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Sunday, March 30, 2014

LOCAL JOURNALISTS SAY: The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) was founded by Felix Manalo -- not Christ.

Members of the locally founded cult, the IGLESIA NI CRISTO could not evade the overwhelming and deafening loudness of truth that will be told again and again in the coming news both local and international (if international media would buy their news) about the church founded by a former Protestant pastor, ex-Catholic turned anti-Catholic FELIX YSAGUN MANALO. Their CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION in July 27, 2014 only confirms the truth that Manalo's INC church was founded (not re-established) in July 27, 1914.

The official position of the INC is that Felix Manalo ONLY RESTORED the LOCAL CHURCH and DID NOT FOUND another church. Felix Manalo, as the fulfillment of "prophesies". The original Church as they teach was founded in Jerusalem, and NOT in the Philippines.

So if media people says "Felix Manalo founded the Iglesia ni Cristo" that's not the same as "Felix Manalo re-established the church". A founder is a person who STARTED something. To begin with, here is a fresh start:

"The INC will celebrate its historic centennial year on July 27, the date the church was founded by Felix Manalo." -Visayan Daily Star
With the declaration, Leonardia said, “We hope to properly honor the INC and its founder, Ka Felix Manalo, and celebrate their contributions, not just to religious diversity in our country, but also to the enrichment of our culture and history.” -Visayan Daily Star
The INC is set to celebrate its 100th year anniversary on July 27, 2014. It was on this day in 1914 when founder Felix Manalo officially registered the church with the Philippine government. His grandson, Eduardo Manalo, is the INC's current Executive Minister. -Rappler.com
The INC will be celebrating its historic centennial year on July 27 when Felix Ysagun Manalo or “Ka Felix” founded the church. -PhilStar

None of these local news, echoed what's the official position of the INC.  All were saying "FELIX MANALO FOUNDED THE IGLESIA NI CRISTO (INC)".

Does it mean that these REPORTERS do not adhere to "FACTS" if the claims of the INC is what's perceived to be universally acceptable truth about the foundation of the INC?

On the contrary, these reporters are basing their reports on FACTS-- historical facts! That the Catholic Church is still the original Church founded by Christ and that this INC is just the same as the other denominations claiming to be the "real church" of Jesus Christ.

Sorry INC, your church is not Christ-- fitting to be called the IGLESIA NI MANALO!

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  1. ST. JOSEPH PARISH CHURCH established in 1795 historical bamboo organ Las Pinas. Hudas, barrabas hestas hanggang wakas! Speak the truth, defend the truth spread the truth!


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