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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Limited Philippine Postal Stamp for an Anti-Catholic

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the soon to be counted among the top ranking most disgusting ex-Presidents of the Philippines again has courted the Iglesia ni Cristo® cult believing that their power could save her political party members in the up-coming Presidential election this coming May) by honoring one of the fierciest anti-Catholic (anti-Christ) preacher in the Philippines.

One of the most unique doctrines of the Iglesia ni Cristo® is the bloc voting or so called “doctrine of unity”. According to the billionaire heir to the throne "BLOC VOTING is a manifestation of religious unity that is essential to spiritual salvation" (Source: Wikipedia)

Among those Philippine Presidents they claimed to have won because of their “bloc-voting” was Ferdinand Marcos, Joseph Estrada and now Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo –who happened to be the most sickening leaders the country has ever had in its 111 year history.

Due to his solid support of the anti-life House Bill 5043, the management of the Iglesia ni Cristo® has been rumored to support Noynoy Aquino (the only son of the saintly Cory Aquino and heroic father Ninoy) by their bloc voting—could it be a bad omen for the Aquino family? Let’s hope and pray that curse ended in GMA’s presidency and spare Noynoy of its foreseen bad forecast.

The Iglesia ni Cristo is a cult founded by Felix Ysagun Manalo, an ex-Catholic, turned anti-Catholic he inherited from the SDA where he once was a preacher. His parents remained faithful to Christ’s Church until their souls until their death. In July 27, 1914, Felix Manalo incorporated (registered) his church under the Republic of the Philippines and thus making him the official founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo®.

His death in August 29, 2009 caused many of his cult members to grieve. His mortal remains were elevated right within its sanctuary which is supposed to be the sacred place in every house for worships.

Though they denied, but Iglesia ni Cristo® members (or the Iglesia—as they call themselvaes), glorified the Manalo’s beginning from Felix Y. Manalo as an angel, “last messenger” of God, so must his son, Eraño and the present reigning heir to the throne Eduardo V. Manalo. A bronze statue of Felix Manalo was erected in their Central office while his son Eraño G. Manalo was praised by politicians. These are the Trinity gods of the Iglesia ni Cristo® while they detest Christ of any divinity and kept him to the ranks of a mere man.

Striving for Iglesia ni Cristo’s “basbas” Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo directed the dying Philippine Postal Services to print 100,000 pieces of limited edition of stamps which according to those politicians who benefited from the cult said this gesture is a tribute “honoring his greatness and nobility”. The limited edition of the stamp began its circulation last April 23. The last quarter of last year, the local government of Quezon City renamed Central Avenue to Eraño Manalo Avenue. In July, 2009, Ms. Arroyo signed the Republic Act 9645, declared that July 27 of every year as "Iglesia Ni Cristo Day" making it an official national working holiday a bill authored by House of Representatives Annie Rosa L. Susano, Second District of Quezon City, Philippines.

The anti-Christ and anti-Catholic has been given honor by thieves! And so he deserves that tribute!

Limited Postal Stamp bearing the name of INC® Eraño G. Manalo


  1. Why has the renaming of a street and circulation of stamps after the death of an influential person bring controversy. Its not like there is no street named after priest. look around you, out streets have been a washed with streets named after priests nuns and other religious leaders. Don't tell me there aren't any. Even stamps there are allot. You only take ours as controversial because You call us the anti-Christ even if we are not. you have been blinded bu your own work!

  2. I dont get why the renaming of a street and production of a stamp after a religious leader is controversial. aren't our streets littered with names of priests nuns and other religious figures. It may have been controversial for you but is there really a problem? look at the streets and you can see multiple streets named after catholics (priests)and at their presscon the politicians say thesame thing. they use something like "he was a great man." See you were blinded by your own work!

  3. Our politicians have vested interest in that matter Mr./Ms. Plaridel. They're still believe in the myth that a "bloc-vote" from the Iglesia ni Cristo® could help them win.

    Let's give justice to your question. Can you please mention one street that is named after any Catholic priest or a politician and let's see why our streets are named after them and let's compare it to Erano Manalo?

  4. Let's start with cebu(because that is where im based.
    Gorordo avenue in cebu is named after (bishop?) Juan Gorordo. A native of Barili Cebu. Reference "Barili, The town , The people , the years a history by Azucena pace "
    It continues "The street in the city proper was named after him after is death in 1923."

    Lets see a name of a politician. Quintin Parades in Binondo is the old Calle Rosario after the district’s patroness the Nuestra Señora del Rosario. The street was renamed after the Filipino statesman and lawyer Quintin Paredes. He represented Abra in Congress and became Speaker of the House.

    In barili there in a barangay which is named after my aunt Azucena Pace
    just because it was by order of my grandmother the mayor of barili.

    If you see there are streets barangays or even cities named after politicians and priests even if we do not deem it necessary to do so. and this one renaming of a street after Erano Manalo is very controversial. What a pity you do not know how many streets are named after your priests.

    how can we name streets after the ones who lead allot astray? just ask the catholics.

  5. Who cares if we name one of our eskinitas or kantos to Eraño Manalo? Just as I don’t care who are these names you mentioned. But we are talking about Avenues and Boulevards here. Renaming the historical Commonwealth Avenue to one of the Manalos who enriched themselves by putting up a business named after Christ is ridiculous.

    Bishop Gorordo was the FIRST FILIPINO BISHOP. Why such an honor? Without the Catholic Church you will never come to know Jesus Christ or the Bible so don't fret out! And that's something else for the Filipinos (Catholics) in Cebu.

    For Erano, come on, what contribution(s) he had made for the country? Start naming them now!

  6. I now ask you, what did the catholic bishops do that cannot be applied to Ka erdy during his life time?

    If you see i dont think there is anything that cannot be applied to Ka erdy. YOu say that your catholic priests have brought religion into the Filipinos but look did Ka erdy do that? yes he did. YOu just saty that he brought the wrong religion, but dont you think we would say the same thing?

    Cities who's names came out of priests: Urdaneta. this place must be familiar to you. If you see they named an entire city after Fr. urdaneta and your complaining about an avenue!

    Bor. Erano Lead the church to be called a global church. He was the one who brought the church to the far west with the help of the Almighty. and if you see he not only do something for the country he did something for the world.

  7. The Bishop cared about the Universal Church of Christ which was founded by Christ.

    Ka Erdy cared about the Iglesia ni Cristo® which he acquired from his father Felix Manalo.

    The difference? One cared for Christ's Church and the other cared for his own.

    The Philippine poverty index paved way to the globalization of the cult. And the "Almighty" has nothing to do with such a private Corporation sole. It was its members money that helped it grew.


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