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Thursday, February 4, 2010

By Their Fruit You Will Know Them

“By their fruit, you will know them” says Christ in Mt. 7:20.

For the past two weeks, I have been one of the regular visitors to Bro. Cenon Bibe’s Blog Tumbukin Natin. He has exellently dealt with many major issues launched against the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of Christ by members the Iglesia ni Cristo® founded, registered and incorporated by Felix Y. Manalo in July 27, 1914.

Among the many replicated issues they couldn’t disprove is about the Divinity of Christ. The Iglesia ni Cristo® members tried to score out by quoting very limited Bible passages which they thought would demonstrate their void disagreement. Very easily Bro. Cenon rebuted them with intelligibility, all taken from the same Holy Book they were quoting. They can’t even locate any particular passage in the Bible that says “Jesus ISN’T GOD.”

Regarding Felix being the “Shepherd of the Iglesia ni Cristo®” they couldn’t challenge their very own defender Mr. Jose Ventilacion’s admission that Christ “ceased to be be its shepherd” but instead was Felix Manalo. For me, that’s not unexpected. Even their own Official Magazine called PASUGO substantiated the fact that the true Church is the Catholic Church and theirs is FAKE. Why I said so? It’s because they made a clean breast in their Official Magazine that Felix Manalo established and registered the Iglesia ni Cristo®.

Instead of refuting Bro. Cenon’s disagreements, these Iglesia ni Cristo® members spoiled his blog with foul language, naming names and threats. Isn’t that an attitude of a cultic member? That’s one thing the have proven which was recorded for everyone to read.

Since TRUTH is NOT with them, by no means we expect nothing from them. We’d rather expect them to bear NO GOOD fruits. “A good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.’

Again, we shouldn’t be surprised then. When Felix Manalo founded his church, it stood on the premise that the Catholic Church which was “in the beginning the true Church of Christ” apostatized. And for that reason alone, he declared himself the “Last Angel” to “re-establish” the church. Isn’t it weird?

Then he started demonizing the Catholic Church, its Salvation History, the Pope, the Saints and all Catholics. He accused every Catholic of being “children of Satan” recorded in their Official Magazine called Pasugo.

More than two thousand years ago, Jesus, the Son of God knew that there would be false prophets and fake angels coming to deceive his own sheep. He knew very well that there would be “bad guys” who are going to sow confusion among his own sheep. He perfectly knew that there would be fake angels who would come and distort his Gospel and teach another one. St. Paul said, “let them be accursed!”

And since he was aware of their coming, HE GUARANTEED St. Peter that the “gates of Hell” WILL never prevail agianst his established Church.

So all those who dared to say that Christ betrayed his own Church, THEY are LIARS! For Christ never lie!

For the past 2,000 years, Christ’s Church produced good fruit. He raised numerous saints different backgrounds. These saints are what we, Catholics consider our HEROES for they didn’t die in vain. They lived a holy lives and chose death for the sake of Christ and his Church rather living under sin than the praise of men.

Some were fed to ravage beasts, some were hanged, imprisoned, burned, crucified, tortured and beheaded. But all asked pardon for the sins of their persecutors and praised God for sharing the sweet prize of following him leading them to their own calvaries.

Just in a span of hundred years after Christ ascended to heaven, the Catholic Church produced thousands of saints, both known and unknown. We have been witness to the saintly lives of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and John Paul the Great who were witnesses to Christ’s mercy and love. No Iglesia ni Cristo® could match that. Truly, God is praised among his own!

“If you wish to follow me, take up your cross and follow me” says Jesus .

Today, what Christ prophesied more thant 2,000 years ago were all fulfilled to Felix Manalo. False prophets and angels had come and distorted his Gospel. He taught another Christ who was a LIAR. He preached another Gospel which were all contrary to Apostolic Teachings such as Christ’s was ONLY a man. He questioned priestly celibacy as a “teaching from Satan” while accepting the celibacy practiced by Christ, St. Paul and other disciples who were never married.. He insulted the saints—friends of God, and the Primacy of Peter and the Papacy while he himself acted like a “LITTLE POPE” to his own cult. Today their little Pope is Eduardo V. Manalo, the grandson of their first little Pope Felix Manalo. They hated our teaching about Papal Infallibility but blindly accepts all teachings of Felix Manalo as infallible. No questions are allowed to challenged their own teachings. No one is allowed to interpret Bible passages except their own Ministers. It appears that they (Minister) are more infallible.

The tree of the Iglesia ni Cristo® bears no good fruit. History proves it. From its own founder down to the least of his would-be Ministers studying in New Era University displayed a promising fruit they all would harvest on the day of judgment. Quotes from their Official Pasugo shows what kind of “angel” this Felix Manalo was.

PASUGO Disyembre 1965, p. 5:
Kaninong Ministro kung ganyan ang mga Paring Katoliko? Mga Ministro ni
Satanas na Diablo."

PASUGO Oktubre 1959, p. 5:
Mga magdaraya at anti-Cristo, ang mga nagtuturong si Cristo ay Dios."

PASUGO Agosto 1962, p. 9:
Kaya ang tunay na anti-Cristo, ang mga Papa ng Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana. At ang tunay na ampon ng anti-Cristo ay ang mga Katoliko."

PASUGO Oktubre 1956, p. 1:
Ang Iglesia ni Cristo ay nagdaos ng pamamahayag sa Lunsod ng Davao. Nagsalita roon si Kapatid na Felix Manalo at ang kasama niyang mga Ministro. Ipinahayag doon ng mga nagsalita na ang Iglesia Katolika Romana ay hindi itinatag ni Cristo kundi itinatag ng Diablo."

Two of his ministers have created their own blogs to counter-attack Catholic Defenders who are defending Christ and his Churvh by blogging. The author of www.resbak.com aka Conrad J. Obligacion has vicously attacked everyone who opposes the Iglesia ni Cristo® and its founder Felix Manalo. In forums, he uses foul languages and naming names. Proof that he couldn’t find any fault in our arguments, he resorted to character assassination, stole names to deceive people. Say for example his alias as “truthcaster” he stole from INC® mortal rival Eliseo Soriano. He too stole my name by creating a bogus blog http://catholicivatan.blogspot.com that bears my name in it. What would be his feelings if someone would come up with a blog that pretends to be his? I won’t expect anything good from a bad fruit anyway.

Another blog was created by an INC® member whose penname is known to be “Readme” (http://readme.blogspot.com). If you see how these INC® defend their position, they never use reasoning. They use what their founder taught them to do so. In Cenon Bibes Tumbukin-Natin, INC® vandalized it with foul languages and threats.

How can we distinguish real from fakes? By their fruit we will know them. Are they producing “good fruit”? Definitely not. That’s because their tree is the bad tree Christ is referring to. See it for yourselves how they behave at TUMBUKIN NATIN of Bro. Cenon Bibe.

We should all be thankful to God for being Catholics!


  1. hoy gwapo bakit wala ako dyaan haha

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    gusto mo e pag complie kita lahat ng ng mga comment mo galing sa tumbukin ang kabaluktotan? na mala machine gun?

    ito isa o



  2. Thank you for commenting GUSTONG SUMIKAT. With your comments here, I have proven something.

    God bless.

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