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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blogger ‘Ebangelista’ writes Inquirer, warns Iglesia elders -Inquirer

Inquirer.net - Beware, you’re being watched, blogger “Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista” has warned Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) leaders who carry on with irregularities in the homegrown, 101-year-old Christian sect.

Ebangelista is the pseudonym of a blogger who not only exposed what he called irregularities in the sect, but also dished out timely updates on expelled INC ministers who were allegedly illegally detained or kidnapped.

So the minute a Sanggunian member is in another country [perpetrating] money laundering or lavishly squandering church funds for their personal whims, or if any corrupt minister is harassing or coercing brethren anywhere in the world, or if any of the Sanggunian [ministers] even stink of corruption such as attempting to smuggle cash (from our offerings) outbound from other countries, they will be reported to us and we will fiercely expose them,” he said in an open letter to the Inquirer.

“Unfortunately, Sanggunian ministers arrogantly still think that they are above the law, that they can muscle their way through the current mangled government of our country, and that they can bribe any official there is to make all of these go away,” he said.

Several other bloggers, going by the names of Sher Lock, Nina Agiluz, Katnize Everdene, Benito Affleck, Danica Rosales, Alexander Tobias and Kelly Ong, have emerged to expose corruption and abuses in the sect, Ebangelista said.

They are now part of a growing number of “defenders” around the world out to restore scandal-rocked INC to its “unblemished state,” he said.

“None of us knew each other, none of them knew who I was, yet we were banded together under the same divine goal: To eradicate the corruption inside the church by exposing atrocities of the Sanggunian and their cohorts,” he said, referring to the INC governing council.

“And with the rapidly increasing number of defenders every day, coming from every locale of every district of every country, we are now everywhere,” he said. (CONTINUE READING HERE!)

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