"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Thursday, January 31, 2013

If not Christ, who founded the Catholic Church of Christ?

Statue of apostle Peter in front of facade of Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican, Italia. (Download it for Desktop 123photos)
A member of a FAKE church founded by an ex-Catholic ex-Protestant pastor is trying to twist FACTS of history about the true CHURCH which Christ founded—the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, APOSTOLIC CHURCH.
Source: Monks Hobbit

Catholic Real29 said:
Why not ask yourself that question? Enlighten us…if you may…lol…
>>You keep attacking the Catholic Church without knowing it’s founder? Take note that while you are attacking the Church, you are attacking it’s founder!
Ivan, Ivan! It’s me _ _ _ _ _ whom you are attacking!!!!
Ivan, please name the founder of the Catholic Church whom you are attacking! No guesses please, or personal opinions, just the facts

Member of Manalo's Church Ivan said:
I believe I already answered your question about the founder of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Don’t you get it?! LOL…

Let me put it this way for your satisfaction…LOL…

I don’t exactly know the founder of your FALSE CHURCH…Maybe some BISHOP years after the death of the last apostle. That’s why I am asking you to enlighten us about the founder of your Church. BUT, this is what you should know. As far as the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is concerned, there is ONLY ONE TRUE CHURCH founded by the LORD JESUS CHRIST. And, that ONE TRUE “CHURCH OF CHRIST,” HIS FLOCK, hears his voice and follows ONLY HIM…NOT those PHILOSOPHERS of the Catholic Church.

CD2000: Good that you've ADMITTED you are NOT SO SURE of what you know about the Church founder and yet you are so quick to jump into conclusion that the CATHOLIC CHURCH is fake just because you are UNSURE of your answers?

Just as your paid ministers infected you with their CONFUSSIONS on who founded the Catholic Church, here is what's OFFICIALLY published in your magazine.

  • According to Emiliano Magtuto--PASUGO Nob. 1956, p. 18: -- the Catholic Church was founded in the year 44 B.C.
  • According to Benjamin Santiago -- PASUGO Peb. 1959, p. 1: -- the Catholic Church was founded in the year 400 A.D.
  • Again according to Benjamin Santiago -- PASUGO Ago. 1962, p. 3: -- the Catholic Church was founded in the year 1870 A.D.
  • According to Teofilo C. Ramos -- PASUGO Mar. 1956, p. 25: -- the Catholic Church was founded in 1870 A.D.
  • And according to Joaquin Balmores -- PASUGO Peb. 1952, p. 9: -- the Catholic Church was founded in the year 400 A.D.

So we perfectly understand your CONFUSION here and why you're NOT SURE of your answers and yet you are so quick to pass judgment on the things you don't know. Let me help you with that.

According to Iglesia ni Cristo's official magazine, the CATHOLIC CHURCH is the original CHURCH Christ founded. 

PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46: “Ang Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay siyang Iglesia ni Cristo." [The Catholic Church which from the beginning was the Church of Christ]

In other words, the ancient CHURCH was no other than the Catholic Church which traces its history DIRECTLY to the time of the APOSTLES.  And since there could be NO two churches founded by Christ, the other must cease to exist so Manalo could have the reasonable and legitimate claims over his founded church.

That in 1914 he preached that the  FIRST CHURCH which was the CATHOLIC CHURCH completely APOSTATIZED.

PASUGO Mayo 1961, p. 21:
“Maliwanag sa pag-aaral nating ginagawa sa unahan nito na ang Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo noong unang siglo ay natalikod o ganap na nawala sa ibabaw ng lupa. Inagaw nila sa pagsunod sa hulihan ni Cristo."

And that Felix Manalo was called or commissioned by "God" to be his "LAST MESSENGER" or "ANGEL", only realized SEVEN YEARS after the INC was founded.

So which of the two claimants is FAKE and GENUINE?  Is it the CATHOLIC CHURCH or the IGLESIA NI CRISTO?

Let us CONSULT what's official.

PASUGO Nobyembre 1940, p. 23:
“Iisa lamang ang tanging makapagtatayo ng Iglesiang magiging dapat sa Dios. Kung sino? -- Ang ating Panginoong Jesu-Cristo lamang! Sinumang tao-- maging marunong o mangmang-- ay walang karapatang magtayo..."

According to the above official quotes, NO MAN has the RIGHT to build a church-- whether he's wise or fool-- has the right, EXCEPT our LORD JESUS CHRIST ONLY!

PASUGO Agosto-Setyembre 1964, p. 5
“Kailan napatala sa Pamahalaan o narehistro ang INK sa Pilipinas? Noong Hulyo 27, 1914. Tunay nga na sinasabi sa rehistro na si Kapatid na F. Manalo ang nagtatag ng INK."

But the above official quotes from the INC confirms that FACT that the IGLESIA NI CRISTO's FOUNDER was NOT Christ but FELIX MANALO!

Does he has right to build a church?

