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Friday, May 6, 2011

I thought Muslims say Osama bin Laden is NOT a Muslim..why they're Coming out to Support his cause??

Why now, Muslims (at least in the Philippines) are coming out supporting Osama bin Laden who was responsible in killings non-Muslims and "misrepresenting" Islam.  Why hail someone whom they accused of having "Hijacked Islam" of its truest meaning a "Peaceful Religion"?

Maybe I am confused or maybe I do not understand.  But precisely I don't have the answers. May the God of peace, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses protect us infidels!

In Jakarta, Indonesia
In Jakarta, Indonesia
In Karachi, Pakistan
In Karachi, Pakistan
In Manila, Philippines
In Khartoum, Sudan
In New York, USA
Jerusalem, Israel


  1. this is very threatening it just shows that islam was not at the very start a religion of peace.. it was founded on murder and will continue to kill as long as it exist!

  2. We have to pray and pray for peace. And pray for our persecutors.


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