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Monday, December 14, 2009

"Felix Manalo founded the Iglesia ni Cristo" says the PASUGO

README (an Iglesia ni Cristo defender), was a dreamer. He deliberately denied basic facts in his blog. There's no doubt that Felix Manalo founded the Iglesia ni Cristo that's according to their official registration at the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines.

Who would believe Jesus founded the Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines? Only a fool can believe such a weird teaching.

Readme said in his blog:
"Felix Manalo is not the founder of the INC but the mesenger (sic) commissioned to preach Christ's Church in these last days. We do not call him Bishop; we prefer to call him Brother. He is also the First executive Minister of the INC..." (readmeinc.blogspot.com/2009/12/brief-history-of-church.html)
He is the first Executive Minister of the INC. In fact he is the owner of the Iglesia ni Cristo, a Corporation Sole managed and owned by the Manalo Family. That explains why his late son Erano Manalo was the second Executive Minister and after his death is Eduardo, another Manalo, as the third Executive Minister of their Corporation Sole. And for sure, readme, the next Executive Minister will be another MANALO.

Contrary to his limited knowledge, the Official Magazine of the Iglesia ni Cristo said otherwise:
“When was the INK registered in the Philippine Government? It was in July 27, 1914. Truly it was stated in the registry that brother F. Manalo founded the INK.” (Pasugo: August-September 1964, p. 5)
So who founded the INK? Pasugo August-September 1964 Issue, page 5 confirmed that it was FELIX MANALO WHO FOUNDED THE INK in July 27, 1914!

Readme, you need to READ ME!


  1. Hindi po ako INC. Pero sana po ay binasa ninyo yung kasunod na pahayag nung sinitas niyo sa Pasugo 1964. May paliwanag po kasi sila dun.

    Ayon sa kanila, si FYM ang nagtatag ng INC AYON sa SEC. Alangan naman daw kasing ang pumirma eh si Jesus, kaya si FYM ang pumirma.

    Pero sa mata daw ng Diyos, si Jesus daw ang siyang nagtatag ng INC, sa pamamagitan lamang ni FYM

    Ano pong masasabi niyo tungkol dito?

    1. Jon self proclaim lng ni manalo yon kahit sino pwdeng mag sabi na sya ang sugo.. para nga syang baliw ei.. sabi nasa jerusalem ang iglesia bakit dito sa pinas pinarehestro? at 1914 lng yan nag simula..

  2. Hello Jon,

    Sapat na ang masabi nilang ang Iglesia Katolika sa paumpisa ay siyang TUNAY NA IGLESIAK NI CRISTO... at ang kasunod noon ay sasabihin nilang bago natalikod.

    Hindi ba't si Cristo mismo ang nagsabi na hindi kailanman ito matatalikod o maaagaw kahit na kapangyarihan ni Satanas? Kung magkagayon, sinungaling pala si Cristo o kaya's mas makapangyarihan pa ang kasamaan ni Felix Manalo daig pa si Satanas?

    Tama, alangan namang si Cristo ay pipirma samantalang ang itinatag niyang Iglesia ay sa Jerusalem nga at hindi sa Pilipinas.

    Sa mata ng Dios at si Cristo, ang tunay na Iglesia ay ang Iglesia katolika, kasaysayan ang saksi sa katotohanang ito.

    Si Felix Manalo ay isang huwad na sugo sapagkat ang pagkasugo ay natapos na kay Cristo. Siya ang tugatog, rurok, kabuuan, at pangkalahatan ng lahat ng mga propesiya ng mga propeta noong una.

    Pagpalain ka ng Panginoon kaibigan.

  3. matanong ko lng po, nabasa nyo na po ba ang librong "The Truth About The Inquisition"? isang dating reverend ng Iglesia Katolika ang nagsulat nyan. Kng hindi ako nagkakamali, ang Inquisition ay isang samahan na binuo ng mga Paring Katoliko, ilang taon matapos mamatay si Hesus. Ang samahan ding ito ang nagpapatay sa mga taong pinaniniwalaan nilang 'hindi nila kapanampalataya'. Kung talagang naiintindihan nila ang utos ng Panginoon, Bakit sila magpapapatay ng mga taong inosente? Dahil lang ba iba ang pinaniniwalaan nila? Kung ang Iglesia Katolika ang totoong Iglesia ni Kristo, magagawa ba nila lahat yan? E hindi ba isang napakalaking kasalanan sa dios ang pumatay ng kapwa tao??????

  4. Aryanee,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    From your own statement, you seem not sure about the Inquisition. And I guess what what you've said were not from your own understanding and honest research.

    I would suggest you to read carefully and not just listen to anti-Catholics half truths which often were all deceiving.

    To some degree, some Church official committed abuse in the past but that didn't nullify Christ's own words that no matter how much effort Satan would destroy his church through different scandals, HIS CHURCH will PREVAIL, not even the gates of hades (Mt. 16) can crush HIS CHURCH.

    Christ is not a liar and surely his Church will never cease.

    Praise God!


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