According to the INC's official statement, NO MAN has the right, ONLY our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

PASUGO Mayo 1968, p. 7:
“Ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo ay iisa lamang, ito ang Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo. Kung mayroon mang nagsisibangon ngayong mga Iglesia at sasabihing sila man ay INK rin ang mga ito ay hindi tunay kundi huwad lamang!"

With SO MUCH NUMBER of CLAIMANTS to be the TRUE churches, the above official quotes confirms that ANY CHURCH newly FOUNDED which claims to be the "CHURCH OF CHRIST" are not real but F-A-K-E-S!!!

So if the IGLESIA NI CRISTO which was founded recently in 1914 bearing the name "Iglesia ni Cristo" or "Church of Christ", this church MUST be a FAKE one according to the standard set by the Iglesia ni Cristo on FAKE CHURCHES.

So which is the TRUE CHURCH THEN?

PASUGO Mayo 1954, p. 9:
“Alin ang tunay na Iglesia? Ang Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo sa Jerusalem."

According to the official quotes from the INC of Manalo, THERE IS ONLY ONE CHURCH. And this CHURCH should be ORIGINATED from JERUSALEM FOUNDED by CHRIST himself.

And the most damaging confirmation was officially published by the INC of Manalo in PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46: “Ang Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay siyang Iglesia ni Cristo." 


Roman Catholicism, Christian church that has been the decisive spiritual force in the history of Western civilization. Along with Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism, it is one of the three major branches of Christianity.

The Roman Catholic Church traces its history to Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Over the course of centuries it developed a highly sophisticated theology and an elaborate organizational structure headed by the papacy, the oldest continuing absolute monarchy in the world.

The number of Roman Catholics in the world (nearly 1.1 billion) is greater than that of nearly all other religious traditions.

According unbias sources by Wikipedia
The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the world's largest Christian church, with more than one billion members worldwide. It is among the oldest institutions in the world and has played a prominent role in the history of Western civilisation. The Catholic hierarchy is led by the Pope and includes cardinals, patriarchs and diocesan bishops. The Church teaches that it is the one true Church divinely founded by Jesus Christ, that its bishops are the successors of Christ's apostles and that the Pope is the sole successor to Saint Peter who has apostolic primacy."

According to the Timeline of Catholicism
"As the oldest branch of Christianity, along with Eastern Orthodoxy, the history of the Catholic Church plays an integral part of the History of Christianity as a whole. This article covers a period of just under 2,000 years.

"As the apostles of Jesus Christ spread the gospel, they provided the beginning structure for the early Christian Church. It is impossible to separate the initial stages of the Roman Catholic church from that of the early Christian church."

Member of Manalo's Church Ivan said:
SO, having said that, you should understand that your Church is not the TRUE one. Your FALSE CHURCH does not bear the GENUINE GOSPEL OF GOD preached by Christ. The most important of them is the DOCTRINE ON THE ONE TRUE GOD. The ONE TRUE GOD recognized and preached by Christ who founded HIS CHURCH is no other than the FATHER alone. (John 17:1-3, John 20:17, Mark 12:28-34).

CD2000: Between Ivan contradictory statement with that PASUGO, I would rather take seriously the latter since it's OFFICIAL.

The CATHOLIC CHUCH is the TRUE CHURCH (PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46) founded by Christ.  What makes the Iglesia ni Cristo the "Church of Christ" is because it BEARS the name (Rom. 16:16) but we ALL KNOW it's FELIX MANALO who founded and registered this "Iglesia ni Cristo" in 1914 as a Corporation Sole.

Member of Manalo's Church Ivan said:
Apostle John even teaches us who the LORD JESUS CHRIST and who the LORD GOD are…

In 2 John 1:3, John teaches that the FATHER is the ONE TRUE GOD. Here it is –

Grace, mercy, and peace will be with you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.

In that verse, he also reveals who Christ Jesus is. He is the SON OF THE FATHER.

In John 20:31, this is also written —

but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.

Again, CHRIST and the apostles never preached about the Trinity doctrine (3 persons in one God) as the Catholic Church upholds and teaches now.

CD2000: John TESTIFIES to the DEITY of CHRIST!

Ivan quoted 2John 1:3 but failed to quote 1:7 which says:

"Many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh; such is the deceitful one and the antichrist."

Deceivers would come and preach another doctrines, who DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE JESUS CHRIST (Divine God) coming in the flesh.

In other words, JESUS who was GOD became FLESH.  And anyone who DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE this TRUTH -- this DOCTRINE, St. John says in 1:10 we should NOT RECEIVE nor GREET him!
"If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him in your house or even greet him;"
FELIX MANALO denied this DOCTRINE. He DID NOT ACKNOWLEDGE Jesus Christ (God) coming in the FLESH and therefore FELIX MANALO is the DECEIVER and ANTI-CHRIST.

The same Chapter 2 of  John 1:9 testifies that they (the Iglesia ni Cristo) DOES NOT HAVE GOD.

"...as not to remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God"

And whoever RECEIVES them, receives the evil they bring 1:11

"...for whoever greets him shares in his evil works."

Therefore, the IGLESIA NI CRISTO founded by a MAN who has no authority to BUILD a church, who PREACHED another DOCTRINE, who DENIES and DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE Jesus Christ coming in the flesh, is the DECEIVER and ANTI-CHRIST.

