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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Court Sheriff’s Official Report on Occular Inspection of Angel Manalo's Residence Proves there is a Violation of their Human Rights

Source: INC Silent No More

The Court Sheriff’s Official Report is PROOF!

The INC Leadership thru its INC Legal Department tried to cover up the truth… But one thing about the TRUTH, it will find its way out into the glaring light of day. And once it does, the only people who will not be able to see it… ARE THE BLIND.

Introducing the Court Sheriff and his first-hand account manifested in his official report of the events that happened during the hostile take over of the INC Maintenance workers and the illegal erection of the fences at No. 36 Tandang Sora, the Ancestral Residence of Bro. Eraño G. Manalo.


I heard many brethren were wondering what the Court Sheriff’s Official Report contains…

INC Lawyer’s humiliating denial:

And because the INC lawyers know well enough that they will FAIL MISERABLY IN COURT because they will only be PROVEN GUILTY with all the evidences against them, that’s why they immaturely resorted to this as a clear sign of pathetic desperation:

The INC Lawyers have made the Iglesia Ni Cristo the laughing stock of the whole world with their ill-conceived acts. Even the whole justice community is laughing at these two “unaware” lawyers with their DEMANDING TONE, YET TIME AND TIME AGAIN, THEY DELIBERATELY FAIL TO RESPECT AND FOLLOW THE LAW. SUCH HYPOCRITES!

Nothing much more to say but… Liars will be liars, and Truth will be Truth, no matter what! Now we all know who lying and who’s telling the truth based on the facts presented.

So the now question is… are YOU still UNAWARE?

~ Antonio Ebangelista

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