wikepedia

The True Church of Christ haven't apostatized yet (as of 1964 A.D.)

“Ang totoo hanggang sa kasalukuyan ay patuloy na ginagawa ni Satanas ang pagpapasok ng mga maling aral sa Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula'y siyang Iglesia ni Cristo. Sadyang matalino at tuso ang diablo. Hindi niya ginawang biglaan ang pagtalikod sa Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo noong unang siglo." [The truth is, until today Satan continues to inject false teachings to the Catholic Church which from the beginning was the Church of Christ.  The devil is quite intelligent and cunning.  He didn't let this Church founded by Christ apostatize right away.]-PASUGO, Abril 1966, p. 46:

Another Iglesia Ni Cristo® hypocrisy and inconsistency.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Iglesia Ni Cristo® was "founded by clan patriarch Felix Manalo in 1914" says Inquirer

Council of Nicea (Source: Shoebat)
Believe in the Bible? Whose Bible? Which version? What Translation? Not all Bibles are the same. Protestant Bibles are all incomplete and wrong while the origin of it, the Catholic Versions are the genuine one. And for most of the times, the INC™ of Felix Manalo carefully uses different Protestant Bible Versions to accommodate and justify their man-made doctrines.

And while the original Bible is always TRUE, those who corruptly translated it, and deceitfully interpreted it make it utterly BAD, really BAD, just like how Eduardo V. Manalo and his paid Ministers translated it as they pleased.
Believe the Bible, not detractors, Iglesia leader exhorts members

BOCAUE, Bulacan [Inquirer.net] —Iglesia ni Cristo executive minister Eduardo Manalo has urged church members not to believe allegations against the INC, saying that it is the Bible, not other people, that speaks the truth.

Addressing INC members in an evangelical mission at the church-owned Ciudad de Victoria complex on Saturday, Manalo said accusations putting the 101-year-old church in a bad light should be spurned by its followers.

“If what they say is true, you should not be seeing what is happening now. That is proof that this church has a God, (that) God is with us in this activity,” Manalo said.

Controversy has hounded the INC after some of its officials exposed alleged corruption in the church. The exposé linking some members of the church’s powerful governing council came after Manalo’s mother, Cristina “Tenny” Manalo, and brother, Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo, were expelled.

The church was founded by clan patriarch Felix Manalo in 1914.

Expelled minister Isaias Samson Jr., an expelled minister and former editor of the INC publication Pasugo, sued eight church leaders after he and his family were allegedly held under house arrest. Samson said the INC leaders suspected him of publishing a blog criticizing the church.

Manalo, in his address that was broadcast to other INC venues, said: “If there’s a truth that you should believe in, it is what the Bible says, and not what people say.”

“The INC is the church which has hope … this church will inherit the Kingdom of Christ on the day of judgment because our church has a connection with God,” Manalo said.

“God has been fulfilling His promise to His messenger (‘sugo’) from the start… the Iglesia ni Cristo will be saved, God said it Himself. It came from the Bible, not from me,” Manalo said.

The venues—the 55,000-seat Philippine Arena and the 25,000-seat Philippine Sports Stadium—were filled before the event started at 7 p.m.

Read more: Iquirer.net
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Protestant Leaders Declare Reunification of Churches Under the Holy See

Pastor Rick Warren
"...so that they may all be one..." (John 17:21), these are the prayers of the Lord Jesus who founded the CHURCH.. that through this CHURCH, we may be ONE just as the Father and the Son are ONE.  We all have to give praise to the Triune God for this great manifestation of TRUTH in the CHURCH which according to St. Paul, "the pillar and foundation of all truth" (1 Tim. 3:15)

VATICAN CITY – Following more than five hundred years of separation, American and European Protestant leaders met with Pope Francis last week to finalize the reunification of the two churches under the Holy See. The historic agreement is the result of a year’s worth of unpublicized talks between Protestant leaders and the Vatican.

Prominent American pastors Joel Osteen and Rick Warren, respectively, as well as Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, were among the Protestant delegation that met with Pope Francis last week. Pastor Warren, founder of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, spoke with members of the international press in St. Peter’s Square, saying, “Protestants, as a people, have a long history of heresy. The time for reconciliation is now in order to ensure a full and dogmatic transition into the folds of the Church.”

Moments before meeting with reporters, the entire Protestant delegation, for the first time ever, entered the confessional to take part, individually, in the Sacrament of Penance. “It’s important that we participate in these sacred rituals before asking our congregation to do the same,” Pastor Osteen said, adding that his time in confession was “an immensely moving experience.”

As Protestants around the world make the transition to Catholicism, many are wondering what, exactly, that means for them. “First and foremost we acknowledge the Pope’s infallibility with regard to universal moral declarations, the authority of Church magistrate, faith, and ex cathedra,” said Father Cliff Brogan, a former Protestant pastor who was the first of the delegation to be ordained as a priest at the Vatican. “Secondly, we participate in the sacrament of the Eucharist by accepting the actual body and blood of Christ, an event known as Transubstantiation, at the conclusion of the holy mass.”