  • JESUS is GOD-- the WORD (Logos) made FLESH (John 1:1-3)...
  • GOD from the beginning (John 1),
  • who PRECEDED Abraham, our father of faith (John 8:58);
  • Who is I AM (John 8:58)
  • Who is the ALPHA (beginning) and the OMEGA (the end) -(Rev. 1:8) says GOD “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “the one who is and who was and who is to come, the almighty.
  • Jesus is the LAMB who claims to be the Alpha and the Omega (Rev 22:13) "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."
Note: The ALPHA and OMEGA was declared by GOD the FATHER in  Isaiah 41:4; 44:6.; the same CLAIM by JESUS CHRIST  Revelations 22:13 1:8; 21:6

So who founded the Catholic Church?


And who founded the Iglesia ni Cristo?


Therefore, come to the TRUE CHURCH and adhere to its teachings. The CHURCH is waiting for your coming home!

God bless.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Vietnamese Communist Party leader visits Benedict XV

Very interesting. World leaders look up to ROME for diplomatic ties and guidance.

Yes! This is the true CHURCH OF CHRIST! People see its light!

Catholic Converts: British and American Intellectuals Turn to Rome

Photo Source: The Gregorian Institute
Cornell University Press

Intellectuals Becoming Catholics

FROM THE MID-NINETEENTH century to the mid-twentieth, a succession of English-speaking intellectuals converted to Catholicism. Since the Reformation almost no English-language writers of any influence had tried to advance the cause of the Catholic Church. When the church began to reassert itself in the nineteenth century, it used converts as its principal advocates. Outspoken, intellectually gifted, and impressed by their own example, Catholic converts said that they would show up the fallacies of Protestants and religious skeptics, end the long schism in Christendom, and place Catholics once more at the center of Western intellectual life.

Some of the names of these convert intellectuals are widely familiar, and among them John Henry Newman, G. K. Chesterton, Isaac Hecker, Orestes Brownson, Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, Thomas Merton, and Dorothy Day have all been the subject of more than one major biography. Around Newman, Day, and Merton, indeed, academic subfields have formed, and the existence of the Chesterton Review suggests that the memory of this prolific Londoner is also well tended. But no one has yet written a study of the general impact of converts on Catholic intellectual life in this era or the distinctive style of Catholicism they helped to create. Nor has anyone investigated the extensive transatlantic contacts among these English-speaking Catholic writers. Such is the purpose of this book.

Many of their contemporaries regarded the idea of a "Catholic intellectual" as a contradiction in terms, believing that the repressive Roman church prohibited freedom of thought. The converts were eager to prove otherwise; their work in history, science, literature, and philosophy was designed to substantiate their belief that Catholicism was intellectually liberating rather than restrictive, despite the church's dogmatic style and hierarchical structure. They wrote partly for a Catholic audience, to be sure, but more for their Protestant and skeptical contemporaries, hoping to vindicate their own conversions by persuading others to follow them. To win more converts they knew that they would have to improve intellectual standards within Catholicism. History written in the form of pious hagiography and retrospective justification of every Catholic position, for example, would never convince Protestants and skeptics; it was annoying rather than persuasive to all but the most devout believer. Catholic history would henceforth have to be deeply researched, impartial in evaluating evidence, stylistically elegant, and vigorously argued. The same would have to be true in all other disciplines too. In urging such changes and in trying to set an example in their own work, however, convert intellectuals did not mean to abandon apologetics. Rather, they introduced a more circumspect apologetics, calculated to attract other intellectuals by appealing to them in their own idiom.

Sharing a common language and literary heritage, the British and American Catholic converts followed each other's progress closely. In both countries Catholics were a numerical minority, more or less resented by the Protestant majority and sometimes victimized by anti-Catholic uprisings, anti-Catholic political organizations such as the Know-Nothings, and a general cultural antipathy to all aspects of "popery." Because Catholicism was a minority religion in the English-speaking nations, its adherents tended to cleave to one another and to respect their clergy. Anticlericalism, a fact of life in Italy, France, and Mexico, was very rare in Britain and America, although English-speaking Catholics had good reason to think that the Catholic hierarchy in Rome did not understand the situation in their nations. They sometimes found it vexing to act upon Vatican directives that had no relevance to their situation. Convert intellectuals responded to their shared problems by encouraging and aiding one another. A regular traffic developed as they crossed and recrossed the Atlantic to confer, teach, and spread the word in each other's nations.

As they tried to make a place for themselves in the Catholic Church and a case for this church in the wider intellectual world, the first generation of converts found little Catholic literature in English on which to build. They had to start almost from scratch in trying to show what Catholic science or Catholic history as serious intellectual enterprises would be like. "We Catholics have no philosophy," wrote John Acton, an English "cradle" Catholic, in a letter of 1854 to the American convert writer Orestes Brownson. "You alone can prepare us for the great controversies by founding among us a school and arming it with the principles of a sound philosophy." For Brownson and his fellow converts Catholicism was something quite new, but at the same time they were aware that it was far more ancient than its Christian rivals and that they had inherited a vast intellectual patrimony. They set to work, exploring and reinterpreting the Catholic past, trying to recover it from the obloquy of Protestant historiography as well as from the syrup of Catholic hagiography.

