"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Manalos, including Ka Eduardo V. Manalo's (EVM) Deafening Silence: Are they being held hostage by the Sanggunian?

The whistleblowers  aren't been heard anymore including Ka Angel and Ka Tenny, are they being held hostage within the Iglesia Ni Cristo® compound? 

How about the present Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo, why he's so silent amidst left and right controversies and allegations of massive corruption by the very people he chose as his advisers -the Sanggunian, is he also held hostage?

People are just wondering why.

PATHEOS: Carbon dating suggest Koran is older than Mohammed, because Islam is nonsense

Source: Patheos

In what seems like a regular occurrence in the modern world, more scientific evidence suggests that yet another religion is based on absolute nonsense.

Islamic scholars overwhelmingly claim that the Islamic Prophet Muhammad lived between 570 and 632 A.D. Yet carbon dating of a fragment from a Koran kept at a library in Birmingham suggests that the book was produced between 568 and 645 A.D.

That places the Koran as being written during Mohammed’s childhood or even before his birth. Throwing a huge wrench in the story that the Koran was dictated by Mohammed himself.

“According to Muslim tradition, the Prophet Muhammad received the revelations that form the Qur’an, the scripture of Islam, between the years AD 610 and 632, the year of his death,” said Professor David Thomas, Professor of Christianity and Islam and Nadir Dinshaw Professor of Interreligious Relations at the University of Birmingham.

“At this time, the divine message was not compiled into the book form in which it appears today. Instead, the revelations were preserved in ‘the memories of men.’ Parts of it had also been written down on parchment, stone, palm leaves and the shoulder blades of camels,” Thomas said. “Caliph Abu Bakr, the first leader of the Muslim community after Muhammad, ordered the collection of all Qur’anic material in the form of a book. The final, authoritative written form was completed and fixed under the direction of the third leader, Caliph Uthman, in about AD 650.”

Of course, Islamic scholars and apologists are disputing the findings and claiming that carbon dating is not accurate enough. But not all scholars agree.

“It destabilizes, to put it mildly, the idea that we can know anything with certainty about how the Koran emerged — and that in turn has implications for the historicity of Mohammed and the Companions [his followers],” said Tom Holland, the author of In The Shadow of the Sword.

Keith Small, of Oxford’s Bodleian Library says this finding lends evidence to what many believed to be true, that Mohammed and his followers pieced together the Koran from writings found around that time in order to push their political agenda.

“This would radically alter the edifice of Islamic tradition and the history of the rise of Islam in late Near Eastern antiquity would have to be completely revised, somehow accounting for another book of scripture coming into existence 50 to 100 years before, and then also explaining how this was co-opted into what became the entity of Islam by around AD700,” Small said.

While the findings are sure to upset Muslims around the world, in reality it places the Koran next to the other fictional holy books of the world’s religions, by giving solid evidence that the story of Mohammed and the creation of the Koran is officially bullshit.

Monday, August 31, 2015

DOCUMENT: Complaint vs INC leaders submitted to the Department of Justice (August 25, 2015)

Here is a copy of the complaint filed by ex-INC™ Minister Isaias Samson Jr. and his family at the Department of Justice (DOJ) in August 25, 2015 that prompted the Sanggunian to mobilize members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® against Sec. Leila de Lima.

(Source: Rappler.com)

Dear Ka Eduardo: An open letter to INC’s executive minister

Source: TonyCruz.com
Aug. 29, 2015

Ka Eduardo V. Manalo
Executive Minister
Iglesia ni Cristo

Dear Ka Eduardo:

I am respectfully addressing this letter to you as a fellow Filipino citizen and because you are the Iglesia ni Cristo’s executive minister, an honored and responsible position you have held since Sept. 7, 2009.

