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Monday, February 9, 2009

Prophecies Fulfilled by Felix Manalo

PASUGO- the official magazine of the Iglesia ni Cristo founded by Felix Manalo who's the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies according to its apologetics has numerously printed teachings contradicting its own teachings. From its earliest publications, their Minister article writers were either confused or ignorant of the Holy Scripture. Lost most rounded debates with experts and scholars beginning from its own founder, they never acknowledge defeat. When unable to defend or sensing defeat, their members would run and hide or challenge their opponents to visit any of their chapels and debate with their minister in a one-sided territory.

As an example, one of PASUGO's writer wrote things damaging acknowledgement of the Catholc Church as Christ's TRUE CHURCH:
PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46:
“Ang Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay siyang Iglesia ni Cristo..."

One reader of their "The Messanger" by the name Christopher Dawson from Los Angeles, California, USA was questioning INC’s very confusing teachings about Jesus and its angel Felix Manalo and the many copied teachings from other Christian denominations he was once a member including the Catholic Church which the Iglesia ni Cristo substantiated to be the REAL CHURCH Christ founded!!!

"I read the history of your Church and I learned that Mr. Felix Y. Manalo had been a member of many different churches like the Roman Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian Mission, and Seventh-Day-Adventist. Doesn’t this prove that he is not a true messenger since he took all of his teachings from these different churches and combined them to form the teachings of the Church of Christ.?”

Mr. Dawson was right in consulting history. In fact, Felix Manalo was baptized Catholic, later became an Aglipayan, a Methodist pastor, a Presbyterian Bible student, a Disciples’s evangelist, a Christian and Missionary Alliance evangelist after he was struck by how they baptized through immersion. He was convinced to convert to Seventh-Day-Adventists after he lost a debate with one of its ministers.

Mr. Manalo's disagreement with his personal interpretation of the Bible drifted him to be a wanderer; he became an atheist and agnostics; he even lost his faith in God according to Wikipedia. Before he founded his own church, he took all accumulated teachings he gathered from different denominations, with Lamsa translation of the Bible, he concluded that in order to legitimize his own church, he must declare the Catholic Church to have been apostatized which history and Biblical facts couldn't agree either.

And the most shameful part of his story is that, HE DIED WITHOUT BEING BAPTIZED IN HIS OWN CHURCH TO GAIN SALVATION…

For the sake of Mr. Dawson’s question, let’s see how their Ministers would answer him. Here was their most intelligent reply:

“The Bible testifies that the one sent by God speaks according to the law and to the testimony (Is. 8:20). To speak according to the law is to teach the will or doctrine of God, not one’s own will—no addition nor subtraction (Jn. 7:16-17; Dt. 12:32). A messenger of God must also possesses the testimony or the spirit of prophecy (Rev. 19:10).”
True! The Bible testifies that “the one sent by God speaks according to the law and to the testimony” but again it’s true that when God calls his own messenger, he calls him by his name. Felix Manalo’s name was never mentioned in the Bible. Isaiah 8:20 which they quote is talking about something else, not about Felix Manalo as “God’s Last Messenger" was taken out of context .

John 7:16-17 which they also quoted was talking about Christ being God’s mouthpiece and it has nothing to do with Felix Manalo’s status as “God’s Last Messenger.”While they quoted Dt. 12:32, there’s not even a slightest clue about Felix Manalo being “God’s Last Messenger.”

Let’s continue their response to Mr. Dawson:

"Brother Felix Y. Manalo is the last messenger because he is the fulfillment of the various prophecies recorded in the Bible (Rev. 7:2-3; Is. 46:11; Is. 41-9-10). The fact that he became a member of other religions prior to his being called by God does not in any way prove that he was not sent by God.

They nailed it right in the middle! Yes, Felix Manalo has fulfilled many of biblical prophecies. This includes a prophesy about the imminent coming of the false teacher, or false prophet, a false angel (see Gal. 1:5-6).

Before Apostle Paul was called to become Christ’s apostle, he belonged to the religious group known as the Pharisees and he had been one of the ruthless persecutors of the Church (Act 22:1-4).

Paul's name was mentioned in the same way Moses and other great OT Prophets and sages however Felix Manalo's name was left out. His name was never mentioned just as Paul was (in the case of their analogy to Felix Manalo's case). This nullifies their teaching that Felix Manalo was called by God.

In the last portion of their response to Mr. Dawson, they said:

"The doctrines that Brother Felix Y. Manalo taught are the words of God written in the Bible--no additions nor subtractions--which is a character of the true messenger of God."
We are not certain if what Bible are they referring to. The Lamsa Translation was among their favorite which wasn't a translation of a scholar. Anyway, let's see if their claim is true.

In John 1-- the Bible says the "Word was God" and made his dwelling among us.
INC says, he was just a man.

Philippians 2 says though Jesus "is in the form of God..."
INC says, he's just a man.

In John 8, Jesus said "Before Abraham came to be, I AM" signifying his divinity.
INC says, he's just a man.

Roma 16:16 was written "iglesia"
INC wrote it "Iglesia" (making it into Proper Noun).
Catholic Answers says "Paul is referring to a collection of local churches, not giving an organizational name."

So is it true that there's "no addition nor subtractions" from the Bible in the teachings of Felix Manalo?

A huge NO!

And if that's the faultless character test to identify the true messenger of God,most certainly Felix Manalo WAS NOT!

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