"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Iglesia, Yglesia, Church.. it doesn't matter" -INC comment

I thought this PROFILE name is "IN DEFENSE OF THE CHURCH"... but what you are doing now is an OFFENSE, actually it doesn't matter if "IGLESIA, IGLESYA, CHURCH"! So we must go to the ORIGINAL TRANSLATION, because the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek.The mere FACT that we must know if Apostle Paul wrote to the Roman (Roman 16:16), what Church is establish by Christ! if it is "CHURCH OF CHRIST" or "ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH" in Greek... But i think in so many Bible Store and there in Vatican City which they Sell right now! ha... What do you think is the NAME MY FRIEND? 
 Mr./Ms. member of INCorporated Church of Manalo, you are right when you said that this blog is IN DEFENSE OF THE CHURCH.  Exposing the LIES and DECEITFUL claims of Manalo and his paid ministers is part of that ministry.  Catholics like me, should not be sitting cold while our MOTHER CHURCH is being attacked by voracious wolves of darkness by fabricating lies.

This CHURCH is THE CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST according to pages of HISTORY and your own PASUGO (April 1966, p. 46).  We claim to be as such because that is what HISTORY tells us, which your own PASUGO confirms.

Regarding the name, it's a LIE to say that "it doesn't matter" if the name is "IGLESIA, IGLESYA, CHURCH" because what your church did is to REGISTER the name IGLESIA NI CRISTO exclusively for you.  That is why in the Philippines, NO OTHER GROUP can claim the name IGLESIA NI CRISTO" for that reason because that it was REGISTERED and PATENTED TRADEMARK under the laws of the PHILIPPINE REPUBLIC at the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION.

And what was written in their registration?




Na ang naghahain ng kahilingan ay humaharap sa Tanggapang ito at magalang na nagsasalaysay:

Na ang naturang naghahain ng kahilingan ay ang Tagapagtatag at kasalukuyang Pangulo o puno ng Kapisanang tinatawag “Iglesia ni Cristo”, at nagnanasang palitan ang nasabing Kapisanan sa Korporasyon Unipersonal.

Na sa pagkakataong magkaroon ng bakante sa hanay ng mga Namiminuno, at ang tungkuling Tagapagpaganap, tulad ng Pastor, Obispo, Ebanghelista, Kalihim, Ingat-yaman, Diakono, at mga Diakonesa; ang alinman sa mga nabanggit na tungkulin ay hahalinhan o papalitan sang-ayon sa mga ipinag-uutos ng Banal na Kasulatan.

Na bilang Puno ng naturang kapisanan, siya ang mananagot at siya ang mangangasiwa sa lahat ng ari-arian ng naturang Kapisanan.

Na pakundangan sa lahat ng mga binaggit sa itaas, ang may lagda ayhumihiling sa Tanggapang ito na matala ang naturang Kapisanan bilang Korporasyon Unipersonal, at siya’y magbabayad sa lahat ng katugong gugol ayon sa Artikulo 154 ng Batas ng Pilipinas bilang 1459 na umiiral sa Kapuluan.

Felix Manalo

English translation


BUREAU TRADEMARKS & COPYRIGHTS (Not the exact translation)

FELIX MANALO Requestor for the recognition as a Corporation Sole of the organization called “IGLESIA NI CRISTO”

The requestor appears before this office and respectfully states:
That the requestor is the FOUNDER and the present President or Head of the organization called “Iglesia ni Cristo”, and wishes to change the said organization into a Corporation Sole.

That in the event that a vacancy in the Leadership and Administration, e.g. Pastor, Bishop, Evangelist, Secretary, Treasurer, Deacon and Deaconess, whichever of the positions mentioned will be replaced according to what is written in the Bible.

And as Head of this organization, he will be responsible and will manage ALL  properties of the said organization.

Regarding everything stated above, the undersigned requests the Office that the said organization be listed as a Corporation Sole and that he will pay all the required fee according to Article 154 of the Philippine Laws 1459.

