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"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Iglesia Ni Cristo® calls on coming together while its own house is still divided! What a hypocrisy!

What a hypocrisy!  While Eduardo V. Manalo (EVM), its present Executive Minister had mercilessly disowned his OWN MOTHER AND SIBLINGS and sent them to "dagag-dagatang apoy" of Hell by excommunicating them, how dare they have the nerve to call for Christian "UNITY" when its own house is DIVIDED?  First, let EVM reconcile with HIS MOTHER AND SIBLINGS-- being a CHRISTIAN LEADER (if they are still worthy to be called as such) should learn to HUMBLE himself before GOD and ASK FORGIVENESS from his mother and siblings.  Ka EVM should BE A MAN, face the MEDIA and SPEAK. Ano bang kinatatakutan niya at laging spokesperson ang pinahaharap niya sa media eh PURO KASINUNGALINGAN naman ang sinasabi ng kanilang tagapag-salita.

Sorry but many Christian communities are UNITED with the CATHOLIC CHURCH for that purpose. Why not the Iglesia Ni Cristo® or INC™ JOIN the CATHOLIC CHURCH in their effort to combat this No. 1 enemy which is poverty just as other churches did?!

Iglesia calls on other religions to come together vs poverty

IN THE wake of pronouncements from various denominations slamming the growing gap between the rich and the poor, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Monday called for a “multisectoral, cross-religious effort to combat poverty,” which the church referred to as “public enemy No. 1.” 
“While we have different beliefs, we agree wholeheartedly that we should wage all-out war against growing social inequity. Poverty is a problem that confronts us all, one that all faiths universally condemn,” INC general auditor Glicerio Santos Jr. said in a statement. 
Santos’ call was similar to the one made by Roman Catholic prelates who attended the recently concluded 51st International Eucharistic Congress in Cebu City: That something must be done about hunger and poverty, especially when brought about by corruption and social injustice...

Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/760676/iglesia-calls-on-other-religions-to-come-together-vs-poverty#ixzz3z4Df0gWk

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