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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saudi Convert Blogger Released

What a relief. The 28 years old Saudi national who made public his conversion to Christianity at Saudi for Christ Blog (translate his blog here) was freed according to Asianews.

Hamoud Saleh Al-Amri, who's been jailed since January for his conversion said that his release could be a result from pressures mounted by Human Rights Watchdog in the Middle East. Now he's back to writing in his blog (in Arabic) [Saudi for Christ Blog (translate his blog here)] .

We must note that in Saudi Arabia, Christianity and other religions are strictly forbidden, only Sunni Islam is recognized, and any violation would be meted with harsh punishment. It could be an indefinite jail term, a few whips or be sentenced to severe physical punishment or expulsion from the Kingdom or death to some who preached and proselytize Muslims in the Kingdom.

Shariah is the supreme law of Saudi Arabia and since Mr. Hamoud Saleh Al-Amri is a Saudi national- and a Muslim the law of the kingdom should be upheld to its fullest extent . That means he should be sentenced to death as apostate deserting Islam. But a miracle had happened. He's not only spared from death sentence but he's freed (temporarily banning him from traveling outside the Kingdom and to speak to the media).

God is great!
I join the whole Christian world and the Catholic Church in particular for this great felt joy.
Pray! It works!
Hopefully he's well taken cared by the Saudi government through the kindness of King Abdullah.

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