I am writing about events happening in Metro Manila that involve the INC:

  • On Aug. 28, INC members blocked or took over portions of EDSA in a mass demonstration that defies explanation and which paralyzed Metro Manila’s main avenue. The demonstration at EDSA-Shaw continues today, Aug. 29.
  • On Aug. 27-28, INC members also held a mass demonstration at Padre Faura – obstructing traffic and affecting operations of the Department of Justice, the University of the Philippines Manila and the Philippine General Hospital, among others.
  • Today is already the third day of INC mass demonstrations in Metro Manila and no official higher than the INC spokesperson has come out to explain to the public why.
  • Based on the application for a permit to rally filed by Bro. Erano Codera at the Manila City Hall, the plan is to hold more demonstrations until Sept. 4.

Ka Eduardo, as executive minister of INC, you have a moral obligation to the nation to give a frank and honest explanation for these mass demonstrations. These cannot start, continue and end without your knowledge and consent.
Perhaps after you speak, civil authorities led by President BS Aquino, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, PNP Chief Ricardo Marquez, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino and concerned mayors would finally end their inaction over the paralysis at EDSA.

Ka Eduardo, with all due respect, is this about the complaint filed by Isaias Samson and others? The filing of a complaint is a legal recourse available to any aggrieved Filipino citizen, regardless of faith, and the government is duty-bound to act on it. We ask you to use your moral power to enjoin those who may be summoned by authorities to cooperate in the legal processes. Let the accusers and the accused face themselves, answer the charges and defend their innocence in a process that everyone would help make sure would be open, fair, free and without fear or favor. We need not belong to the same faith to hold on to a universal belief: The truth shall set the innocent free.

Ka Eduardo, please come out and tell us if there is anyone or any party trying to take advantage of the complaint to either get concessions from the INC or to unduly influence the INC’s voting preferences, ahead of the 2016 elections.

Ka Eduardo, we respect the right of all citizens to free expression, free assembly and religious freedom. Our national heroes, whose memory we commemorate this weekend, fought for these rights. We ask you to honor these same rights for everyone else.

Ka Eduardo, please come out and dispel the rising fears that the INC demonstrations are meant to pressure the premature dismissal of a pending complaint. Please come out and ask church members to respect journalists, critics and other citizens – and to not make threats or engage in any act of violence. Please come out and call on your church members to help authorities restore the free flow of persons and vehicles at EDSA. Please come out and tell the nation your side of the story – because your silence has only given way to misinterpretations and prejudgments against the undeclared objectives of the demonstrations and even the beliefs and public record of your church.

Ka Eduardo, your church is not at all defenseless and helpless. The INC has its own media network, capable of broadcasting your message on TV, radio, cable and the internet. You can easily come out and face the nation. Any delay dishonors your church and harms the solidarity we supposedly share as a nation

Let me close by saying: We may not share the same faith, but we share one nation and one citizenship. Whatever our differences, we are all Filipinos. Ka Eduardo, please come out, show moral leadership and put your trust in fellow Filipinos. We are eager to hear your side, and to see you directly lead your flock as the presiding minister of a mature and responsible 101-year old church rooted in a country we all share.

Maraming salamat po.

Respectfully yours,

Tonyo Cruz
A fellow Filipino citizen

Inquirer Editorial: IGLESIA NONSENSE

INC™ SANGGUNIAN, believed to be behind all these mess (and where is Ka Eduardo V. Manalo? Why he remains silent amidst the chaos? For that it will make you think...

Iglesia Ni Cristo®'s SANGGUNIAN Members are Glicerio Santos Jr., Radel Cortez, Bienvenido Santiago Sr., Mathusalem Pareja, Rolando Esguerra, Eraño Codera, Rodelio Cabrerra and Maximo Bularan.


Iglesia nonsense

THE OFFICIAL reasons given by Iglesia ni Cristo officials and spokespersons for the protest actions that began on Thursday—first at the Department of Justice in Manila, then at the Edsa Shrine in Quezon City, and then since Saturday at the intersection of Edsa and Shaw in Mandaluyong—do not make sense. They do not stand logical or legal scrutiny. Instead, they betray the surge of panic that has overtaken some of the leaders of the influential church.