This paradoxical antiquity and novelty of Catholicism was complemented by another paradox: the converts' sense that Catholicism was both different from their former faiths and yet also very similar. They accepted their new faith as adults, having spent their youth and years of education outside the Catholic fold. In many cases a long intellectual preparation for conversion took place within other churches. The best-known British convert, John Henry Newman, for example, converted from Anglicanism at the age of forty-four after more than two decades of study and writing in Patristics. For many years he believed that the church Fathers were the precursors of Anglicanism, but at last in 1845, he admitted to himself that if they pointed in any direction, it was to Rome. Conversion changed his explicit allegiance and had immense consequences for the course of his life, but it did not overturn his pattern of thinking. The continuities in his thought before and after conversion are in many ways more striking than the discontinuities. The same was true a generation later of G. K. Chesterton, who converted at the age of forty-six. His book Orthodoxy (1908), written while he was still an Anglican, became a favorite among his Catholic admirers, who in this way acknowledged the continuity. Intellectually, then, conversion was often incremental, but institutionally (as well as perceptually, to outside observers), the jump was immense, from the establishment into the wilderness. The Catholic Church saw itself as embattled against the rest of the world and tried to recruit its converts as polemicists, but they, more often than not, retained heavy intellectual debts to their Protestant past and could not repudiate their personal and intellectual heritage. Paradoxically, then, Catholicism was both totally different from its rivals and yet, at the same time, remarkably continuous with them. It was a paradox that frequently caused friction between the new and old Catholics.

The outcome of the convert intellectuals' labors was not what they themselves had hoped. Although for three or four generations they were highly influential within the Catholic Church, playing a crucial role in transforming English-language Catholicism, they were powerless to halt or reverse the dominant intellectual trends of their era. The church was certainly unable to resume the central place in Western intellectual life which it had enjoyed prior to the Reformation. While the new Catholics challenged non-Catholic scholars on the vital issues of the era, the non-Catholics rarely deigned even to notice them in return and made little effort to incorporate their insights into their work. For example, William George Ward, a friend of Newman's and a fiery controversialist, converted in 1845 and later became editor of the Dublin Review, one of the leading British Catholic journals. His biographer (and son) describes at length Ward's fifteen-year correspondence with John Stuart Mill, giving the impression that Ward had a large effect on the utilitarian philosopher's outlook. But no biographer of Mill has found evidence of this supposed influence, and it is likely that the Wards indulged in wishful thinking when they came to assess the importance of the correspondence to Mill's own life and work. Continue Reading here...

Other Interesting Article: America's Greatest Catholic Intellectuals

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jew defends Catholic Church

Posted on Jojo's Blog

On Thursday, March 6, 2008, prominent Cleveland businessman Sam Miller (a Jew) gave a speech defending Catholicism from media bias at the City Club of Cleveland (Ohio). The text of the speech was published in the May-June issue of the Buckeye Bulletin. Several Catholic blogs, including this one, posted the speech.

“Why would newspapers carry on a vendetta on one of the most important institutions that we have today in the United States, namely the Catholic Church?

Do you know – the Catholic Church educates 2.6 million students everyday at the cost to that Church of 10 billion dollars, and a savings on the other hand to the American taxpayer of 18 billion dollars. The graduates go on to graduate studies at the rate of 92%.

The Church has 230 colleges and universities in the U.S. with an enrollment of 700,000 students.

The Catholic Church has a non-profit hospital system of 637 hospitals, which account for hospital treatment of 1 out of every 5 people – not just Catholics – in the United States today.

But the press is vindictive and trying to totally denigrate in every way the Catholic Church in this country. They have blamed the disease of pedophilia on the Catholic Church, which is as irresponsible as blaming adultery on the institution of marriage.

Let me give you some figures that Catholics should know and remember. For example, 12% of the 300 Protestant clergy surveyed admitted to sexual intercourse with a parishioner; 38% acknowledged other inappropriate sexual contact in a study by the United Methodist Church, 41.8% of clergy women reported unwanted sexual behavior; 17% of laywomen have been sexually
harassed. Meanwhile, 1.7% of the Catholic clergy has been found guilty of pedophilia. 10% of the Protestant ministers have been found guilty of pedophilia. This is not a Catholic problem.

A study of American priests showed that most are happy in the priesthood and find it even better than they had expected, and that most, if given the choice, would choose to be priests again in face of all this obnoxious PR the church has been receiving.

The Catholic Church is bleeding from self-inflicted wounds. The agony that Catholics have felt and suffered is not necessarily the fault of the Church. You have been hurt by a small number of wayward priests that have probably been totally weeded out by now..

Walk with your shoulders high and your head higher. Be a proud member of the most important non-governmental agency in the United States.

Then remember what Jeremiah said: ‘Stand by the roads, and look and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is and walk in it, and find rest for your souls’. Be proud to speak up for your faith with pride and reverence and learn what your Church does for all other religions.

