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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

De Quito IS an Iglesia Ni Cristo member, isn't she?

Deguito grants an interview to broadcaster Anthony Taberna and gets Ferdie Topacio as her lawyer during the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing. Many think she's Iglesia.

Published April 02, 2016
Updated April 13, 2016

Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio (INC™ Member) with Maia De Quito at the Senate Hearing of US81 million money laundering case against De Quito. What binds them two is their affiliation in the Iglesia Ni Cristo®. (Photo Source: InterAction)

RCBC's Maia Deguito: Who said she's Iglesia?

The "kapatid" community is abuzz over the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) money-laundering mess.

Not a few noticed that RCBC branch manager Maia Santos-Deguito was quick to grant an interview to broadcaster Anthony Taberna of dzMM Teleradyo in the second week of March. In that interview, she told him there was no hold departure order against her and that she was told Immigration staff needed to speak with her.

It was surely an unfortunate and embarrassing, even traumatic, experience to be asked to deplane after being comfortably seated and settled. If you recall, she was with her husband and son, who was supposed to be gifted with a trip to Tokyo Disneyland.

After that Teleradyo interview, Deguito appeared in the Senate with Ferdie Topacio, an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler as historical figure, and lawyer of celebrities, including the former First Gentleman. The lover of jazz, it turned out, was Deguito's lawyer too, at least for the Senate hearings. He was seen coaching her and discreetly whispering to her, guiding her on what to say in response to questions from senators during hearings of the blue ribbon committee investigating the Bangladesh Bank heist.

Taberna is the nephew of former Iglesia minister Isaias Samson Jr who accused the INC leadership of corruption and who has since left the country. Recall that Taberna's newly opened coffee shop on Visayas Avenue was fired upon by unidentified armed men in late August 2015. Police recovered at least 15 empty shells of a .45-caliber gun but were unable to determine the motive for the pre-dawn attack.

Add one plus one plus one and you'd be quick to conclude that the one and only thing that binds Taberna, Topacio and Deguito together is that they belong to the same church: the influential but now fragmented Iglesia ni Cristo (INC). But wait. Verify, verify, verify. Even among Iglesia circles there was loose talk that Deguito was able to get Topacio because they belong to the same locale.

We checked with Ferdie Topacio himself and here's what he said: "Maia is Roman Catholic. The rosary she had around her wrist should be a dead giveaway. I'm from the locale of Better Living, Metro Manila South."

Asked how he ended up being her lawyer, he texted, "I'm sorry; that's privileged." This should put to rest speculation about the Iglesia links, no matter how tempting it may be to entertain the thought. – Chay F. Hofileña/Rappler.com



  1. Replies
    1. Connect the dots Keisam Bautista. Because the last time someone stood against your Church Administration, he was harassed left and right by the very people you behold as "true Iglesia"-- the SCAN, MANDIRIGMA and the Sanggunian (goons) whose members hold a high rank in the PNP.

      I am sure you won't stand it if I would dropping names.

  2. I connected the dots. Dequito is a catholic. Are you going to expelled her in your church because of her anomalies that added to the ruin image of your church.

  3. Her lawyer was a Catholic hahaha. Simple dots you cannot connect. No wonder why you are so disorganized cult cursing even the very family of Erano.

  4. What, her lawyer was a catholic? You're making your article worst. You Can't answer with sincerity even my simple question? What are you going to do with dequito, will you expelled her because of her evil doings? BTW, INC is not a family corporation of manalo's. even if you are a manalo if you do evil you will be disciplined or expelled depending on the gravity of your offense.

  5. Alfer, tsk tsk tsk, you didn't get my SARCASM loool

  6. Thanks for your admission of your true nature and the way you defend your deceptive article. Because of your ILL WILL and EVIL INTENT, God allows you to commit a grievous blunder in saying that Maia Deguito is a member of the INC when in fact she is a Catholic.

  7. Alfer, you are most welcome for exposing your utmost denial of De Quito as INC™ when faced with shameful greed for money. I couldn't agree more of KA TENNY and her other children when they say THERE IS CORRUPTION inside the INC™, and oh, what did you do? You boycott ABS-CBN and remain dumb for the rest of your life.

  8. Mrs. Tenny Manalo and her other children were included in those who became corrupt and not the church itself. They do not own the INC neither they are the one we follow in the church but the words of God based on the bible. They are included in the fulfillment of end-time anti Christ thus they were expelled. We are not surprised of that because it was forewarned and thought to us before it happens. Sorry for them because they did not remain firm in upholding the true teachings of God taught to us in the INC.

    How about in the Catholic Church? What disciplinary actions did you do to your corrupt popes, bishops, priests, and multi-million corrupt Catholics? You can not deny the heinous crimes, shameful immoralities, unforgivable anomalies, and unforgettable corruptions of your church because they were proven beyond reasonable doubts and recorded in the pages of history about the Catholic Church.

  9. This is an article about Maia Deguito confirming she is not an INC member but an active Catholic:


  10. Hindi na bago sa aming pandinig ang PAGTANGGI ng mga INC™ sa kanilang kaanib sa tuwing sila ay nasadlak sa KATIWALIAN. :) Don't wash your dirty linen in broad daylight kung ayaw niyong mabuking. :) O boycott niyo na naman ang TV station na nagbalita niyan? :)

  11. Yan lang pala ang kaya mong i-counter sa mga sagot ko sa yo. Akala ko pa naman ay magaling kang catholic faith defender! Napakahina mo palang tagapagtanggol ng corrupted na simbahan ninyo. Illogical and fallacious sa mga pagsagot. Another shame to the biggest corrupted catholic church in the world.

