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Saturday, May 7, 2011

"iglesia" o "Iglesia"? ("church" or "Church")? Iglesia ni Cristo's Defense

From INC Defender READMEInc

"church of Christ" or "Church Of Christ"?

"iglesia ni Cristo" or "Iglesia Ni Cristo"?
"church of Christ" or "Church Of Christ"?

Many of the detractors of the INC always say that the phrase "church of Christ" written in the bible in any translation and to other books written by protestant/catholic authors mentioned, is that the phrase do not mean the "Church Of Christ/Iglesia ni Cristo" as it is written and starts in capital letter.

Is it true?

that the true church or the church established by Christ is not the "Church Of Christ/Iglesia Ni Cristo"?

Let me show you.

to be continued...

The Bible says it's "iglesia" NOT "Iglesia".

See how they DISRESPECTED the Bible!


  1. -keb17

    I got this from my Bible.

    romans 16:16
    "Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ send their greetings."

    It's a plural form not singular. And it's not a proper noun, like inc claims.
    They will just tell us that it's our opinion, but they should learn to how use good grammar.

    It's not referring to the inc being "re-established" by Manalo, But it refers to the churches being established by Christ in the Roman empire through his apostles.

  2. ok, since i'm not a preacher of the gospel i think i will not quote any verse here, i would just tell want i know.

    the verse romans 16:16 has many versions. some has the words "churches of Christ" as what keb17 stated.

    other versions are:
    church of Christ
    Church of Christ
    (i don't know if there are more.)

    It is very erroneous to say that we disrespect the bible for using a version of that particular verse which you haven't red yet.

    another thing, the book of romans is written in greek (or was it aramaic?), which don't use capitalization in writing. so, fighting over Iglesia and iglesia is another erroneous thing here.

    you might otherwise ask your church why they have authored many versions of the bible with contradicting words (an example would be romans 16:16). yes, different priests authored each bible, some are even co-authored with protestant pastors, but they are all under one umbrella of faith and calling, they must be of one mind and of one judgement as what is stated in the bible. would it might be God didn't guide them when they work on those versions?

  3. Please, don't hit yourself harder twice Mr. RD.

    What's written in Romans 16:16 is "churches" not "Church"

    Also what's in Lamsa Acts 20:28 is also "church" of Christ NOT "Church".

    And please stop fooling yourself, that's the least you can offer good service to your beloved iglesia!

  4. i've said my point already. repeating would be too erroneous.


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