Thank you Sam Miller, God love you!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

How World Political and Religious Leaders Respect the See of Rome and the Pope

Where is the INC (Iglesia ni Cristo), the "true" Church of Christ and its leaders been recognized and respected?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How INC members explain their belief: The Iglesia ni Cristo is right it's because the Catholic Church is "wrong"

Source: Malayang Komunikasyon
Below conversation taken from Topix.com


Catholics are talking about Catholics!!! Thus, a former Roman Catholic priest, Adrian Hastings, has described the Roman Catholic Church as:
"Church of sinners and of fools."
Reference:(Hastings, Adrian. In Filial Disobedience, p. 126.)
Real Elias Ibarra


INC ministerial candidates spoke of their fellow cultists too!

"The INC is Satan incarnate within the Philippines."
reference:(Mataro, Marcos)

Base Typhoid,
Why was an insane Roman Catholic pope allowed to conduct a trial and judged a dead and rotting pope??? Now Showing, your syphilis and typhoid, and that of the two popes:

Probably for the same reason that your ancestors allowed a man who raped a juvenile member of his congregation while his wife was pregnant to become their leader. He didn't stop and yet, his stooges still ignored the truth.

To wit:

"1. Citing the case of People versus Trillanes, published in the Official Gazette, Volume I, No. 1, July 1954, p. 394, docketed as Case No. 8180, April 21, 1942. The Court of Appeals where Trillanes was acquitted. The appellate court upheld Trillanes and categorically called Manalo “a man of low morals”(“un hombre de baja moral’).

2. Further more:“…Manalo, took advantage of his position as head of the Iglesia ni Cristo, and …employed religion as a cloak to cover his…immoral practices; that he pretended to be the Messias sent by God; and that to persuade his victims, he cited the example of Solomon and his many wives”.

Yes, your cult was led by a man who is in ever way as bad as the worst Roman Catholic leaders.

To: The Public
We, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo do not talk a lot!!! We just build beautiful chapels for the glory of God!!! We purchase Roman Catholic and Protestant Chapels with empty pews!!!
Real Elias Ibarra
From topix.com

Above you can read our slogan, which has nothing to do with truth.- That is the nature of slogans.

Now, the facts about us, the INC-Club:
We, beneficiaries and supporters of the INC-Club do not talk a lot which makes sense.
We are the Foreign Legion of the blasphemers and fight on foreign grounds for the benefits of the descendants of our sect founder, the Rapist Felix Y. Manalo, and a handful beneficiaries and supporters of our fraudent company.

Our lies, intimidations of our members and their families, the extortion of our fellows and paternalising them - all this keeps us in business!

We will keep on repeating falsehoods and lies as often until you will believe them, yes, furthermore, until you will take them for granted and think that they´re your own truths.

You can make sure of this all by just looking at our brainwashed and intimidated subjects.
We are really good in this! Your insecurity is our portal of entry!

Because of that we do not have anything to offer and merely take (your and your nearest kinsmen´s money), we base our right to exist on attacking other faiths, especially the Catholics and Protestants, who - unfortunately but understandable - don´t even give a four-letter-word starting with `f´ about our idiotic procedure.

And now back to normal:
If you want salvation, you only can get it by entering our club and be one of us, be like us.
We only want your best!

INC-Enterprise Ltd.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Certainly the Catholic CHURCH is founded by Christ! Historically the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Church is founded by Felix Manalo!

Comments from Monks Hobbit Blog "Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) logo: Christian or Masonic symbol?

Ivan (INC of Manalo member) said:

The nerve you have, Real29!!! LOL… You claim that the Roman Catholic Church is the same CHURCH established by Christ! FYI, your TRINITY DOCTRINE alone proves it OTHERWISE.

One of the Government Approved Catholic churches in the Middle East. The Catholic Church in Doha, Qatar is always full of worshipers on Fridays from different countries. Services are done as early as 5:00 AM until 8:00 PM. and traffic has to be anticipated. Qatar has Diplomatic Ties with the Vatican hence Catholics enjoy this unique privilege of worshiping God. Catholic members makes up the entire Christian population in the Middle East particularly in Qatar.  Other churches recognized by the Islamic government of Qatar are the Anglican Church and the Orthodox churches.  Most protestant churches including the Iglesia ni  Cristo Church of Manalo is  not recognized as legitimate for it was historically founded by a man in the Philippines (1914) claiming to be the "Last Prophet/Messenger"  For Islam, the "last prophet" was no other than their Prophet Muhammad.
RESPONSE: by Real29
January 6, 2013 at 9:51 PM

haha ivan, INC also claimed that,

PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46: “Ang Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay siyang Iglesia ni Cristo. [The Catholic Church which from the beginning was the Church of Christ.]”

[Let me add: PASUGO Hunyo 1940, p. 27: "Papaano ang pag-aalaga at pag-iingat sa pananampalataya? Wala tayong dapat gawin kundi manatili sa mga aral ng Dios na ating napag-aralan. Ito ang ginawa ng unang Iglesia. Sila'y nanatiling matibay sa aral ng mga Apostol. Ganito rin ang dapat nating gawin."]