    Yong CFD2016 ninyo ang pasagutin mo at nang huwag namang maging kahiya-hiya ang simbahan ninyo sa uri ng mga sagot mo.

  12. Alfer, ano ba naman ang 2,000 year history ng Catholic Church compared sa 101 years niyo.

    Sa kasaysayan ng Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay SIYANG TUNAY NA IGLESIA NI CRISTO (Pasugo 1966, p. 6) ay naron na ang mga KASAMAAN. Nais ni SATANAS na pasukan ito ng kanyang kamalian pero ang sabi ni Cristo, THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL.

    Iyan ang dahilan kung bakit TUMATAWID NA KAMI SA IKATLONG SIGLO.

    Kayo? 101 pa lang, NAGKAGULO na! Ikatlong henerasyon pa lamang ng angkan ng NAGTATAG at MAY-ARI (Manalo) away away na sila sa pananalapi.

    Tapos ITINIWALAG MISMO ang INA AT KAPATID? Saan ka pa? Tapos ikaw mangangaral ng katuwiran eh sa inyo ANG KABUKTUTAN ang pinagtatanggol?

    What is INC compared to the TRUE CHURCH? Nothing. A copy cat. Trying hard fake church founded by a rapist sugo.

    So back to DE QUITO, kahit i-deny mo pa, INC™ siya. Nakakahiya nga lang pero tanggapin mo na. Si EVM nga saksakan ng ganid ayon kay AE, kayo pa excempted?

  13. Mali na naman ang mga sinasabi mo. Nahahayag lang ang kamangmangan mo sa pamantayan ng tunay na relihiyon. Hindi ang tagal ng pag-iral sa mundo ang batayan ng tunay na relihiyon. Sa aral makikila ang tunay na sa Diyos at hindi sa tagal ng pag-iral sa mundo. Alam mo ba yon? Kaya huwag mong ipagmalaki yang tagal ng pag-iral niyo dahil sa maging ang pansirang damo ay tatagal hanggang sa katapusan ng mundo. Kaya sabi ko sa yo ay yon CFD2016 na ang pasagutin mo dahil sa kahiya-hiya naman sa napakatagal ng corrupted na simbahan niyo kung ganyan lang ang kaya mong isagot mo. Kahit pangalan pa lang ng Iglesia niyo ay wala sa Biblia lalo na ang inyong mga doktrina na napakaraming sala sa aral ng Biblia.

    Ipinakita na namin ang mga proof na katoliko si Maia Deguito. Ikinasal sa simbahan ninyo, may rosaryo, at naniniwala pa sa kuwaresma. Katolikong katoliko, di ba? Ikaw hanggang akusasyon lang at walang maipakitang proof. Nasaan ang ebidensiya mo na kaaanib sa INC si Maia. Nasaan bakit wala kang maipakita? Wala kang mailalabas dahil sa alam mong nagsisinungaling lang kayo sa pagsasabing member namin si Maia Deguito.

    Kahit kabilang sa pamilya ng Manalo ang gumawa ng katiwalian ay hindi ito ang nagpapabulaan sa pagiging tunay ng INC na sa Diyos at kay Cristo. Ito pa nga ang nagpapatunay na hindi sa pamilya ng mga Manalo ang INC gaya ng dati ninyong akusasyon sa amin sapagkat kahit sino pa ang miembro ng pamilya nila ay nilalapatan ng disiplina. Lalo kaming sumampalataya sa kagitingan ng liderato ni Ka Eduardo Manalo sapagkat ang pinairal niya ay hindi ang personal na damdamin kundi ang katuwiran at katarungan. Ang pag-ibig sa Diyos at kay Cristo ay higit sa pag-ibig niya sa sariling ina at kapatid. Sa inyo katakot-takot na katiwalian ang pilit na pinagtatakpan ng inyong simbahan. Gaano ba karaming pari ang may nakakasukang kaso ng immoralidad, panggagahasa kahit ng mga bata ang pilit ninyong itinatago pero sa tindi ng kabulukan ay sumingaw din at hayag na naamoy sa buong mundo. Ilang milyong dolyar na ba ang binayaran ng simbahan ninyo para pagtakpan ang mga kaso ng immoral ninyong mga papa at kaparian. Gaano karami ang ipinapatay ng inyong simbahan sa pangunguna ng inyong mga naging Papa? Alam mo ba yon?

    Yon ipinararatang niyo kay Ka Felix Manalo ay matagal ng isyu na napatunayan na hindi totoo. Sino sa inyo ang may lakas ng loob na lumaban ng pampublikong debate sa representative ng INC ukol sa paksa na: SINO ANG MGA NANGGAHASA NG MGA KAAWA-AWANG MGA BIKTIMA, FELIX MANALO O MGA PAPA AT PARING KATOLIKO?

    Tiyak na tiyak na walang makakaharap na sinuman sa inyo dahil sa alam ninyong sa paksa pa lang ay mapapahiya na kayo at lalong malalantad sa mundo ang masangsang na amoy ng mga papa at pari ninyo. Gusto mong subukan?

  14. Ang tagal kong naghihintay ng counter reply mo. Hanggang ngayon ay wala ka ng maisagot na matinong sagot. Bakit nanahimik ka na sa kasinungalingan mo tungkol kay Maia? Magpakumbaba ka na at gumawa ka lang kasi ng public apology para naman mabawas-bawasan ang mga kahindik-hindik na kasamaan niyo.


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