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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quotes Extracted from Iglesia ni Cristo's Official Magazine, Pasugo

I am always amused with the Iglesia ni Cristo ministers who are always neatly wearing Barong Tagalog on TV as a symbol of being Filipinos. They never get tired of telling their viewers in Net25 that it was God and Jesus (as two entities) who (re) built the Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines.

All devout INC members should blindly believe. Out of ignorance perhaps or out of tremendous lack of freedom, their members never dared challenge their ministers for the fear that doing so would tantamount to excommunication and be thrown into fiery furnace in hell “dagat-dagatang apoy sa impiyerno.

Since they do not have any other official teachings available in print (like the Catechism of the Catholic Church available in print and in the internet) except their PASUGO and GOD’S MESSAGE Magazines we are left helpless to where we can extract the official INC teachings where we can start a meaningful discussion. Ask and INC member and they will always instruct you to meet one of their ministers within their temples.

And since they have official magazine, I wish to be precise with what their ministers were teaching within the INC. I have few quotes from their official Pasugo, extracted from a booklet by Mr. Julian Pinzon entitled “Ang Katotohanan tungkol sa Iglesia ni Cristo [The truth about the Iglesia ni Cristo] . In order to make it more interesting, let me do it in a Q&A catechism style and translate Pasugo quotations to English. Patterned from the booklet, the question will be from us but the answers were taken directly from their OFFICIAL MAGAZINE called PASUGO. Please bear with me:

Q: Is it true or false that Felix Manalo founded the Iglesia ni Cristo in 1914?
A: “When was the INK registered in the Philippine Government? It was in July 27, 1914. Truly it was stated in the registry that brother F. Manalo founded the INK.” (Pasugo: August-September 1964, p. 5)

Q: Then who is the legitimate owner of the church founded by Felix Manalo?
A: “If the shift of discussion is who founded (the church), it follows he should also own it, and should come from him all instructions and teachings that should be implemented.” (Pasugo: May 1952, p. 4)

Q: Does anyone have the right to build a church, be him a person like Felix Manalo a man?
A: “There is only one who has the right to build a Church rightly for God. Who should be?—Our Lord Jesus Christ only. Any man—be him an intelligent or moron—has no right to build…” (Pasugo: November 1940, p. 23)

Q: How many Church did Christ build, where in the world it was built?
A: The true Church of Christ is one, this is the Church built by Christ. If there are churches sprouting today claiming be Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo) these are not real but fakes.” (Pasugo: May 1968, p.7)

Q: What’s their source of proof to show that they belong to a Church built by God through Christ?
A: First, all INC believed that Felix Manalo was sent by God to "rebuild" Christ’s Church in the Philippines. Second, only the church’s locales Felix Manalo built and not the Church as a whole. Third, the original Church of Christ from the first century, apostatized, destroyed and was profaned by false prophets. Those disciples of Christ that had completely abandoned the Church leaving it without any witness until Felix Manalo founded it in July 27, 1914.

Q: What was Felix Manalo’s source of rule to distinguish the true from the false Messenger of God?
A: “So that how could we distinguish a Messenger of God from a false messenger of God: It could be distinguished through its teachings according to Chirst. The teachings of the messengers of God are from God, the teachings of the false messengers of God are from his self only (John 7:16-18).” (Pasugo: November 1960, p. 26)

“Whose teachings are taught in the Iglesia ni Cristo? Teachings of God, of Christ and the Apostles which were written in the Holy Scriptures. Felix Manalo has no personal teachings in it.” (Pasugo: November 1959, p. 20)

“And who formulated all the lessons taught by the ministers, in worship, doctrines or propaganda? It was brother Felix Manalo.” (Pasugo: May 1961, p. 4)

“As a fulfillment of all the prophecies, all teachings implemented by the INK Ministers in worship, doctrines, preaching in towns, only it was brother Felix Manalo who drafted and implementing them.” (Pasugo: 1963, p. 27)

“There’s no further proof of truthfulness in the Iglesia ni Cristo. Its persecution is enough proof that the Iglesia ni Cristo is the true Church of Christ. What are the false accusations hurled to Jesus which were damaging? He was not only accused of being possessed, but he was also accused of being insane (John 15:20). If he was persecuted, we will never be excused. The persecution of the Head is felt by the whole body. He is the Head, we are its branches, the church.” (Pasugo, November 1954, p.2)

Q: Quote from above said they were persecuted. Is it true that they are being persecuted and accused of being under the devil just like what was accused of Christ, that was the fulfillment of John 15:20, and John 8:40? LET US SEE!
A: “Whose ministers, therefore are Catholic Priests? They are Ministers of Satan, the Devil.” (Pasugo: December 1965, p. 5)

“Liars and anti-Christ, all those who teach that Jesus is God.” (Pasugo: October 1959, p. 5)

“That’s why the true anti-Christ, are the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. And the true apostles of the anti-Christ are the Catholics.” (Pasugo: August 1962, p.9)

“The Iglesia ni Cristo held its preaching in the city of Davao. There, Felix Manalo spoke with his ministers. There the speakers preached that the Roman Catholic Church was not built by Christ but the Devil.” (Pasugo: October 1956, p.1)

Q: Is it true, that the original Church of Christ built in Jerusalem has completely disappeared?
A: “We stand in the truth that Christ built only one Church. But when the Iglesia ni Cristo was established in the Philippines, the Church of Christ in Jerusalem ceased to exist.” (Pasugo: August 1971, p. 22)