Yes Ivan it is still the same Church which Jesus built with a promise

30 A.D., The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ.
Matthew 16:18, John 19:34, Acts 2:1-4, 1Timothy 3:15

“I am with you ALL days, even until the end of the world.” (without gap)
Matthew 28:20

“…and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail against it.”
Matthew 16:18

“…and I will ask the Father and He will give you another Advocate to dwell with you forever, the Spirit of Truth…”
John 14:16-17

“I will not leave you orphans.”
John 14:18

We know by its Antiquity. The Catholic Church is the only Christian Church which can trace its origins back for almost 2000 years. All other Christian denominations can only go back a few hundred years at most for their origins. Here are the founders and dates of some of the mainline Churches.

* 1521, Martin Luther started Protestantism by forming the Lutherans, when he broke away from the One True Church that had already existed for almost 15 centuries.
* 1521, Thomas Munser, a Catholic priest, started Anabaptists in the same year that Luther broke away. Protestantism started splitting within itself immediately. By 1600 there were 100 splits. By 1900 there were 1000, and today there are over 36,400. Where is the One Fold (John 10:16)?
* 1525, Mennonites started by Grebel, Mantz, and Blaurock in Switzerland.
* 1534, Henry VIII started the Church of England (Anglican).
* 1536, John Calvin, teaching predestination, formed the Calvinists.
* 1560, John Knox, who studied under Luther, started Presbyterians.
* 1582, Congregationalists started by Rob Brown, as a branch from Puritanism.
* 1609, John Smyth formed the Baptists in Holland.
* 1639, Roger Williams started the Baptists in America. They have since splintered severely.
* 1647, George Fox started the Quakers in England.
* 1739, John and Charles Wesley started the Methodists.
* 1770, Universalists were started by John Murray in New Jersey.
* 1774, Theophilus Lindley started Unitarians.
* 1789, Samuel Seabury started Episcopalians.
* 1793 to 1809, the Churches of Christ had four separate founders.
* 1803, Evangelicals were founded by Jacob Albright in Pennsylvania.
* 1830, Joseph Smith founded the Mormons in Palmyra New York.
* 1860, William Miller, a farmer, started the Adventists.
* 1863, Ellen Gould White started the Seventh-Day Adventists.
* 1865, William Booth started The Salvation Army.
* 1879, Mary Baker Eddy started Christian Scientists.
* 1879, Charles Russell started the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
* 1875, New Age was started by Helena Blavatsky. *COL 2:8
* 1895, French Abbe, Alfred Loisy and English Jesuit, George Tyrrell started Modernism.
Modernism was condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in 1907.
* 1901, Pentecostalism was started in the United States.
* 1914, Felix Manalo started Iglesia ni Cristo.
* 1914, Assembly of GOD was started by a General Assembly in Arkansas.
* 1919, Church of the Nazarene was started by a Union at a General Assembly.
* 1930, Independent Churches of America (IFCA), a consortium of churches .
* 1934, Evangelical Reformed was started by Union at a General Assembly.
* 1952, L. Ron Hubbard started the Church of Scientology.
* 1965, Chuck Smith began Calvary Chapel.
* 1968, Disciples of Christ, separated from the Churches of Christ.
* 1974, Ken Gullickson started the Vineyard Christian Fellowship.
* Pentecostal Gospel, and other splinter Pentecostal groups, are some of the hundreds of new sects founded by mere men in the 20th century.

***1914, Felix Manalo started Iglesia ni Cristo. What makes INC different from others?

What makes it worst it that:

1- PASUGO Enero 1964, p. 6:
“Sino ang tunay na nagtayo ng Iglesia ni Cristo na lumitaw sa Pilipinas noong 1914? Hindi ang kapatid na si Manalo kundi ang Dios at si Cristo.”

PASUGO Agosto-Setyembre 1964, p. 5
“Kailan napatala sa Pamahalaan o narehistro ang INK sa Pilipinas? Noong Hulyo 27, 1914. Tunay nga na sinasabi sa rehistro na si Kapatid na F. Manalo ang nagtatag ng INK.

PASUGO Enero 1964, p. 6:- “It is Christ and God who founded INC”
PASUGO Agosto-Setyembre 1964, p. 5- “It is brother F.Manalo who founded the INC”

Ivan, it is right to claim that the Catholic Church is the true Church because it been there for 20 centuries still standing against it’s false accusers and it has already thousands of martyrs who really followed Jesus until death (Luke 9:23). Ivan, I never heard INC was so humble that he let himself tortured or killed for the sake of their faith. Ivan, be sure you are at the true church “THE CATHOLIC CHURCH”

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”
John 15:18-19

The Catholic Church is certainly not of the world, for it is:

