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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Iglesia ni Cristo®: Keeping Them Honest!

While the Iglesia ni Cristo®’s Central Office in the Philippines keeps secret its current number of believers, the partial result of this year’s general election drastically discloses an appalling figure regarding their accurate quantity of affiliates.

Partial Party List Results as of 15th of May, 2010 confirms that the cult’s ALAGAD Party List has only 214,808 votes GMANews (4.3% of the 5 million (?) they expected to vote this year) nearly anchoring them to the 34th place.

Didn’t Eduardo Manalo and his elders vigorously compel their members to vote first its own party list before anyone else for the sake of their man-made doctrine of pagkakaisa?

This year’s general elections figure reveals the truth. The Iglesia ni Cristo® so-called “Block-Voting” is just a show-off—a MYTH!

What is the ALAGAD Party List?

Unheard of to many Filipinos, ALAGAD is an Iglesia ni Cristo® Party List which has one seat in the House. It is represented by Rep. Rodante D. Marcoleta, an Iglesia ni Cristo® member.

The 1987 Constitution says that 20% of the membership in the House of Representative should constitute members of the party-list. Among the party-list systems, they should represent the MARGINALIZED sectors of our society.

In its resolution, COMELEC can remove or cancel the registration of any party list after due notice and hearing according to Comelec Chairman Lao. One of the grounds for cancelling or removal of any party-list is when it is a religious sect or denomination, organization or association organized for religious purposes according to our Constitution.

The ALAGAD Party-List, is directly affiliated to the Iglesia ni Cristo® cult but its affiliation was never mentioned in their website. (And the Iglesia ni Cristo® has NO WEBSITE to this age when all information can be read through the internet).

The Iglesia ni Cristo® is political church in the Philippines founded by Felix M. Ysagun but it is actually a cult more than a religion. Later he changed his name to Felix Y. Manalo, a baptized Catholic, ex-Protestant Minister who lost to many debates until he founded his own. It’s July 27 annual festive celebration wasn’t accurate. Prior to that date, Felix already had started preaching about his church. It’s only in July 27, 1914 that he formally registered his church at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Corporation Sole.

Alagad Party List Housing projects was praised by ex-President Arroyo but unknown to many the project is geared to alleviate ONLY poor members of the Iglesia ni Cristo® spending the money of the Filipino people through its allotted Pork Barrel.

Alagad Party List objective is to foster “family values” patterned according to the teachings of the Iglesia ni Cristo®. Among it’s said “Family Values” vaguely, they are teaching couples to have sex uncontrollably by using condoms—and thus prevents women from conceiving. There was no mentioning of issues such as young adults who may wish to have sex as long as they use contraceptive method such as condoms.
All unnatural contraceptive methods including the usage of condoms and pills etc. are considered morally evil by the Catholic Church—the Church Christ built in Jerusalem (Pasugo April 1966, p. 46). Condoms may prevent pregnancy but it’s not a guarantee from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Condom usage promotes sexual promiscuity rather than sexual abstinence.

Since May 2005, they proudly announced that they distributed 97,488 condoms “mostly to married men” ages 20 to 40 years old, which is very much against the Social and Moral Teachings of the true Church of Christ founded in Jerusalem (Pasugo April 1966, p. 46).


  1. Response of ALAGAD Party-List on the following URL (Uniform Resource Locator) addresses:


    Dear Catholic Defender:

    I was compelled to respond to your false and unfair accusations appearing on the URLs cited above, not much to correct these misguided and baseless diatribes against ALAGAD Party-List (APL), but more so to enlighten you on your malicious and unfortunate inferences that should not in any way relate to the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC). First of all, ALAGAD Party-List is not an affiliate of the INC, whether directly or indirectly. Being represented in Congress by an INC member with proven track record and nominated by the Party through rigid selection process does not make the APL an affiliate of INC. For your elementary education, APL is a sectoral organization founded in November 1997 by Diogenes Osabel, a Catholic and former official of the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor, with the assistance of four (4) founding members one of whom is a Muslim (Datu Usman Rasuman). As before, APL’s membership today is still 99.99% Catholic.

    The votes garnered by APL as of the last Comelec Canvass Report (227,180) dated May 17, 2010 (and those in 2004) should not be mistakenly equated as to the voting strength of the INC. You should be resourceful enough to know that APL is not the only party-list group assisted by the INC. In 1998 to 2004, the INC also helped TAPAT, BUTIL, AKLAT, CREBA, AVE and BUHAY to mention a few. Unless you pretend to be ignorant of the facts, BUHAY and CIBAC were also supported in the 2010 elections, along with others more. But I am just curious as to why you are so jumpy about the INC’s actual membership? Is the INC equally interested to know your numbers?

    APL housing project (1 so far) does not cater to INC members. This is so because a project of this kind presupposes the registration of a homeowners’ association which membership are actual residents in the area—no exceptions. Party-List solons are presently not entitled to NHA allocations and, therefore, such project has to be coursed through a sympathetic district representative who is also interested in helping his own constituents. Besides, if Catholic Defender still plays ignorant about it, the INC neither expect nor accept favors from political organizations and candidates that it supported during elections.

    APL is a sectoral party representing the urban poor in Congress. With the country’s present population of 92 million, APL advocates the use of artificial contraceptives in planning the family. While APL agrees that the growth of population is not the only cause of poverty in this country, it still maintains that poverty can be alleviated through a well managed population growth as in the case of our neighboring Asian countries. Studies from the Asian Development Bank and noted economists from the United Nations confirmed this position and which is why the Philippines is a signatory to the covenants of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of September 2002.

    I hope the foregoing will help you clarify the issues unfairly linking the INC to the APL. It is high time that you mend your distorted and flawed reasoning. Otherwise, you will do well in calling yourself “Catholic Offender”.

    -FRANCIA CONRADO, Ateneo de Naga, Member, Alagad Board of Trustees

  2. Thanks for the clarification Mr. Conrad.

    I have some doubts regarding your claims that as of today "99.99%" are Catholics and yet YOU CLAIM in your website that you actually donated CONDOMS?

    Let me clear out this wrong notion that a Catholic who promotes willfully any of the artificial birth control methods being introduced at the Department of Health are considered immorally evil and are not acceptable to the Catholic Church. Therefore I am very sorry but you explanations are not too convincing for the fact that they too are misleading to Catholics.

    If what I have said here were baseless, can you site any link where our readers can verify your claims?

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. As I observed, some members of my fellow Catholics, the true Iglesia ni Cristo, at its worst, may lie some of the time. But we know that is bad. At least we can still differentiate things that are good from things that are bad, and this will compel us bad to renounce our bad acts in the end. But the Iglesia ni Manalo, whose doctrines are deeply rooted in lies, of course can not differentiate bad from good. And that is why when they lie, there is no remorse from them.. When they lie, they never know that they are lying. - Johnny


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