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Saturday, March 12, 2011

No Doubt, the Iglesia ni Cristo Doxology is Trinitarian!

Sagot ni READMeINC sa aking naunang blog na IGLESIA NI CRISTO Trinitarian Doxology. (ReadmeINC's  wordings are in black and my response is in blue)

March 6, 2011 from Readme

INC have trinitarian doxology?

INC doxology:
Purihin natin ang Ama, [Could be "Purihin ang Anak"]
Mabuhay sa pag-ibig ng Anak, [Could be "Mabuhay sa pag-ibig ng Ama"]
Taglayin ang espiritung banal, [Could be "Taglayin ang Espiritu ng Ama/Anak"]
[Could be said either way without doctrinal error.]
Ang Diyos ay lagi nating sambahin [Implying that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, One God should be worshipped-- which is doctrinally accetable!]

Amen. [Amen to that indeed!]
Favorite topics of the jealous people (mostly Catholic defenders) is the doxology of the INC that mentions the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. [Do you think when we criticized you, we are "jealous"? What kind of brains do you have for thinking we are "jealous" of you?] But, is it really TRINITARIAN? [Unless you have a better term for that-- so far NONE! So stop playing like a brilliant. You have no definition originated from your cult!]

Well, lets see.

After having a deep research about it, now i can show you!
Wait, let us translate that new version of the doxology in english word per word.
[Regardless of what translation, still the TRINITARIAN PRESENCE/IMPLICATIONS in your Doxology appears to be as "clear as the mineral water."
Let us praise the Father [Could be "Let us praise the Son"]
live in the love of the Son [Could be "Live in the love of the Father"'
Receive the Holy Spirit [Could be "Receive the Spirit of the Father/Son"]
Let us always worship God. [Implying that these 3 Persons-- Father, Son and Holy Spirit-- "Let us worship God (not Gods) which is a Catholic Doctrine!]

Amen [Amen to that!!!]

The point of the INC attackers (mostly Catholic defenders) is that it consist the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and so at the last phrase it is said to be "LET US ALWAYS WORSHIP GOD". Going to the conclusion that the said 3 persons for us is the GOD.

Is it true?

Or they just possessed again by the devil? [The usual accusations to Catholic Defenders when they have nothing to say more.]
Why not looking at the OFFICIAL ENGLISH TRANSLATION? Here it is:

Praise God, the Father up above, [Could be "Praise God, Jesus up above"]
Proclaim the love of his beloved Son, [Could be "Proclaim the love of the Father"]
Receive the Holy Spirit's gift [Receive the Spirit of the Father/Son]
Let us worship our Almighty God [Three Persons in ONE GOD]
[did not specifically say it's the Father alone they have to worship. I really don't understand why in God's name, they need to mention the Son, and the Holy Spirit, with the Father-- if all they need to worship is the Father alone as God!]

Amen [Amen to that indeed!]

(I know it as i attended the english worship service at Central just few months ago. I really planned to go there just to know these things!^^)

In the first phrase, its very clear, clear as the mineral water, the "GOD" we addresses is none other than the FATHER! ["as clear as the mineral water.." it must be murky. Your DOXOLOGY really is murky, not so clear.]

It doesnt say, "Let us worship the father, son and the holy spirit!" [Similarly, it's understandable if I say "I am thirsty" I don't have to spell it out that I need water. In the same way, when we say GOD, it is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. That's Biblical and doctrinal].

But i know that these forces of evil will still spread the information, i mean, the lie they created saying that our doxology has the trinity! [You are under that spell. You need to free yourself from spiritual pride. Do not trust human teachings for they could be in serious error but trust the Church which Timothy said "the PILLAR of TRUTH."

But wait again, what if they talking about, is the old version of the hymn?
The old version is this: [So you mean, you can change DOCTRINES overnight? What kind of Church changes the meaning of its DOCTRINES overnight? So let's see the OLD VERSION]

Ang Ama ay papurihan, [Could be "Ang Anak ay papurihan"]
Anak, espiritung Mahal, [Could be "Ama, espiritung Mahal"]
ng mga taong nilalang
at ng tanang sanglangitan
[Ama, Anak at Espiritung Banal -- we call it TRINITY. How about you? Do you have any term?]
Amen [Amen to that indeed! Amen and Amen!]

If you look at the old doxology, they say it is very obvious that is has the trinity! or that we also worship the holy spirit, Is IT TRUE? [Your question and your own answer]

Another created attack, is that because the old version have the trinity doctrine, [Now, straight from the mouth of the horse!!] the INC changed it...[So again, what kind of "church" is that, that it changes its teachings OVERNIGHT?!!! It means its doctrines ARE NOT strongly founded but can drift anytime. "A foolish man builds his house building his house upon the sand, that when the rain falls, it's drifted. That's the kind of 'church' is the Iglesia ni Cristo-- thank you Mr. Readme for the honest admittance.] If you see the introduction in the "Himnario" or Hymns of the INC, it is stated like, dont be surprised if some changed and etc. because the hymns is still on the process of development... [understandable but hey we are not just talking about "hymns" here. We are talking about DOCTRINES. How could you not reflect the real doctrine in your hymns that you have to change it from time to time depending on the tide of interest?]

