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"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nothing Personal

I have been a member of a Filipino forum at www.pinoyexchange.com since 2005. I have posted thousands at Realm of Thoughts. Among those thousands, I kept my faith in the Catholic Church simple as I understood it. I am no theologian or an exegit. I am just an ordinary Catholic who answers ordinary questions that non-Catholics ask repetitively annoying that had been answered thousands of years ago.

I have discussed religious issues with non-Catholics and atheists alike. During those heated discussions, I tried to maintain friendship and infuse prudence so as to keep the discussions "head-leveled." I have established my name at that forum to some negatively to those who vehemently oppose to any Catholic position I can answer with all honesty. Those Catholics PEXers (as we use to call ourselves) knew that "losav" is a Catholic and he will always be. And they have been attacking me personally and my life--not the issues I raised.

Through the years of posting some of personal thoughts which reflects the Catholic Church's teachings, there were those hitting below the belt using nasty words such as foul languages that it's demeaning one's dignity. Others resort to naming names for intimidation. Worst there are those who resort to "personality attack" just to keep their head banging on mine.

I am referring to members of the cult of Felix Manalo established in the Philippines in July 27, 1914, the Iglesia ni Cristo. Unable to refute squarely at this article (Why a Multi-Million Dollar Cult Doesn't Have a Website) some disgraced members accused (not officially) me of quoting from a libelous site (here) which truth seekers have visited from time to time without any hint of having a libelous statement, considering that what the author was saying were from his personal account of the cult Iglesia ni Cristo. Instead of attacking me, ave their cult pressed chargeds against the author of that article? If yes, how convenient it would be if they all let us all know by providing as a link or a copy of the verdict so as not to quote from libelous sites as they claim? So far they were just there talking. Because of that however to this date, I will give the author of that site (who's not even a Catholic) the benefit of the doubt and treated their accusations like nothing--or useless complaints from someone who's nothing but an empty can who cannot even explain rationally what IS Iglesia ni Cristo and what's NOT.

Rather, as someone who loves searching everything via the Internet, pardon my insistence but I am questioning seriously why such a huge "corporation sole" with splendid uniform richly built temples all over the country and the countryside and elsewhere where Filipinos are migrating, doesn't even have an official website? (Try seeing the official Church Documents found at the Vatican City's official website or here or here or here) What's keeping them from exposing officially what they believed? If I were a member, , (thanks God I am not!) I will use my God-given ability to reason out why under the heavens the Iglesia ni Cristo management headed by their Chief Executive Minister, the son of the founder, Erano Manalo keeping his teachings to himself? Failure to do so would create deeper doubts why there's such a secrecy? Is it a "Pandora's Box"?

If they want the whole world to be "saved" and be members of their cult, and if their "church" is the "true" church as they love to claim again and again in their TV shows, then publish it official and then we can discuss from there. So far, the only "official" thing they're circulating in public is their Pasugo and the Message" magazine which their Ministers pay and distributed "for free" if the author of "INC in a Nutshell's account is true.

Trying to discredit me, it would be more intelligible to do that by using their reasoning ability instead of resorting to personality attack. No matter how little their intelligence it may be, in a world of free-speech and respect and tolerance, this is very much possible.

I wish the next time you come here and lecture me of history, try applying that to yourself, pressure Iglesia ni Cristo management to have their teachings available for the public to see and then let's discuss.

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