As part of their induction into the Catholic faith, all Protestants above the age of fifteen are required to undergo a Catholic Confirmation, one of three sacraments of initiation, out of seven total, which Catholics can receive. “Most, if not all, of us have been baptized,” said Father Brogran. “However, without formal Confirmation, our Protestant baptisms will be null, thus preventing us from entering the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Additionally, during the transition period, American Protestant families whose children attend Sunday School are to receive vouchers allowing them to participate in CCD programs at area Catholic churches.

In a show of support for the reunification under the Holy See, the United Kingdom announced Wednesday that it is taking steps to reunify Northern Ireland with The Republic of Ireland. The government of the UK has acknowledged the stark differences between the two countries, but according to one official, “We are, for the first time, one people, united under the Bishop of Rome, acting together as the bride and servant of Christ.”

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SAPOL SA VIDEO: Pagkalito ng mga Ministro ng Iglesia Ni Cristo® at ni Eduardo V. Manalo kung kaninong "Kalooban" ang kanilang sinusunod!


Dahil ayon sa Teolohiya ng Iglesia Ni Cristo®, IISA LAMANG ang DIYOS at ito ay ang DIYOS AMA LAMANG! At ang Panginoong Jesu-Cristo ay TAO LAMANG at hindi siya Diyos!

Heto ang sabi ng Ministro na si Emiliano Agustin (PASUGO, Enero 1964, p. 13 “TAO rin ang kalagayan ng ating Panginoon Jesucristo sa Kanyang muling pagparito sa araw ng paghuhukom. Hindi nagbabago ang Kanyang kalagayan. Hindi Siya naging Diyos kailanman! TAO ng ipinanganak, TAO ng lumaki na at nangangaral, TAO ng mabuhay na mag-uli, TAO nang umakyant sa langit, TAO nang nasa langit na nakaupo sa kanan ng Diyos, at TAO rin Siya na muling paririto.”

Sa isang VIDEO na pinost sa Facebook mula sa United with EVM, huling-huli sa video ang kalituhan ng mga Ministro nila at ng Ka Eduardo V. Manalo kung kaninong "KALOOBAN" ba talaga ang kanilang sinusunod.

Kung mahanap niyo ang video na 'yan (nasa incmedia.org), maririnig mismo sa tapat ng print-screen ng mga katagang nakasulat (Ang video ay bahagi nang teksto / sermon ni Eduardo V. Manalo noong July 05, 2014). Ganito ang pagkakasabi ng Ka Eduardo V. Manalo...

"...Kaya hindi mo maaaring punahin ang Pamamahala eh. Sapagkat ang ipinagagawa sa atin ay alin?  'Yung kalooban nino?  Nang Diyos..." (background: kasabay ng pahayag ni EVM ay mga Ministo na sumagot sa tanong na 'Kalooban nino?'... "Panginoong Hesukristo")."

BAWAL ANG BARYA: Tagubilin daw sa mga Dikakono at Diakonesa ng Iglesia Ni Cristo®? Totoo ba ito?

CNN: From girlfriends to God: Seminarians answer the call

By Jessica Ravitz, CNN

Updated 2220 GMT (0520 HKT) September 22, 2015

Springfield, Pennsylvania (CNN) Chris Massaro tugs at his clerical collar, swapping it out for another as he pulls on a black cassock and white surplice in preparation for Mass.

It's the sort of repeated daily change -- between black clerical clothes, vestments for Mass, work clothes and back again -- that he's still getting used to as a first-year Catholic seminarian.

"I've been sweating constantly and that's frustrating, I got to be honest," he says. "I enjoy the schedule, but there are parts of the schedule I don't like -- and that's a good thing. It works on obedience."

Ask Massaro what he used to think his life would look like at 24 and the answer is immediate: "Nothing like this."

He had girlfriends. He was a sports nut who couldn't get enough of his New York Giants. He enjoyed the adrenaline rush of triathlons and Tough Mudder obstacle courses.

He enrolled in a Ph.D. program in medical physics at Vanderbilt University and imagined a career that would allow him to care for a family.

Now he's one of nine men taking part in their "Spiritual Year" at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary -- one stop in a seven-year journey to become priests.

Unlike the other 130-plus seminarians living at Saint Charles' sprawling, picturesque campus on Philadelphia's Main Line -- where Pope Francis will stay this weekend -- these men are spending the year in a no-frills brick building 20 minutes away. Living with them is the Rev. Christopher Cooke, who directs the one-year program and serves as an adviser.

It's a dedicated time spent apart -- free of tests, grades and outside tensions -- to go deep, focus on prayer and develop their personal relationships with God.

"But," says Cooke, "don't get the idea that this is a year of resting in hammocks." Read more here....

Pope Francis in the USA- Welcome ceremony and visit to the President

Scheduled for Sep 23, 2015

Local time: 9.30/11.00- Pope Francis participates in the Welcome ceremony at the White House and meets the President of the United States of America

Watch it LIVE HERE!

Pope Francis in the USA - Arrival at Washington

All eyes are with Pope Francis in the USA!

Watch also CNN Breaking News!

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