To begin, not at the beginning, but at the end: The protest organizers misunderstand the longstanding doctrine of the separation of church and state, which is the main reason they have offered to justify their collective mass action. That doctrine does not mean that offenses committed internally—that is, inside the church or within the congregation—cannot be investigated by the state; if a crime is involved, or alleged, then by definition that kind of violation is an offense against “the people,” and the state is duty-bound to investigate the matter. If evidence exists of the crime, the state must prosecute the guilty to the fullest extent, to meet the ends of justice.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo Debacle: A Four-Point Critical Analysis by Justin Joseph Torres

Shared by Juan.com.ph

(Firstly, before this essay is judged to be anti-Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) and before I am hated by my INC friends, I would like to point out that my only post regarding the INC prior to this was to ask prayers for them that God brings them back to unity. It was what our shepherds (pastors)told us to do. Archbishop Socrates Villegas called Filipino Catholics to pray for the INC at this time of turmoil. I have never stopped praying for them and reaching out to some INC people who are very close to my heart.

But allow me to give my thoughts about the issue and my aim is to join the intellectual discourse (if ever such exists). Apart from being a Catholic, I was also a student of Philosophy and History. I rendezvoused with secular thought, existentialism and psychology and joined many discourses about religion and society in various contexts.

To my Facebook friends in Australia, please pardon me if this post intrudes your Facebook timeline; please understand that I posted this not for you but for my Filipino friends. It’s one of those things that you ought to do for your countrymen, and I’m sure you would understand.)


Christians are called to be ‘prophetic’. To be a prophet is to be able to speak the truth no matter how it hurts for the people hearing it. A prophet may be extolled by history, but the present will always despise him for speaking the truth.

The recent issue involving the INC is something which other Christians especially Catholics cannot be silent about. And sometimes, it is an act of love to point out what is wrong for people you consider as brothers and sisters. And I think this is where I want to begin: do the Iglesia ni Cristo think of other Christians as their brothers and sisters?

1. Love thy Neighbour; Love thy Enemies

Yes, I am aware of many hateful posts against the INC, many of them from Catholics. But the INC have to appreciate as well, that many other Catholics have remained respectful of the INC. When Eraño Manalo passed away, some Catholic and Protestant Church leaders even paid respect to the leader of this religion. But have the INC regarded Protestants and Catholics as their brothers and sisters? Have you ever heard an INC member say, “mga kapatid nating Katoliko” or “mga kapatid nating Protestante”? Aren’t Catholics and Protestants especially their leaders deemed as worshippers of Satan (kampon ni Satanas).

Statement from the Bishops of the Catholic Church in the Philippines - the True Church of Christ - in response to the Iglesia Ni Cristo® lawless mob rule trying to intimidate the Department of Justice for investigating alleged kidnappings and torture of its expulsed ministers

Unlike the Iglesia Ni Cristo®'s leaders, the Catholic Church in the Philippines which is the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST (ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo)  is the moral guide to the entire nation, bringing hope, peace and love whenever it's being challenged.  Similarly, we Catholics aren't blind followers. We use our God-given wisdom to weigh what's morally right from wrong. We do not support violence in any way. We may criticize the on-going INC™ lawless (and some violent) mob rally but we do not hate. We are challenging the INC™ admin to let JUSTICE prevail to those former INC™ Ministers being harassed, detained and some complained of torture. This is WHERE the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is MORE CONCERN than your man-made, almost very unchristian behavior.  -CD2000

Sons and Daughters of the Church, Citizens of the Republic

Catholic Response To The Iglesia Ni Cristo Rallies

What do we Catholics do as our brothers and sisters of the Iglesia ni Cristo throng around the EDSA Shaw area?

We, your bishops, offer you these guidelines:

1. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING for a peaceful and just resolution of the present dispute, in a manner both pleasing to God and in conformity with the democratic convictions enunciated in our Constitution.

2. BE CHARITABLE AT ALL TIMES AND IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Jesus, the Lord, willed His disciples to be known by their love. No Catholic should fan the flames of dissension by rumor-mongering and by inflammatory statements. Let all be kind in disposition, respectful in speech and prudent in action.

