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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The “Thin Sheet” of Controversy

Pope Benedict XVI’s rejection of the use of condom sparked outcry among condom advocates and Catholic dissidents around the world as if this was the first time they heard the Pope rejecting such promiscuity in using unnatural contraceptive methods. The Church position regarding that is mute and academic for now. The position of Pope Benedict XVI is not HIS personal teachings. Taken from the his predecessors, it is fitting in our times when we see sex as merely a pleasure that we have to enjoy. In the eyes of the Church, sex is something that is sacred that must be treated with respect and love. His predecessor’s stand on the importance and sacredness of human sexuality in the light of the Gospel values and the dignity of the human person (read Humanae Vitae) can’t change just because a handful powerful politicians and far right extremists cannot accept Church teachings which for them are “rigid” and “conservative.”

The soon to be “Blessed” John Paull II has revolutionized the world with its “Theology of the Body” which according to Online Resources of John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body, it “counteracts societal trends which urge us to view the body as an object of pleasure or as a machine for manipulation. John Paul II portrays a beautiful vision of sexuality in his Theology of the Body and other earlier works including Love and Responsibility. He encourages a true reverence for the gift of our sexuality and challenges us to live it in a way worthy of our great dignity as human persons. His theology is not only for young adults or married couples, but for all ages and vocations since it sums up the true meaning of the human person.” (Read More!)

(Read Lifesitenews.com and a Summary of the Theology of the Body here)


AIDS has killed millions of people around the world and that’s a fact. Today, there’s no immediate cure to AIDS but to prevent it from spreading, this is what all sector of society is gearing up with. Acquiring the disease needs a direct contact with someone who is infected with AIDS. One can have the disease through blood transfusions or during child birth of an infected mother. The belief that one can have AIDS by kissing has long been rejected by medical experts to be untrue. But above everything, AIDS is transmitted through SEX. The rapid increasing number of AIDS patients in the world and in particular, the African continent is due to “sexual practice” in that region. The exchange of human fluid such as semen during intercourse has spread the disease rapidly. If that’s the case, the immediate solution would be to keep the male semen (if it’s infected) from reaching the womb of the woman. Just like opium, sex is addictively pleasurable that can be abused. This mean a lucrative business with condom companies. Having multiple sex to different people in any place, as long as you have condom—one is safe. This is where the Catholic Church steps in—the morality of the issue.

Of course, the Pope and the Catholic Church’s position will not always be accepted in today’s sexual revolution. There would always be opposites. In its more than 2,000 years existence, the mounting “pressure” wont even make a bend. This makes us different from other progressive non-Catholic churches that allow abortion, mercy killing, contraception, divorce etc which are contrary to the moral principles of the Catholic Church and the Gospel values.

The message of the Pope might be hurting to some but it’s heals. Latex companies with its huge stake would complicate the issue. Some condom advocates uses AIDS victims in Africa to make their opposition be legitimately considered by the Church. With billions of dollars flowing for this cause (“safe-sex” anytime all the time) would only worsen the matter.

The underlying message of the Pope: Love your spouse with devotion; be faithful and be loyal. It might be too ideal but as masters of our selves, yes we can.

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