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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Detractors or Fact? Local Philippine News again confirms the Iglesia ni Cristo was Founded by Felix Manalo, not Christ

The online news portal of TV5

MANILA, Philippines - A lawmaker on Wednesday filed a bill seeking to rename Commonwealth Avenue in honor of Erano G. Manalo, the late leader of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Marikina Representative Romero Federico Quimbo said the change of name would be in time for the centennial celebration on July 27 of the sect, whose central office complex, as well as New Era College and New Era General Hospital, are along Commonwealth Avenue.

"Considering that the historical tapestry of Commonwealth Avenue is interwoven with the Iglesia ni Cristo under the dynamic leadership of Ka Erdy, and considering his contribution to nation-building, it is only fitting that Ka Erdy be recognized where his heritage is deeply rooted," according to the explanatory note of House Bill 3673.

The INC was founded by Felix Manalo, father of Erano, on July 27, 1914. [Continue reading here at Interaksion.com]

Soon news around the world will confirm the same... mark my word members of Manalo's Church!

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  1. Keep on fighting for the truth! :D Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam! :D


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