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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

INC Sole Corporation's 95th Anniversary

(Source: The Splendor of the Church): Today almost all newspapers and our city streets are infested by paid messages or banners congratulating the Iglesia ni Manalo for the 95th anniversary of this cult. It is understandable for our politicians because they need the votes of the INC members who are famous for their block voting. Just like any cult this organization or rather this corporation is growing thanks to determined efforts of its ministers to lure Catholics into their fold and the lack of efforts on the part of the Catholic hierarchy to stop the tide of conversions to this sect.

Well, never mind. Let's just do our part.

It is very interesting that the INC considers July 27 as their most special day while they abhor the December 25 of Christmas. They are arguing that it is not written in the Bible that Jesus was born on December 25. Very interesting indeed... Why? Did they find in the Bible the verse stating that July 27 must be celebrated as the founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo? Ha, ha, ha... Of course not. Yet they rather not talk about it because it will destroy their corporation.

It is also interesting to observe the Succession of Authority in the Biblical Church founded by Jesus and that of the Iglesia founded by Felix Y. Manalo. First, the one founded by Jesus was established on Peter the Rock [Mt 16;18-19] while the Iglesia ni Cristo is founded by Felix Manalo et al by asking for the authority of the government. Ha, ha, ha... Second, the Lord Jesus didn't beget any child to be his successor but Felix Manalo left his son Eraño Manalo as the Chief Executive Minister of his self-founded sect. Very clever, isn't he? And, now that Eraño is in his old age the Vice Chief Executive is his own son, Eduardo. Amazing business acumen, these people have. Very bright. He, he, he... Read more...

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