"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Historical Dishonesty by the Iglesia ni Cristo Defenders

Church of Christ in Rome (see letter of St. Paul to Romans)
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General Information

Official name: Churches of Christ (Iglesia ni Kristo)
Founder: Jesus Christ
Date of Establishment: 33 A.D
Place of Establishment: Jerusalem

Date of arrival in the Philippines: April 16, 1901
Place of arrival in the Philippines: Manila
God's first’s missionaries in the Philippines: Mr. & Mrs. Hanna / Mr. & Mrs. Hermon Williams
Evangelistic Organization: Samahang Tagapagpalaganap Ng Ebanghelio ng mga Iglesia ni Kristo
Controversial Evangelist: Felix Manalo – separated and founded his own church (1914)

Historical Firsts in the Philippines

First Locale: Ascarraga, Manila (1901)
Firsts Provincial Local Churches: Ilocos Sur (1904), Liliw Laguna (1904), Lambac Rizal (1903), Mariveles Bataan (1904), Manena San Luis Pampanga (1906), etc.
First Locales that helped by Felix Manalo: Mariveles Bataan (1908) Manena Pampanga (1909)
Maiden issue of Sulo ng Kristiano Magazine: Nov. 1926 (c/o Bro. Higino Mayor and Leslie Wolfe)


Countries & territories with congregations: 160-180
Locale Congregations in the Philippines: 1,300-1500
Local congregations outside the Philippines: 40,000 - 45,000

* Felix Manalo was our former evangelist and the founder of the INC (1914), He in fact registered it in the same name of our church in a tagalong version of it and luring our converts in Atlanta Gulf and Pacific Co. while claiming it as his first congregation in mid 1913’s. Despite that we educate him as a good evangelist through our missionary Mr. Leslie Wolfe, He still leave and founded his church maybe because serving the Lord with the Churches of Christ doesn’t make him rich. Another reason is that since he was in our church, he was always involved in sexually moral scandals that followed him even when he was in Seventh-day Adventist Church, and a letter from Mr. Las Pinas came out in the 1930’s and Rosita Trillianes in the 1950’s.
* A locale is independent and autonomous and is overseen by our multiple Elders (Titus 1:5).
* We do not have any founder rather than our Lord Jesus Christ and We don’t not have an earthly man figure to govern as head, oversee, manipulate, control and have given tiltes such as: Sugo, Apostle, Bishop, Son of God, Reverend Father etc., etc, etc.

-Philippine Churches of Christ


General Information

Source: Wikipedia
Official name: Universal Church of Christ (Catholic Church)
Founder: Jesus Christ
Date of Establishment: 33 A.D
Place of Establishment: Jerusalem
See Timeline of the Catholic Church

Source: History of the Philippines
Date of arrival in the Philippines: March 16, 1521
Place of arrival in the Philippines: Cebu
God's first’s missionaries in the Philippines: Dominican Missionaries through Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese citizen but at the service of the King of Spain King Philip II. History proves it further by naming the Archipelago to Islands of Philip (now known as Philippines).
Catholic Missionaries: Dominicans, Franciscans, other Catholic Missionaries
Fact: Spain INTRODUCED CHRISTIANITY to the Archipelago!

Historical Firsts in the Philippines

First Mass: Easter Sunday March 31, 1521[1] in an island named Mazaua by eyewitnesses Antonio Pigafetta, Ginés de Mafra, Francisco Albo, the Genoese pilot, and Martín de Ayamonte
First Priest to Officiate Mass: Friar Pedro Valderrama

Firsts Local Church: Southern Leyte (1521 A.D.)
First natives of the Archipelagos: Colambu and Siaiu were the first natives of the archipelago
First Planted Cross: Cebu

Source: Wikipedia and Catholic Hierarchy


Total Adherents: 1.2 Billion (1/6 of World's Population)
Countries & territories with congregations: All Continents except Antarctica and Arctic
Population in the Philippines: 85,930,000
Number of Filipino Catholics: 69,630,000 (81.03%)
Number of Diocese: 86
Number of Diocesan Priests: 5,037
Number of Religions Priests: 2,298
Total Number of Priests: 7,335
Permanent Deacons: 11
Number of Male Religious: 5,694
Number of Female Religious: 12,102
Number of Parishes: 2,909