3. SEEK ENLIGHTENMENT. We appeal to our Catholic lawyers, jurists and law professors to contribute to the on-going discourse in a constructive manner, without condemnation. We seek to be enlightened on what the fundamental law of the land provides, the boundaries of the freedom of religion and the rights and the prerogatives of State.

4. RESPECT HOLY SITES. The EDSA Shrine is a Catholic center of worship. It is a church. There is a Catholic priest assigned to it. We ask that all respect the sacred character of the Edsa Shrine.

5. ABIDE BY THE LAW. Unless it is convincingly shown that a law offends moral precepts, obedience to the law is a Christian duty. Sons and daughters of the Church cannot be less observant of the law than other citizens of the Republic.

6. NO TO OPPORTUNISM. No politician should gain political ground by abetting dissension or, worse, fostering disregard of the Constitution and the law. Neither is it morally correct for any political party to aim at gaining an advantage by controlling a religious sect known to propose to its members a chosen set of candidates.

If we turn to the Lord in sincere prayer, then, we are firm in the faith that all wounds shall be healed.

From the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, August 30, 2015
Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan
President, CBCP

Sunday, August 30, 2015

ZENIT.org: Pope Meets With Iraqi Parish Priest Who Receives Refugees in Kurdistan

At End of General Audience, Father Samir Yousif Showed Pope Album Documenting Atrocities of the War

Vatican City, August 27, 2015 (ZENIT.org)

Immediately after Wednesday's general audience in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis met an Iraqi priest committed to helping refugees.

After attending the audience in a front row space reserved for him, Father Samir Yousif, Iraqi Chaldean priest providing pastoral care in Kurdistan, approached the Pope to show him an album of photographs that document the “apocalyptic catastrophe” of his land, reported L'Osservatore Romano.

The priest serves the parish of Amadiyak, on the border with Turkey.

Refugees arrive in his community without clothes or documents, "fleeing from certain death," the priest explained. Given this, he stressed that, “in an instant, roots that date back to the first Christian century are wiped away because in those areas we Christians are neither guests nor foreigners,” Father Samir said.

The Iraqi parish priest then expressed his gratitude to all those who are supporting the refugees in his area: from Cardinal Fernando Filoni, prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Pope's personal envoy to Iraq, to the Italian Episcopal Conference and Caritas. In particular, Father Samir thanked the Pope “for his interventions addressed to the international community: his voice, he can be certain, is much listened throughout the Arab world.”

“When Pope Francis speaks of the tragedy of the refugees," the priest noted, "the media gives him ample space and this helps us to finally find solidarity, rather than fall into oblivion.”

Father Samir said he does not lose hope "for a future of peace, reconciliation and justice, despite everything.” Explaining that among those he receives, there are Muslims, the priest underscored, “The madness of ISIS is only blind violence and it cannot win.”

At this moment of terrible trial, “the Chaldean Church is alive, and even stronger and more united, today, because of the harsh trial it is going through,” he said.

Father Samir expressed his hope that in the near future, Pope Francis would meet with his archdiocese's people, "to confirm us in the faith and encourage us not to be afraid.”

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bully! That's how lawyers of Isaias Samson Jr. illustrates INC™ annoying rally that trapped many citizens in the traffic and made them fuming against the sect!

Source: http://inewmedia.org/5398/12-facts-might-know-worlds-largest-indoor-dome/
INC protest is 'bullying', lawyers say
Posted at 08/28/2015 1:51 AM | Updated as of 08/28/2015 3:52 PM

MANILA - Lawyers of former Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Isaias Samson Jr. on Thursday called INC's response to the illegal detention case they filed at the Department of Justice "irrational" and "non-responsive."

In a statement, lawyers Trixie Cruz-Angeles and Ahmed Paglinawan said the INC leadership reacted "in a manner that speaks of irrationality and non-responsiveness."

"Instead of answering the allegations at preliminary investigation, they immediately call out the Department of Justice officials as being biased, based solely on their perception that the mere docketing of the case at the main office is already proof of said "selective justice," the statement said.

