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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sect's 100th Anniversary and Politicians trying to win their hearts

Philippine Daily Inquirer says the INC Church of Manalo is a SECT.  Meanwhile QC Politicians are trying to win the hearts of Manalo's INC Church members hoping they would be endorsed by INC's little pope Eduardo for the next elections.-CD2000

"...Meanwhile, two other lawmakers have sought the designation of an Iglesia ni Cristo lane in the country’s international airports in anticipation of a large number of church members who will be flying in from all over the world to attend the sect’s 100th anniversary celebration in 2014.

In House Resolution No. 2163, Representatives Winnie Castelo and Jorge Banal of Quezon City asked the Bureau of Immigration to designate an INC centennial lane for “practical and courteous purposes” and not merely to give special treatment to church members."


  1. Huh! Is this really necessary? I can't recall of a "Catholic lane" during the World Youth Days in Manila which brought to the Philippines more Catholics than the number of INC expected to come for their centennial year celebration. This proposal is nonsense.

    1. Good point Ryan.

      It's because those World Youth Day participants were NOT voters while the INC of Manalo members are potential voters-- blind voters!

      However Bloc Voting is still a myth we should decipher.


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