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Sunday, July 17, 2016



P A R T  T W O

Let us open now the ANNEX - “D” to “D-14” , but before scrutinizing the whole inclusions in the said annexes, I will start on Annexes “D-7” to D-14”, the CHURCH COUNCIL’S CERTIFICATE , further says ;

“ x x x x x We, constituting the majority of the members of the Church Council of the IGLESIA NI CRISTO, with its Executive Minister ERANO G. MANALO as corporation sole, duly organized and existing by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines and with principal office at the INC Building No, 1 Central Avenue, New Era , Quezon City, Philippines, do hereby CERTIFY that at the General Meeting of the members of the Church Council held on April 25, 2007, at the principal office of the Church with the same address above=mentioned, at which a majority of the memers of the Church Council were present and voted throughout, the members of the Church Council voted and adopted that the Church’s By-Laws be correspondingly amended to reflect the changes proposed, discussed and approved by the Church Council and which changes are reflected in the copies of said By-Laws.

We further certify that the attached copies of the Second Amendment of the Iglesia ni Cristo By-Laws are true and correct copies of the Amended By-Laws.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto set our hands this 25th day of April 2007, in Quezon City, Philippines ..
Scanned pictures of signed documents attached. hereto.I put “ color” coding to emphasize the MISREPRESENTATIONS and technicalities of the said CHURCH COUNCIL’S CERTIFICATE . RED - questionable ; ORANGE - CTC acquired January of 2007 ; GREEN - for the month of February, 2007 ; BROWN - for the month of March, 2007 and YELLOW - for the month of April, 2007

The above document was signed April 25, 2007 duly scribscribed, sworn and notarized (again!!!) by ATTY. SUSAN MAY C. TUAZON ( now with her real Attorney’s Roll Number and IBP Number ) affixed her signature ,place of commssion, Quezon City, Office address No. 1 Central Avenue, New Era, Quezon City , Roll of Attorney’s No. 34477 , PTR No. 8437841, QC on January 4, 2007 and IBP Lifetime No. 02067. Docketed the said documents under Docket Number 28; Page Number 7; Book No. XIII; Series of 2007 .

Question No. 1, if the said document is legally subscribed and sworn to dated April 25, 2007 why are there COMMUNITY TAX CERTIFICATES presented dated : December 10, 2007 for Ministers ISAIAS T. SAMSON JR. , CTC No. 07584423 and RENE J. PANONCILLO , CTC No. 07584452 both issued in Quezon City ? Also, Minister EMILIANO C. MAGTOTO, JR , dated September 19, 2007 with CTC No. 04279688. ? Did Atty check the document before she signed and notarized it ? Or its just still a FICTITIOUS and FRAUDULENT document presented in order to justify the ACCESSION to OFFICE ?

2. Don’t you know that issuance of COMMUNITY TAX CERTIFICATES every year started with number “ 0” or “1” in the whole country ? Why then, CTC issued in December and September started with the number “0” ?

My curiousity dictates me to do the research on all those COMMUNITY TAX CERTIFICATES so i gather all numbers and dates of issuances to find out that , majority are just like raffling of winning numbers of Jueteng or LOTTO , others are real (very few) , the funniest thing I discovered there are dates that are Sundays. Well, dates they knew are recycled dates . Very obvious these are fraudulents CTC numbers.

CTC of Minister DAN V. OROSA is 075332086 , dated Jan 30 , 2007 ? Which do you think comes first CTC N. 075332086 or 07532901 , acquired Jan 4, 2007 under the name of Brother Erano G. Manalo ? Both from the issuance of Quezon City.
Minister Ramil Parba assigned as Secretary for Research, has his CTC No. 21400196, issued February 07, 2007 in Quezon City. The corresponding CTC Number was never issued in February of 2007. .

Minister Ed Carigma CTC No. 04049809 , place of issue Cebu City was issued Sunday . There is no office in weekend . so how come he can acquired it ?

Spot the difference in these two (2) CTC Numbers 07648412 & 06788716 issued to Ministers RENATO D. CALLEJO in Kalibo Aklan and DANIEL M. LAPADA issued in Tuguegarao both in the same date of March 12,2007 ..

No issuance of CTC Numbers starting in “0” in the months of March and April

Another SPOT the difference, CTC Nos. 14571517 issued to Minister DIONISIO D. MAGNO issued in Roxas Isabela and 14528715 to Minister NATHANIEL M. TRIGUERO , issued in Lucena City the latter was April 16, 2007 and the first one was February 20, 2007. Two different municipalities , the start of first 3 digits number did not correspond on the right month of issuance of the said CTC numbers.

While, Minister ERNESTO A. PACIENTE”s CTC is missing one digit . CTC has an eight digit numbers after the year of issuance . Maybe we can say it was a typo error, if the judge will admit it or we can say “Tell it to the marines !!!” they check it before signing to see if there are some corrections. One or two corrections are enough, but more than those a mere MISREPRESENTATIONS or in fact a FRAUDULENT one.

Minister JOEL F. PEDROSO got his CTC No. 23136977 , dated February 25, 2007 at Donsol, Sorsogon. February 25, 2007 is Sunday and the celebration of EDSA REVOLUTION a public holiday.

No issuance of CTC numbers started in “2” in January 2007, so how come Minister AZRIEL M. PELAEZ had his CTC No. 26653132 issued in Coron, Palawan ?

Same thing with Minister ROBERTO ALCONTIN ‘s CTC number 24452056 , issued in Pagadian City . Likewise, the rest of ministers fake COMMUNITY TAX CERTIFICATES sufficient enough to NULLIFY the CHURCH COUNCIL’S CERTIFICATE done April 25, 2007.

Records in Securities Exchange Commission shows that the said CHURCH COUNCIL’S CERTIFICATE was only received with receive stamp JANUARY 24, 2008 and it was the HRAD who received the said copy. HRAD is the HUMAN RESOURCE and ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT who is not an authorized department to receive and docketed this kind of document.. The functions of this department are 1. Oversees all human resource and administrative support functions for the SEC, including equipment, supplies, mail, and facility security.2. Oversees all activities related to employment policies and practices. Ensures SEC compliance with all Philippine labor laws. Interacts with related government agencies as necessary in establishing policies and practices and addressing employee grievances. Why HRAD ?

Every document submitted in the proper department who has the jurisdiction over the matter has a proper documentation of it will be reflected in the Corporate Filing and Records Division , INC LEGAL DEPARTMENT has his liason officer who are doing business with the rignt department in SEC , what happened ? Or Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix wands made it ????

The said CHURCH COUNCILS CERTIFICATE was made and notarized April 25, 2007 , why is is only JANUARY 24, 2008 it was submitted in SEC through HRAD ? Are we missing something here?

...to be continued ...

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