Cruz-Angeles and Paglinawan also called out Glicerio Santos Jr. and the rest of the Sanggunian, a council of ranking INC ministers, for publicly pressuring the DOJ instead of seeking recourse with the courts.

‘Mukhang guilty’: Dismissed Iglesia Ni Cristo minister slams picket of believers outside DOJ

Politics.com - The camp of dismissed Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) minister Isaias Samson Jr. sneered at the rally held by members of the church identified with the camp of Sanggunian head Ka Glicerio Santos Jr. outside the Department of Justice (DOJ) Thursday afternoon.

Samson’s counsel, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, said the rally reeks of “irrationality and non-responsiveness” since it happened at the heels of the former minister’s decision to file a case against Santos and the rest of the Sanggunian, a council of ranking church officials, for illegal detention.

“Instead of answering the allegations at preliminary investigation, they immediately call out the Department of Justice officials as being biased, based solely on their perception that the mere docketing of the case at the main office is already proof of said ‘selective justice.’ And instead of seeking recourse with the courts, they resort to what they think will be the equivalent of public pressure,” Cruz-Angeles said.

The Department of Justice, the Iglesia Ni Cristo® and why the latter turned Violent and why the INC™ should be investigated!

ABS-CBN Broadcaster Anthony Taberna's Resto, nephew of ousted INC™ Minister Isaias Samson Jr. was shot

News Source: Inquirer.Net

Anthony Taberna (Source: Inquirer.net)
For his articulate, feisty opinions on all topics under the sun, the popular broadcaster has maintained his silence on the power struggle roiling his church that came to light in late July when the mother and brother of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) executive minister Eduardo Manalo posted a video on YouTube asking for help, saying their lives were in danger.

But on Friday, broadcaster Anthony Taberna spoke up if vaguely.

The shooting of his newly opened coffee shop may or may not be related to the increasingly acrimonious conflict within the INC church involving Taberna’s uncle, the recently expelled minister Isaias Samson Jr.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Kaliwa't kanang handugan sa loob ng Iglesia Ni Cristo®?

Wala nga bang alam sa Biblia ang mga kaanib ng Iglesia Ni Cristo® maliban sa mga Ministro kaya't sa Pasugo na lamang sila sumasangguni?

Ka Cerio

Galit na galit ako sau last week when u posted na "INC members ay hindi nagbabasa ng Holy Bible", tamad at umaasa na lng sa ministro at hindi na sinusuri kung tama pa ba ang mga doktrina. Maraming INC Defenders ang na-offend at pina-unlike ka pa nga ni Ka Rebecca Job at Puting Agila. Lumipas ang aking galit at na-realize ko na tama po kayo, minumulat at pinapatamaan nyo lang pala kami. Ayon nga po pala sa doktrina sa loob ng INC, ang salita ng Diyos ay nakalihim sa hiwaga at ang tanging makakaintindi ng hiwaga ay ang mga ministro lamang. Kaya nga po ang alam lang namin basahin ay ang Pasugo. Bawat katiwala ng grupo ay obligado bumili ng limang kopya ng God's Message or Pasugo kada buwan. Kahit wala sa budget ay wala naman po kami magawa dahil nangongonsensya ang aming destinado na tungkulin namin ang gawaing pagpapalaganap. Hindi nila batid na kapos na kapos na nga ang aking sweldo para sa pang araw araw na tustusin sa aking pamilya. Salamat po sa patuloy ninyong paghahayag ng korupsyon at katotohanan. Ngayon ay nabigyang linaw sa akin at sa aking sambahayan na ang iglesia ay hindi na paglilingkod sa Diyos, pawang brainwashing na lang at puro pera pera na lng at ang pamamahala ay ginagawang gatasan kaming mga uto utong miyembro. I am praying na ma-guide ako ng Holy Spirit sa pagbabasa ng Holy Bible at mapag-aralan ko ang "New Covenant" na tinutukoy ninyo.

Ang inyong kapatid kay Kristohesus na ating tagapagligtas,

Ka Lawrence

Source: Iglesia ni Santos

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