#CatholicsPopulationPercent CatholicDioceseYearSource
13,268,0813,652,54689.47%Cebu (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
22,800,0003,000,00093.33%San Fernando (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
32,719,7812,993,00090.87%Manila (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
62,147,0422,608,34982.31%San Pablo2004ap2005
82,054,2962,232,93192.00%Jaro (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
91,843,6171,905,34896.76%Lipa (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
121,259,6101,488,09884.65%Tuguegarao (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
131,257,9771,572,47280.00%Palo (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
151,156,2771,214,57695.20%Caceres (Nueva Caceres) (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
161,109,4981,369,91380.99%Davao (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
231,071,3991,284,47883.41%Cagayan de Oro (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
261,002,0001,215,00082.47%Lingayen-Dagupan (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
33823,6401,809,61845.51%Cotabato (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
36725,319853,23685.01%San Carlos2004ap2005
37665,317705,48994.31%Capiz (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
43621,027707,67687.76%Calapan (Vicariate Apostolic)2004ap2005
44582,238693,14084.00%San Fernando de La Union2004ap2005
50532,638665,71580.01%San Jose2004ap2005
53523,813621,92384.22%Nueva Segovia (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
54474,399645,40473.50%Zamboanga (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
63397,078539,34273.62%Ozamis (Archdiocese)2004ap2005
66392,989598,76865.63%Ipil (Territorial Prelature)2004ap2005
67387,966445,93887.00%Infanta (Territorial Prelature)2004ap2005
68387,108423,48591.41%Libmanan (Territorial Prelature)2003ap2004
69379,377472,67880.26%Puerto Princesa (Vicariate Apostolic)2004ap2005
71358,010511,19670.03%San Jose de Antique2004ap2005
72327,949397,07182.59%San Jose in Mindoro (Vicariate Apostolic)2004ap2005
75271,948319,69485.07%Taytay (Vicariate Apostolic)2004ap2005
77202,754307,34865.97%Bontoc-Lagawe (Vicariate Apostolic)2004ap2005
81181,374271,15266.89%Tabuk (Vicariate Apostolic)2004ap2005
8290,329332,82827.14%Isabela (Territorial Prelature)2004ap2005
8343,127884,0994.88%Marawi (Territorial Prelature)2004ap2005
8425,488999,5352.55%Jolo (Vicariate Apostolic)2004ap2005
8515,50516,47694.11%Batanes (Territorial Prelature)2004ap2005

* Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI (265th Pope from 2005- present)
Country of Origin: Germany

* Karol Józef Wojtyła was Blessed Pope John Paul II (264th Pope from 1978-2005)
Country of Origin: Poland

* Albino Luciani was Pope John Paul I (263rd Pope 1978)
Country of Origin: Italy

* Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini was Pope Paul VI (262nd Pope 1963-1978)
Country of Origin: Italy

* Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was Blessed Pope John XXIII ( 261st Pope 1958-1963)

See Historical LIST of POPES
FOUNDER and OWNER of the INC, First little POPE of the INC
Name: FELIX MANALO YSAGUN (later changed it to Felix Ysagun Manalo (May 10, 1886 - April 12, 1963)
Father: Mariano Ysagun (died Catholics)
Mother: Bonifacia Manalo (died Catholics)
Founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo-INC (formerly known as Iglesia ni Kristo-INK)
*Former Catholic
*Former Evangelical
*Former Adventist
*Former Atheist
*Former Agnostic

*Court found him guilty of immorality "UN HOMBRE DE BAJA MORAL" o MAN OF LOW MORALS"
*Raped Rosita Trillanes
*Founded and Registered his Church in 1914
*Was not baptized in his Iglesia ni Cristo church
*Who taught that all those who were not baptized are condemned
*Who taught that he is an angel, the "Lust Messenger"
*Who enriched himself and his clan through his Corporation Sole
*Who is the first "little pope" of his Iglesia but retained his Catholic name Felix

Name: Eraño de Guzman Manalo (January 2, 1925 - August 31, 2009)
Father: Felix Ysagun Manalo
Mother: Honorata de Guzman

Name: Eduardo Villanueva Manalo (October 31, 1955 - Present)
Father: Eraño de Guzman Manalo
Mother: Cristina Villanueva

FOURTH POPE (inherent)
Name: Angelo V. Manalo
Father: Eduardo Villanueva Manalo
Mother: Lyn V.
Sisters: Atty.Dorothy Kristine, Gemma Minna

No Pope or priest claimed to be "sugos" or "messengers" or "angels"
No Pope or priest claims that "he owns the Catholic Church.
No Pope or priest claims that "he founded the Catholic Church"
But History says, the Catholic Church is historically the true Church of Christ in 33 A.D.

On the contrary, the Iglesia ni Cristo claims they were founded by Christ in 33A.D.
On the contrary, Felix Manalo owns the Iglesia ni Cristo-INC (Iglesia ni Kristo-INK)
On the contrary, the Manalo clan owns the Iglesia ni Cristo as a Corporation Sole according to its SEC registrations.


  1. nice presentation: May I suggest that please give the complete details of every arguments to make it transparent. Let the facts reveal the truth and not merely by emotions. Example: If the catholic church was built by christ cite a concrete evidence? If felix manalo was convicted by immoral is it with finality? If the pope does not label them as angels,then expound it? Give the better theology not merely edifying one from another.

  2. Thanks gen for dropping by but why are you doing a great disservice to your iglesia? Displaying your inability to comprehend sound historical fact, though I provided links to support my claims for everyone's own research, and yet you simply demanded things you don't know is a big disservice to our iglesia.

    May I suggest you to:

    1. Can you give us your complete theology in the INC?
    2. Show us any link where we can read first-hand the story about Felix Manalo's immoral acts?
    3. Show us links or books were we can read your official INC teachings.
    4. Show us your factual number of affiliates to stop our politicians from believing in a myth.
    5. Show us any factual proof that your INC links to the First Century Church?
    6. Give something which you think I fail to give. This is your chance to defend your iglesia, not just by coming here and talking empty words.

    So why not start reading Alin ang Iglesiang binabati ng "lahat ng mga iglesia ni Cristo: Iglesia sa Roma o Iglesia sa Pilipinas? then please try to click the labels, see the FACTS.

  3. btw why not prove me wrong gen? That's good thing to start digging the truth you desire.

  4. if iglesia ni cristo founded in the Philippines is true! why the parents of manalo did not try to convert with his son felix manalo true church?


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