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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is there any Iglesia ni Cristo locale in Al-Satwa, Dubai, UAE?

Yahoo Question: Is there any locale of iglesia ni cristo in al satwa dubai uae ? kindly pm me for the ans pls thanks !?

Additional Details
what i mean is , is there any locale of iglesia ni cristo ( chruch of christ ) in al satwa dubai ?


From sas35353535: "whats this , cant understand"
From ': "Are you talking about the church in Honolulu with the same name? or are you Pinoy and have this in your country too.
I'd be surprised if there are , but I suppose a Hawaiian could pass for an east Asian in Dubai. No body notices any way ;)"

From Catholic Defender:

There is no official recognition of the United Emirates for a church called "Iglesia ni Cristo".  If the INC founded by Felix Manalo in 1914 (Philippines) are given permission to gather and worship in any of the emirate states, they are categorized under the general term "Protestantism". 

The Jehovah's Witnesses are banned in the UAE.

Permitted Christian groups include the worldwide Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ in 33 A.D. which has a diplomatic ties with the Vatican State, the Orthrodox Church, some Evangelicals and other Protestant churches and sects. (Source: Global Security)

Mostly visible churches in the region are owned by the Catholic Church mostly are Indians, Filipinos, Lebanese, Americans and Europeans.

Among the churches in the Region are : (Wikipedia)
  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Abu Dhabi
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church, Dubai
  • St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Jebel Ali
  • St. Michael's Catholic Church, Sharjah
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church, Al Ain
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Fujairah
  • Fujairah Sub Centres in Kalba, Khorfakkan and Dibba
  • St. Anthony of Padua Church, Ras Al-Khaimah
The Catholic Church in UAE belongs to the larger Vicaraite Apostolic South Arabia. Here is the statistics of Catholics in every country Catholic Church by Country.

However here is more accurate statistics from Catholic Hierarchy.

The Iglesia ni Cristo is  not known to any other nationalities outside the Philippines.  The mere fact that its name is exclusively registered in Tagalog language traces its history in the Philippines when it was founded by Felix Manalo, a Filipino ex-Catholic and ex-Protestant minister which the founder registered his church in 1914 as the "Iglesia ni Kristo" (INK) later was changed to "Iglesia ni Cristo" (or INC).

The INC is a Sole Corporation protected by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Philippine government.  Its name is Registered Patented Trademark that no one is allowed to register a church or group similar to theirs.

The INC members believe that Felix Manalo is an "angel" or their "Last Messenger" which is almost similar to Joseph Smith's earlier claims, founder of Mormonism.  Or some viewed INC's teachings more "Islamic" than "Christian". The only difference is that Mohammad is Islam's "Last Prophet" (or Messenger) while  Felix Manalo is INC's "Last Messenger" called to restore Christ's Church which for them totally apostatized, earlier claimed by Joseph Smith, Mormon's "Last Prophet".

The INC officially believes that the Catholic Church is the True Church of Christ founded by Jesus however it completely apostatized according to INC's official teachings.


  1. FYI, the Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ is already recognized by the UAE government since March of 2012.

  2. Weee. Di nga? Saan?

    1. Hoy ANYMOUS baluga ka meron ng Iglesia Ni Cristo sa dubai!

    2. Meron ngang mga pinoy na kaanib pero your group is NOT one of the approved christian groups na dapat na legally nagkakatipon for religious worship... kaya nga sa bahay bahay na lamang ginaganap ang pagsamba niyo kasi KOLORUM ito.

  3. san po kya meron eglesia ni cristo church dito sa dubai? particularly in deira?

    1. Iglesia na church pa hehehehe...
      kasi ang Iglesia ni Cristo ay isang REGISTERED TRADEMARK!

  4. "Iglesia ni Cristo" is the true church founded by Jesus Christ, pero nawala ang Iglesiang ito..sapagkat natalikod cla nang mamatay ang mga apostol...tapus tsaka nagsilabasan ang bulaang propeta...na nagtuturo ng aral ng demonyo..ang pababawal sa pag aasawa at pagkain ng karne sa araw n itinakda,,,at ito ay natupad sa Iglesia Katoliko Romana...na nagtuturo na ibang Cristo at nag-aanyong may kabanalan ngunit tinanggihan ang kapangyarihan nito..

  5. "Iglesia ni Cristo" lang pala hahaha. As in TAGALOG lang ang tunay na Iglesia... eh di naman PINOY si Kristo hahahaha..