Q: Is it true that the Church (Catholic) had ceased to exist after the establishment of the Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines?
A: “As a matter of fact, today Satan continuously incorporates false teachings in the Catholic Church which in the beginning was the true Church of Christ. The devil is truly wise and canning. He (the devil) didn’t allow a sudden apostacy in the Church built by Christ in the first century.” (Pasugo: April 1966, p. 46)

Q: Which is the true Church Christ built?
A: “The Catholic Church which in the beginning was the true Church of Christ.” (Pasugo: April 1966, p. 46)


  1. First question: It is true that what is said by the Philippine registry it realy is Felix manalo because, what would you do if someone would say its Jesus Christ in the registry. and besides I think its illegal to place the name of a dead person in the registry.

    Second Question: The statemnt does not say it is bro Felix. It says “If the shift of discussion is who founded (the church), it follows he should also own it, and should come from him all instructions and teachings that should be implemented.” Since Christ is really the founder and Felix is just the tool it is Christ who is the founder.

    Question no three: once again it is God Through Jesus who erected the church

    Question no. 4: Is this an accusation?

    Question no 5: Our doctrines are those thought by Christ in the first century. and you can judge a church by its doctrines.

    Question no. 6: AS said you can distinguish the true from the false by looking at its doctrines.

    Question no. 7: You writing this blog is also accusing us you know. The INC are accused maybe everyday due to blogs like this who spread the false about the INC.

    Question no. 8: You cannot deny that the early Christians were persecuted and forced to join in a wrong religion being lead astray.

    Question no. 9 : It is true that the catholic church was the INC in the beginning but it was lead astray and it was foretold that a new church will be erected.

    Question no 10: THe catholics were The church of christ but were lead astray and now it has roots in paganism but the first century chrch dint have that so They are no longer inline with the teachings of christ that is why they are doomed.

    ( This is not official. and i donot answer for the INC.)

  2. You still believe that your Iglesia ni Cristo® which was actually founded by Felix Manalo is founded by Christ? Well, that's according to what was taught in your chapels but is it true?

    Of course, it's not! Truth is, Christ never said "He would build another church". On the contrary, he said clearly that "the gates of hell WILL NEVER prevail against his Church."

    If we take his words truthfully then it would make your Iglesia a FALSE one.

    So the most convenient way to make your "church" for Christ is to make Christ a LIAR and that he actually lied in Mt. 16.

    But of course, Christ don't lie and he NEVER LIED. So his words in Mt. 16 should not be taken figuratively.

    Just as God in the OT NEVER abandoned his people Israel, so must Christ. Our God is faithful God even in our own unfaithfulness. He will be true to his words even when we don't.

    To summarize, Felix Manalo's Iglesia ni Cristo® IS a business disguising as a religion.

    About your doctrines, well they do not reflect that of the first century doctrines coz you dont even reached a 100 years. We all know how to count and 2,010 is more than 95 years.

    Learn your basic four fundamentals in Mathematics and you will realize that I am right.

  3. tOK, you call us a corporation sole? did you not? but look at it, there are more catholic schools hospitals.

    All these were or are run by nuns or priests. I was born in a hospital run by nuns. They even have a Cafe. There are over 5000 of these hospitals

    I have been to a catholic school and i noticed that there are priests who spend allot of money for their health, even gong to america with the use of the proceeds. there are over 100,000 catholic schools in the world.

    As you see the poor live in streets the rich live in mansions and the priests live in.. (Is there something bigger than a mansion?)

  4. Just as you collect tuition fees at your Erano (New Era) University so we too are entitled for that.

    But hey, the Catholic Church as an institution don't make money. It is guided by the Holy Spirit that it survived many wars, scandals, split etc for 2,010 years now.

    The Iglesia ni Cristo® as a "church" is a BUSINESS CORPORATION SOLE right in its registration. The owner? the MANALOS so what do you expect.

    Don't come back here and accuse the Pope of making money. The Pope doesn't own anything in the Vatican. Nor anything be transferred to any of his known relatives...

    The Manalos have to do that for this is what is stipulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission to the Iglesia as a Corporation Sole.

  5. You sould ask a copy of that from that place where you get the copies.(ang dating daan could have just forged it. you are with me on that one right?)Get an official reproduction from that place and post it on this site. it must have the statement that the INC is a corporation sole according to you.

    Its not our ministers who are teaching there except for those in the CEM ( collage of evangelical ministry ) because that is what their supposed to do for the next generation of ministers.

    The catholic church does make money from the hospitals and schools. they charge allot more.

  6. Sorry. I don't rely on another cultic sect such as the ADD whose founder was from the INC...

    About those damaging articles from your official magazine PASUGO, I understand why you are fretting out. They're very very damaging. Actually these quotes were a collection of a Catholic Priest of the true Church of Christ, not from your own brother Eli Soriano.

    Concening our hospitals and schools, the MERALCO and NAWASA never gave free services so we need to ask a compensation... however we do have charitable institutions such as the Catholic Caritas International, and the Hospice of Mother Teresa of Calcutta...

    So far, YOU HAVE NONE! If there are, it's services are only for your own cult members, no more, no less.

    How about your Ministers, their services are paid by Central right?


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