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Friday, March 6, 2009

Islamic World in Crisis According to Fr. Samir

Fr. Samir Khalil Samir observation:
An Islamic world in crisis, anti-Americanism and the fight against Israel

by Samir Khalil Samir

"Arab and Muslim countries are trying to find ways to reassert their dignity and uphold human rights but are increasingly turning inward, inching closer to Islamism and its calls for Sharia and caliphate. US support for Israel and corrupt Arab states fuel fundamentalism. The Islamic world is thus still waiting to reconcile its religion with modernity. "

Beirut (
AsiaNews) – Fundamentalism is growing in the Arab and Islamic worlds. Increasingly it is seen as a solution to their problems, this according to a world survey that was reported by AsiaNews (cf Islamic countries reject al Qaeda, but also American policy, AsiaNews, 4 March 2009). The results show that a majority of people in eight predominantly Muslim countries reject al-Qaeda and attacks on civilians but also oppose US policies in the Middle East and the world. "

1. No to bombs or murderers

2. No to US military bases

3. Sharia and the caliphate

4. Searching for a lost dignity

5. Feeling bad about the West, feeling good about Bin Laden

6. What about Bin Laden then?

7. US and Israeli policies

(Read complete details HERE!)

On the other side of the news, UN now is becoming a "Totalitarian" Organization (U.N. to make ban on criticizing Islam mandatory?). Reactions could be found at JihadWatch.

How about news such as these: Muslims attack Christian Community in Punjab and Christian Middle East Exodus Worries churches, would it be the concern of the United Nations?

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