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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) is a Self-Proclaimed Filipino Church, says the news!

This news says the Iglesia ni Cristo is a FILIPINO CHURCH.  It's new temple has mostly Filipino Migrant Workers-- such that the Minister, the Choir, Deacon and Finance Officer are ALL FILIPINOS.  Lastly the writer knows his facts straightforward:  That the Iglesia ni Cristo is a SELF-PROCLAIMED global church just as their "Last Sugo" was a SELF-PROCLAIMED messiah, messenger and angel superior than Christ who is just merely a man.  News Source: Fresnobee.com (highlights are mine)
Another INC chapel abroad. Notice the logo? Despite the fact that it's in the USA however it RETAINS its Registered Trademark "Iglesia ni Cristo".  Fact is, this INC cannot use its English translation "Church of Christ" independently for breach of patented registered trademarks because there have been numerous registered Churches of Christ prior to the registration of this INC..  The Tagalog registered trademark of it gives the Filipino a hint that this church is the church founded by Felix Manalo in the Philippines in 1914 distinct from the other protestant founded "Church of Christ" within its vicinity. Do not be deceived! This is not a characteristic of a universal church.  This is yet another man-made fake church! -Catholic Defender
A mainly Filipino congregation in a poor neighborhood in central Fresno feels it now has the improved facilities to help others.

For the past 21/2 years, Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) has held Sunday services and activities in its social hall rather than its sanctuary, which needed major renovation.

The project, including the installation of outdoor double steeples, was recently completed. Services are now held in the sanctuary with new pews, flooring, heating and air-conditioning, sound system and lighting from three large chandeliers. Bathrooms also were remodeled.

Now, the church is planning a Neighborhood Appreciation event in late January.

"The church wants to be involved in outreach," says Norman Dela Cruz, the new church minister. He replaces Max Vito, who was transferred to an Iglesia ni Christo church in Alameda. [Pinoy ang may-ari ng INC]

Iglesia ni Cristo is a self-proclaimed global church with 104 ecclesiastical districts in the Philippines and in 90 more countries and territories. The Fresno church is affiliated with the Iglesia ni Cristo Northern California District, which has 35 churches.

At a recent Sunday service, deacons and deaconesses guided visitors into the sanctuary, where men and women sit on separate sides.

Twenty choir members, led by Marieann Soriano, sang six songs from a hymnal before deacon Bernard Prado gave an emotional prayer that prompted some choir members to wipe away tears.

Then, Dela Cruz gave a sermon on the importance of remaining strong in the faith through serving God and worshipping him.

Susan Leongson, church finance officer, says: "We are very happy we can worship God in a proper place. For God, this is the most proper — more than we've been before."

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