A City set on a Mountain, Matthew 5:14.
A Dwelling Place for GOD, Ephesians 2:22.
A Spiritual House, 1Peter 2:5.
GOD’s Building, 1Corinthians 3:9.
Mount Zion, Psalms 2:6, Micah 4:7, Hebrews 12:22.
My Church, Matthew 16:18.
Our Mother, Galatians 4:26.
The Bride of Christ, Joel 2:16, John 3:29, Revelation 21:2.
The Body of Christ, Ephesians 1:22-23, Colossians 1:24.
The Church of GOD, Acts 20:28.
The Church of the Firstborn, Hebrews 12:23.
The City of the Living GOD, Hebrews 12:22.
The City of Truth, Zechariah 8:3.
The Congregation of Saints, Psalms 149:1.
The Daughter of the King, Psalms 45:13.
The dispenser of the Wisdom of GOD, Ephesians 3:7-11.
The final authority of GOD on earth, Matthew 18:15-18.
The Fold of Christ, John 10:16.
The Heavenly Jerusalem, Galatians 4:26.
The Holy City, Revelation 21:2.
The Holy Mountain, Zechariah 8:3.
The House of Christ, Hebrews 3:6.
The House of GOD, 1Timothy 3:15, Hebrews 10:21.
The Household of GOD, Ephesians 2:19.
The Kingdom of GOD, Luke 4:43.
The Kingdom of Heaven, Matthew 13:31.
The Lamb’s Spouse, Revelation 19:7,21:9
The New Jerusalem, Isaiah 65:18, Revelation 3:12,21:2.
The Pillar and Foundation of Truth, 1Timothy 3:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

7 Myths About the Catholic Church

January 5, 2013 (Romereports.com) Late American Bishop, Fulton Sheen once said “There are no more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church.”

That quote is actually the introduction of 'The Seven Big Myths About the Catholic Church.' The book authored by Christopher Kaczor deals with modern day misconceptions many people, including Catholics, have about the Church.

These misconceptions include: 'The Church Hates Women,' 'The Church Hates Gays.' Also on the list is 'The Church Opposes Science.' The author explains in detail, how the Church welcomes everyone. In addition, it runs several universities worldwide, with full science departments. The Vatican also has its own observatories in Italy and U.S, not to mention the discoveries of Catholic scientists.

The Seven Big Myths About the Catholic Church
“For instance, Gregor Mendel, who is the founder of modern genetics, Georges Lemaitre, who is the founder of the Big Bang theory or Louis Pasteur, who created the first vaccine for rabies.”

Another is that priestly celibacy caused the sexual abuse of minors. Others listed are 'The Church Oppresses Freedom,' 'The Church, Indifferent to Love, Banned Contraception,' and The Church Opposes Same Sex Marriage Because of Bigotry.'

The author says he wrote the book thinking about his own friends who have left the Church, precisely because of these popular misconceptions. So now thorough his book, he hopes to dispel some of those myths by giving readers some insight into the true reasoning behind the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ano ang naiambag ng Iglesia ni Cristo (Manalo) sa lipunan at sa mundo?

Para sa Iglesia ni Cristo na tatag ni Felix Manalo noong 1914, ang PINAKAMASAMANG RELIHIYON sa buong mundo ay ang IGLESIA KATOLIKA.  Ang mga KAMPON ni SATANAS ay ang mga KATOLIKO at ang ANTI-CRISTO ay walang iba kundi ang mga SANTO PAPA.

Maririnig natin itong paulit-ulit na sinasambit ng bawat ministro, maging sa kanilang pangangaral (pandoktrina), sa radyo, telebisyon o sa paglilimbag ng opisyal na magasing "PASUGO" o ang "GOD'S MESSAGE".

KINAKASANGKAPAN nila ang Iglesia Katolika at PINAPASAMA lalo upang sila ang lilitaw na mabango, mabait at mga banal.

Sino naman ang mga nakikinig sa kanilang mga BAYARANG MINISTRO?

 Piling-pili!  Mga IGNORANTE sa pananampalataya o ang mga NANLALAMIG at walang pakialam at naturingang Katoliko. 

Ang iba ay dati raw na mga sakristan, choir, Legion of Mary, etc etc. 

Ang iba pa nga raw ay "linggo-linggo" kung magsimba.

Ang iba raw ay nagno-novena sa Baclaran o sa Quiapo weekly. 

Hindi pa GUARANTEE na kapag active member ka ng church organization ay IMMUNE ka na sa mga atake ng mga KAAWAY ng IGLESIA.  Kailangang MALAMAN at PAG-ARALANG ng bawat Katoliko kung BAKIT siya nagsisimba at nagno-novena.

Marami sa ating mga Katoliko ang "caught unaware" o "NASORPRESA" sa mga pangangaral ng mga BULAANG MANGANGARAL at gamit KUNO ang Biblia.  Kahit si Satanas ay gumamit din ng SCRIPTURES noong TINUKSO niya si Cristo (Mt. 4:1-11).

Upang MASORPRESA naman ang mga nagsusurpresa sa inyo, bigyan sila ng aklat na SURPRISED BY TRUTH ni Patrick Madrid.

