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Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Appeal from the Bereans about the Iglesia ni Cristo

An Iglesia ni Manalo chapen in Zamboanga. INC is founded by Felix Manalo in 1914
The Iglesia ni Cristo Cult and the Council of Nicea AD 325: What Really Transpired?
(Source: psSquare.com)

Dear Friends,

The Iglesia ni Cristo 1914 authorities are trying their best to lure many people into their web of deception by propagating their twisted ecclesiastical history way back during the time of Nicea in AD325. You will hear an INC 1914 speaker teach that Constantine led many bishops during that time to embrace the doctrine of Christ's divinity. This kind of twisted facts is no longer new because even the Jehovah's Witnesses have also their own version of the story about the Council of Nicea in AD325. Now, you need to understand that Constantine was not a theologian therefore he is in no position to influence the hundreds of bishops that visited his place. Granted for the sake of argument that a death penalty was issued for those who will believe Jesus Christ is divine, do you think it will be that easy for the church fathers to just turn their back from this precious doctrine that they hold for several decades? What is the real purpose of the meeting in the Council of Nicea? When Constantine's empire was threatened by division due to Arius' heretical teaching he immediately asked the assistance of every Christian bishop in the East and West. Was it to promote the divinity of Christ as the followers of Felix Manalo alleges? Or address some issues that surround the divinity Christ resulting to mayhem in Constantine's political kingdom? What happened to Arius and Athenasius in the Council of Nicea? Why are the Iglesia ni Cristo false teachers mum about what really happened? It is unfortunate that many INC 1914 and non-INC 1914 viewers are tremendously lazy checking the data to validate what was aired over the INC TV. They only accept whatever the INC 1914 false teachers wanted them to swallow. These false teachers will quote a number of books who are not official church historians. Many times also they will quote a small portion from the literatures of respected evangelical scholars misrepresenting their thoughts and research. I encourage everybody not just to take the teachings of the Iglesia ni Cristo cult movement at prima facie. Learn to read the actual context of what they have been quoting all along. Know the academic background of each author. Are they really church historians? Are they just quoting from secondary sources? Are they authentic scholars or liberal scholars? Do they really believe the Bible is the authentic word of God? Don't be gullible.

The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him. Prov. 18:17

Justyn M. | Coordinator
TheBereans.Net, Philippines

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  1. Hello I am Dan from Makati. Can you enlighten us about what really happened in the Council of Nicea or cite any references? Thank you :)


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