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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Canadian Islam teacher with extremist views arrested, recommended for deportation from the Philippines

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips was entered into the list of people denied entry into the Philippines only on September 5. He is also banned from entering Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Kenya, and the United States.
DAVAO CITY -- The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has blacklisted and recommended the deportation of a Canadian Islam teacher who was arrested for alleged terrorist links.

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, the imaam and khateeb at Abu Hurairah Center where he teaches five free university-level classes weekly and counsels Muslim families two days per week in Qatar, has been charged for violation of Section 37a2 of the Commonwealth Act No. 613 also known as “The Philippine Immigration Act of 1940.”

Philips has written, translated, and commented on over 50 published books on various Islamic topics and he has also edited and published the 56-book Eemaan English Reading Series for children and Muslim schools.

Dr. Philips has also presented Islamic programs for a number of years on Riyadh Channel 2TV, Sharjah TV, Peace TV, Huda TV, Islam Channel, UK, and the Deen Show, Chicago, USA and GuideUS TV, from Washington USA.

Philips was arrested by the Philippine National Police (PNP XI) on Sunday while he was conducting a lecture in Barangay Maa, this city.

The agency will deport him as soon as the order of the BI Board of Commissioner is issued.

Philips was entered into the list of people denied entry into the Philippines only on September 5. He is also banned from entering Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Kenya, and the United States.

However, he has managed to enter the Philippines particularly Davao City on September 4, 2014 with his family.

Philips is now in the custody of BI. Phillips, who was born Dennis Bradley Philips in Jamaica, is a Canadian Muslim teacher, speaker, and author. Although he’s been based in Qatar, Philips is married to a Filipina from Cotabato City.

Police Regional Office (PRO) XI Chief Supt Wendy Rosario said Philips is a national security threat.

Rosario said Phillips has been reported to have links with a terror group and has been noted for his radical extremism.

According to Rosario, Philips came to the Philippines on an invitation from a certain individual to do lectures.

After Davao, Phillips is also scheduled to conduct a lecture in Zamboanga.

Rosario said three more persons of interest have been invited by PRO XI to answer some questions.

Davao City Police Office (DCPO) Officer-in-Charge Marvin Pepino said Davao is on heightened alert status with Philips presence in the city.

Pepino said security measures are in place to prevent reactions from Philips followers.

Meanwhile, 10th Infantry Division spokesperson Lewellyn Binasoy said Philips is considered a person of interest. He said he could be a threat because his views are heard by others.

While Philips is police case, Binasoy said the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is collaborating with authorities to step up intelligence gathering for reaction on Philips’s arrest.

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