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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

INC of Manalo were Busy Celebrating CHRISTMAS

Was it coincidental that I did not receive any comment from members of the Iglesia ni Cristo (1914) during the Christmas Day?

The reason why I am smiling about it is because I normally receive (nasty) comments (plural) from members of Manalo's cult on a daily basis. But yesterday till today I received none.

I can only assume that these Iglesia ni Cristo were not in their computers: THEY WERE BUSY CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS too.

Indeed, have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS to all the Iglesia ni Cristo (1914) members. Hopefully you enjoyed our CHRISTMAS. We know that you don't celebrate Christmas doctrinally but PRACTICALLY you do.


PASUGO Disyembre 1957, p. 28: (sinulat ni Emeliano I. Agustin) (Patula)
Ang diwa ng Pasko ay kapayapaan;
Nang mundong naglunoy sa lusak ng Buhay;
Mabuting balita sa kinalulugdan;
Pagsilang ni Jesus sa abang sabsaban."

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  1. Mahilig ka pala na mag-assume ng panig naming mga INC kaya pala madalas kang sumablay. Ingat naman diyan para huwag natatapilok


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