    Salamat sa pagpapatawa.

    At bago mo isipin na ang INCorporated InC of Manalo is the true church eh gamitin mo ang COMMON SENSE mo at napaghahalata na nagbibilad ka ng KAMANGMANGAN sa buong mundo.

    Heto ang link sa ROMANS 16:16 na pinagmamalaki mo!!!!

  6. INC ni Manalo member, pakisabi nga kung kailan (date) nakatikod na GANAP ang tunay na Iglesia?

    At saan ito nakasulat sa Biblia na GANAP na MATATALIKOD ang BUONG IGLESIA?

    Mapaniwala kasi kayo kay FELIX MANALO na MANLILINLANG at ANTI-KRISTO!

    1. catholic defender nakakawaang isipin pero sana dumating ang panahon na imumulat mo rin ang mga mata mo sa totoong pananampalataya! tandaan mo "NASA HULI ANG PAGSISISISI"

    2. Jame, talagang nasa huli ang pagsisi...

      BAka sakaling maliwanagan ka.. basahin mo ng BUONG BUO itong comments sa MONKS HOBBIT, dahil... KIKILABUTAN ka kapag nabasa mo ito.

  7. Kapatid.Hindi mo na kailangan pang makipag debate kay catholic depender.Patatagin mo ang pananampalaya mo.

  8. patatagin mo na lamang ang pananampalataya mo kay felix manalong sugo.

  9. True... di n kailangan pa mkipag debate kay catholic defender. Ang importante alam mo ang totoo. Hindi po talaga lahat tinawag ng Diyos.

    1. Huwang na kayong makipagdebate kasi dati kayong mga Katolikong walang alam tapos ngayon eh magmamarunong kayong may alam?


    2. Wag na pansinin sila. Lapit na centennial. Yahoo! Haha

    3. Oo nga! 100th FOUNDING anniversary... FOUNDED in 1914 by Felix Manalo!

      Pinapatunayan lang nga inyong sentenaryo na HINDI kayo ang tunay sapagkat TATAG ito ng TAO noong 1914!

      Happy Centennial to all members of the INCorporated Church of Manalo!

  10. Ang kaguluhan sa kanyang puso at makitid na pangunawa. Ang taong may hindi kanais nais na paguugali at may matabil na labi. Puro masasama lamang din ang lalabas sa kanyang bibig. Nakikita sa kanyang mga sinasalita ang laman ng kanyang puso at pagiisip. Mahal ka ng Ama. Darating din ang araw na makikilala mo sya. Tulad ni Pablong namulat ang mga mata.

    1. Heto sila, ang mga "matabil na labi" na "Puro masasama lamang din ang lalabas sa kanilang bibig"

      PASUGO Disyembre 1965, p. 5:
      “Kaninong Ministro kung ganyan ang mga Paring Katoliko? Mga Ministro ni Satanas na Diablo."

      2- PASUGO Oktubre 1959, p. 5:
      “Mga magdaraya at anti-Cristo, ang mga nagtuturong si Cristo ay Dios."

      3- PASUGO Agosto 1962, p. 9:
      “Kaya ang tunay na anti-Cristo, ang mga Papa ng Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana. At ang tunay na ampon ng anti-Cristo ay ang mga Katoliko.”

      4- PASUGO Oktubre 1956, p. 1:
      “Ang Iglesia ni Cristo ay nagdaos ng pamamahayag sa Lunsod ng Davao. Nagsalita roon si Kapatid na Felix Manalo at ang kasama niyang mga Ministro. Ipinahayag doon ng mga nagsalita na ang Iglesia Katolika Romana ay hindi itinatag ni Cristo kundi itinatag ng Diablo."

  11. this blog is totally a lie....Inc members never believe the blog here its from devil...check Inc official site iglesianicristo.net for right info

  12. careful this blog is a lie ...

  13. this bloger is a devil spreading lies never trust this blog....they only accept lies

  14. this blog is totally a lie....Inc members never believe the blog here its from devil...check Inc official site iglesianicristo.net for right info

    1. The INC™ Religion is from the DEVIL, and Felix Manalo is a child of the DECEIVER and the ANTI-CHRIST! (2 John 1:7)

  15. this blog is totally a lie....Inc members never believe the blog here its from devil...check Inc official site iglesianicristo.net for right info

    1. INC™ Religion is a TOTAL LIE! A deceitful religion of an anti-Christ!


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