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Friday, March 27, 2015

Albert Martinez, playing as Felix Manalo, FOUNDER of the Iglesia ni Cristo no longer in the cast of "Sugo"

And why the Iglesia Ni Cristo® Administration do not sue them for "lying"?

MANILA, Philippines - Albert Martinez (photo) has withdrawn from the cast of Felix Y. Manalo: The Last Messenger, the historical biopic of Felix Y. Manalo, founder of the Iglesia ni Kristo. Representatives from Viva Communications Inc., the producer of the film, have confirmed that Albert’s manager, Shirley Kuan, requested that Albert be allowed to withdraw from the film last March 9 so he could attend to and spend more time with his wife Liezl who, at that time, was confined in the hospital. Viva Communications Inc. immediately accepted the request out of compassion for Albert’s situation.

Changes in the cast following Albert’s withdrawal have yet to be confirmed.
-Philippines Star Online

ALBERT BACKS OUT – Albert Martinez is no longer in the cast of “Sugo,” the filmbio of Bishop Felix Manalo, founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo. He backed out for personal reasons.

This was confirmed by Albert’s manger, Shirley Kuan, who actually suggested the move, knowing how difficult the situation was.

These are trying times for Albert and his three children – Alyanna, Alfonso, Alyssa – as wife and mother Liezl recently died of cancer. More than ever, the Martinez family has to be for each other.

Of course, these are also tough times for Liezl’s parents, Bobby Vasquez and Amalia Fuentes, and the other members of the Muhlach clan. Aga and Niño are especially close to their Ate Liezl.

Albert was supposed to portray Bishop Manalo, with Dennis Trillo as the young Felix. Heard that Dennis will play both the young and adult bishop. Mrs. Manalo will be portrayed by Alice Dixson (adult) and Bela Padilla (young).

Iglesia ni Cristo has churches all over the Philippines and the world. Joel Lamangan directs the filmbio “Sugo.” It has a June playdate, the end of the Iglesia ni Cristo centennial.
-Tempo Entertainment

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