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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Peace is (Very Much) Possible in Dialogue

If not us, who will initiate dialogue?

In a world that’s dominated by fear from terrorism, bigotry, hatred, ignorance, malice, racial and religious discrimination and lies, whom shall we turn to? Who shall stand side by side with the oppressed? Who should speak for the persecuted minorities? Who should protect the marginalized race of people and religion?

The biggest threat we are facing today is terrorism by some lost souls who want nothing but make this small world we live in “unsafe.” Their grave threats to innocent people gave rise to intolerance, inequity and hate that divided us from them.

It takes tougher people to challenge these threats and the only way we can beat them is through peaceful dialogue.

Let’s talk, sip coffee and feel relaxed. Let’s talk about our similarities and our common interest. Let’s discuss head-leveled issues and try to understand each other point of view, not by confrontational argument but by learning the good things one has to offer.

Of course, we will always have differences. For what’s the beauty in life when we all are alike? The source of Wisdom himself has designed that everyone should be unique and that anyone should be interested with what others has (not coveting it) but to appreciate what others have and to cultivate what we have.

Peace is not a word. It’s an action. It involves our collective efforts to have it.
Peace is not remote. It’s within us. It only needs a loving heart to unleash it’s healing power.
We all need peace within our selves and in the societies we’re living. This is the reason why we need to dialogue and share our friendship. Thanks to God and to my Catholic heritage through the leadership of our present Pope Benedict XVI that it takes a big heart and humble spirit to accept this fact. With the whole Church, we pray that our efforts to sow peace regardless of our racial and religious differences will materialize. If not soon, maybe our children’s children would reap what we have sown.

Let’s all work for peace. No more Jews, Christians and Muslims. No more blacks and whites. Let’s celebrate our humanity and live in peaceful co-existence with the world.

Costodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the leader of the 2.2 Billion Catholics Pope Benedict XVI met, first time in history that a Saudi monarch visited the Pope in Vatican City, Rome

Muslim - Christian Dialogue in Vatican City, Rome.

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