Marami-rami rin ang  mga Katoliko na nagsisimba lamang kung may BINYAG (kung minsan nga walang Misa sa binyag eh), o kaya'y sa KASALAN o kung IBUBUROL na patay.  Lumang joke na pero ang tawag natin sa kanila ay mga "K-B-L" (hindi Kilusang Bagong Lipunan ni Marcos kundi "Kasal-Binyag-Libing")

Sila ang mga NAAAKAY ng mga BULAANG PROPETA at madaling MATANGAY ng AGOS ng PANDARAYA.

At ngayon ay buong pwersa silang SINISIRAAN ang Iglesiang HINDI man lang nila NAPAG-ARALAN ng husto upang husgahan na lamang ng ganyan.

Hindi kaya nila naitanong sa kanilang mga MINISTRO kung anong NAIAMBAG ng Iglesia ni Cristo sa pag-unlad ng bawat Pilipino o ng bawat tao sa buong mundo?

Nagkaroon ba sila ng tulad ni Bl. JOHN PAUL II? O katulad ni Bl. MOTHER TERESA ng KALKUTA?


Mayron ba silang mga SCIENTISTS? O mga dalubhasang mga HISTORIANS?

Sila ba ang gumawa ng KALENDARYO ating SINUSUNDAN ngayon sa buong mundo?


Ang bawat LOCAL ba nila ay may OFFICIAL WEBSITE katulad ng mga sumusunod?

Antilles Episcopal Conference

Apostolic Nunciature of China

Association of Member Episcopal Conferences of Eastern Africa

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

Bishops Conference of Argentina

Catholic Bishops Conference of Bangladesh

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Chinese Regional Bishops Conference

Council of European Bishops Conference

Croatian Bishops Conference

Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales

Federation of Asian Bishops Conference

Bishops Conference of France

German Bishops Conference

Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference

Catholic Bishops Conference of India

Irish Catholic Bishops Conference

Catholic Bishops Conference of Kazakhstan

Kenya Episcopal Conference

Catholic Bishops Conference of Korea

Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East of Alexandria and of Jerusalem

Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines

Uganda Episcopal Conference

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

May contribution ba sila in promoting peace tulad ng Catholic Contribution to International Peace?
O katulad ng Catholic Contribution to the world? O katulad ng Catholic Contribution to the Western Civilization na tumawid sa Pilipinas noong 1521?

Kaya sa mga bagong KAANIB ng IGLESIA NI MANALO na dating mga "Katoliko" mangyari lamang pong alamin ninyo kung anong mga MAGAGANDANG NAIAMBAG ng Iglesiang sinisiraan niyo (at NAKIKINABANG pa rin kayo hanggang ngayon) bago niyo ito husgahan.

And mostly, BAKIT di niyo TANUNGIN ang mga MINISTRO ninyo? Tutal sinasabi nilang sila yung may MARAMING ALAM: ANO ANG NAIAMBAG NG IGLESIA NI CRISTO at ni FELIX MANALO sa kaunlaran ng bawat Pilipino at ng bansang Pilipinas? At ano naman ang  naitulong nito sa buong  SANGKATAUHAN?

RIZAL, THE FRIARS AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: An Exchange with an Anti-Catholic by Franz Luigi Lugena

Dr. Jose Rizal holding a book. Photo Credit: allvoices.com

Vince Leonard: Jose Rizal was a real witness of the horror done by friars and Catholicism as a tool for invasion. We are blessed to have him wrote the history to let us be awakened even to the point of his death. Can’t we see how hard to express or protest before, even him wrote history in terms of fictional characters just to convey the message. We have a lot of things to learn from this guy. Without him we would not have learned the oppression. The CBCP opposed him because of their guilt and by wanting to keep the people ignorant.Never, I heard once in my whole life a priest or a bishop apologize for his mistakes. And that’s how arrogant they are.

Fr. Abe's Answer: The horrors were done by abusive Spanish government official and some friars but to implicate Catholicism is too much stretch of imagination. Abusus non tollit usum. Abuses conducted by erring friars can’t be used to discredit the Church because these people committed abusive acts in disobedience to the Church’s teachings. You have not proven that the Church officially teaches its members to abuse people. For your argument to hold water, you have to show to us that abusing people is a doctrine in the Church which all Catholics are bound to do. Show me the exact provision in the Catechism of the Catholic Church which provides for this. Until you do that, all your talk is just garbage.

Don’t you know that it is actually the Church which fought for the rights of native Filipinos during that time, not atheist and not protestants? It is because of the Church that the Spanish Colonial Government freed slaves. (aliping sagigilid &aliping namamahay) The Church worked for the passage of humane laws protecting the rights of natives such as the Law of Burgos, Law of Valladolid, and Leyes Nuevas. Added to this is the decree of Pope Gregory XIV which threatens with excommunication those who refuse to free their slaves in the Philippines:

“In a decree dated 18 April 1591 (Bulla Cum Sicuti), Gregory XIV ordered reparations to be made by Catholics in the Philippines to the natives, who had been forced into slavery by Europeans, AND HE COMMANDED UNDER PAIN OF EXCOMMUNICATION OF THE OWNERS THAT ALL NATIVE SLAVES IN THE ISLANDS BE SET FREE.” Continue reading here....

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