Felix Manalo

And since your ignorance of JESUS CHRIST's CHURCH history is a product of dishonesty, let me help you find out where did the name ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH originate:
The term originates as an insult created by Anglicans who wished to refer to themselves as Catholic. They thus coined the term "Roman Catholic" to distinguish those in union with Rome from themselves and to create a sense in which they could refer to themselves as Catholics (by attempting to deprive actual Catholics to the right to the term).

Different variants of the "Roman" insult appeared at different times. The earliest form was the noun "Romanist" (one belonging to the Catholic Church), which appeared in England about 1515-1525. The next to develop was the adjective "Romish" (similar to something done or believed in the Catholic Church), which appeared around 1525-1535. Next came the noun "Roman Catholic" (one belonging to the Catholic Church), which was coined around 1595-1605. Shortly thereafter came the verb "to Romanize" (to make someone a Catholic or to become a Catholic), which appeared around 1600-10. Between 1665 and 1675 we got the noun "Romanism" (the system of Catholic beliefs and practices), and finally we got a latecomer term about 1815-1825, the noun "Roman Catholicism," a synonym for the earlier "Romanism."

A similar complex of insults arose around "pope." About 1515-25 the Anglicans coined the term "papist" and later its derivative "papism." A quick follow-up, in 1520-1530, was the adjective "popish." Next came "popery" (1525-1535), then "papistry" (1540-1550), with its later derivatives, "papistical" and "papistic." (Source: Random House Webster's College Dictionary, 1995 ed.)

This complex of insults is revealing as it shows the depths of animosity English Protestants had toward the Church. No other religious body (perhaps no other group at all, even national or racial) has such a complex of insults against it woven into the English language as does the Catholic Church. Even today many Protestants who have no idea what the origin of the term is cannot bring themselves to say "Catholic" without qualifying it or replacing it with an insult. (Source: Catholic Answers)

And when and where did the CHURCH called CATHOLIC?

The earliest document we have in which "Catholic" is used to label the Church is a letter from Ignatius of Antioch, who wrote around A.D. 107, while being taken to Rome for execution. For all we know, the term was used well before that time—which is to say, in the time of the apostles. (Source: Catholic Answers).

So the name of the Church as CATHOLIC is very much ancient than the Tagalog exclusive patented registered trademark called the IGLESIA NI CRISTO.

And before you deceitfully claim ROMANS 16:16 as your basis READ and DIGEST about the verse. IT TALKS ABOUT THE CHURCH IN ROME "all the churches of Christ greet YOU" (Church of ROME)!!!!

Romans 16:16 has nothing to do with the church founded by Felix Manalo in the Philippines in July 27, 1914.

Truthfully, not because it bears the name CHURCH OF CHRIST or IGLESIA NI CRISTO  it will mean it's Christ's.... thanks to your official magazine PASUGO May 1968, p. 7:
“There is only one Church of Christ, it's Christ who established it.  If there are churches established now that claim they too are churches of Christ, these are not genuine but fakes."
"Ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo ay iisa lamang, ito ang Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo. Kung mayroon mang nagsisibangon ngayong mga Iglesia at sasabihing sila man ay INK rin ang mga ito ay hindi tunay kundi huwad lamang!"

So when was this newly established church IGLESIA NI CRISTO founded? Let their own Pasugo magazine answer it.

PASUGO August-September 1964, p. 5
"When was the Iglesia ni Kristo in the Philippines established?  It was in July 27, 1914.  Trully it was said in the registration that Brother F. Manalo established it"

“Kailan napatala sa Pamahalaan o narehistro ang INK sa Pilipinas? Noong Hulyo 27, 1914. Tunay nga na sinasabi sa rehistro na si Kapatid na F. Manalo ang nagtatag ng INK."

Another church claiming to be the Church of Christ?

Established recently?

Pasugo said, it's FAKE.

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