That's why the tunes, and also some phrase on the songs still change for the better!

Why not showing the official english version?
(with the further research, i came to know it)

O glory to the father's name, [Could be "O glory to the Son's name"]
Exalt the lord his only Son, [Could be "Exalt the lord, the Father"]
and to the holy spirit praise, [Could be "and to the Spirit of the Father/Son"]
On earth and heaven everyone,
[You didn't mention the magic word but it's implied, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is the TRINITY-- unless you have term for the three Holy Persons.]
Amen [Amen and Amen to that indeed!]

So, where in the hymn stated that the father, son and the holy spirit is one? or lets say we worship that 3 persons as God, anyone? [Can you categorically deny the fact that VAPOR, ICE and WATER has the same properties H2O although they could appear in different state (gas, solid, liquid)? God is a mystery whom you cannot simply explain in a box.]

If not, better confess to your priest about the sins you have done, as always attacking and maligning the church using created lies. [If not, then I would like you to go quickly to a priest and confess your stubbornness and your spiritual pride that made you blinded.]

There are many things you didnt know INSIDE the church, coz only the members understand it. That's why you always make conclusions on what the INC have. [And a lot of things you kept secrets. I remember what you told me in one of your comments here that "nakakasuka ang mga may itinatago."  Why you're not willing to share your official teachings in the internet so that even those who cannot fly to see a Minister in your Mormon-copied temples will be saved? And yet you use the net to demonize the Catholic Church and all Catholics?]

It is like this,
Example, i have a girl best friend, we are holding our hands while walking. for us there is no malice on it, but when people whom we know see us, they will say we are bf/gf, even if it is not true they will spread the news that "kami na". [Nice intelligent analogy lol.  So is it normal to hold your "best friend's" hand while walking? Will you put the blame to those who may see you sweetly holding one another's hand while YOU MANIFESTED that secret feelings you have for your "best friend"? Of course, we cannot see your emotions and your secret intentions but we can infer from what you are MANIFESTING (holding hands).]

See? But if you seek the truth, by having a thorough research, not just believing what others say, you will not make any conclusion, therefore you can be called "CREDIBLE"! [I could Psychologize that. No ordinary friend will hold one's hand except if there's something that's going on between two bodies. Friends having more time together will lead them to intimacy and it's all manifested in the way how you spend good time, frequent bodily contact (like holding hands) etc. I may be wrong but what you are manifesting from what's secretly felt inside your body is undeniable. I don't need to research more that what you are MANIFESTING by holding hands (bodily contact)]

There is a time to change! Do it now! [Indeed! Humble yourself before the Lord Jesus Christ. Stop being so stubborn and believe that the Lord Jesus Christ God alone will save you, says the Scripture. If Jesus Christ is A MAN ONLY, he has no power to save because ONLY GOD CAN SAVE!
Do not let evils use you! [May the Lord protect you from all evil. May  his angels come down to show you the right way to his CHURCH-- the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church of Christ 33AD).



  1. nakakatuwa ksi nkita nyo lng ung ama, anak , espirito santo eh trinity n agad. actually ginagamit tlga ng INC ung phrase na ama,anak at espirito santo pero take note 'in other sense' ndi gaya ng common belief kung di base sa correct meaning nun sa biblia. gets

    1. Eh anong tawag niyo sa AMA, ANAK at ESPIRITU SANTO??

      Mga pulpol na mga bayarang ministro, walang alam. Eh paano, KASAGANAAN LAMANG ANG HABOL.. ang ang sabi ng yumaong Eraño Manalo! Kung anong TINATAMASA lamang ng mga ministro...

      Eh pakisagot nga ito: Paanong si FELIX MANALO ang nasa ISAIAH 41:4 and 9-10??

      Wala kaming nababasang FELIX MANALO o kahit FYM man lang?!!!

      Ang gagaling niyong magpuna pero pagdating kay felix na dios niyo eh baliktad kayo agad! MGA IPOKRITO!!!

    2. Nakakatuwa! Nakakabasa lang ng biblia eh NAGDUDUNUNG-DUNUNGAN na sa Biblia! Mga Manalistas, kahit isa wala po kayong BIBLE SCHOLARS para turuan kami kung ano ang tamang pagka-intindi sa Biblia!

      Ni Biblia eh CATHOLIC and PROTESTANT VERSIONS kayo umaasa! Eh paano, wala kayong AMBAG man lang sa Biblia ano? NAKIKINABANG na lang kayo..

      Kami ang nagbungkal, nagtanim, nag-ani, nagbayo, at nagsaing.. KAKAIN na lang kayo eh NAGMAMAGALING pa kayo!!!

      Mahiya naman kayo kahit konti! Mga IPOKRITO!


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