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Friday, September 5, 2014

Was INC 1914 aware that their LOGO was taken from FREEMASONRY…? Was it made on purpose or just truly coincidence…? – John D. Salvator

By Bro. John D. Salvador [Thanks to The Splendor of the Church blog]
Let us 1st examine the background of the founder who is Felix Manalo. Felix Y. Manalo was born in Barrio Calzada, Tipas, Taguig, Philippines on May 10, 1886. He was raised in the Catholic faith by his parents, Mariano Ysagun and Bonifacia Manalo.

YES Manalo is a CATHOLIC, raised a Catholic and Baptized a Catholic. It was sometime after his mother’s death that he decided on his mother’s name over his father’s name.

In his teenage years, Manalo became dissatisfied with Roman Catholic theology. According to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, the establishment of the Philippine Independent Church or the Aglipayan Church was his major turning point but Manalo remained uninterested since its doctrines were mainly Catholic.

In 1904, he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, entered the Methodist seminary, and became a pastor for a while.

He also sought through various denominations, including the Presbyterian Church, Christian Mission, and finally Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1911.

Manalo left the Adventist church in 1913, and associated himself with Atheist and Agnostic peers.

As you can see it very clearly, MANALO was never a bearer of the Holy Spirit. Because if he was a real Prophet, then he must rely on himself and to the Guidance and help of the Holy Spirit not getting any IDEAS from any Religion he is joining.

John 16:13

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.”

Obviously, Manalo is having a hard time looking for the TRUTH even though the truth is already knocking on his face and abandon the real faith in the very Beginning. What happened, after joining a lot of different religion, he end up making his own which now aiming to destroy the real Church of Christ which is the Catholic Church. That’s the link now to Freemasonry. Just like Freemasonry, they contradict to all Doctrine of the true Church which is the bearer of the True Gospel. They don’t even follow any Bible Translation. They only believe on what the PASUGO is telling them which is created none other than by a MAN Felix and his succeeding Ministers.

Historically, one of Masonry’s primary objectives has been the destruction of the Catholic Church; this is especially true of Freemasonry as it has existed in certain European countries. It appears like INC 1914 is a small branch with the same motive just like Freemasonry. The New Catholic Encyclopedia states, “Freemasonry displays all the elements of religion, and as such it becomes a rival to the religion of the Gospel. It includes temples and altars, prayers, a moral code, worship, vestments, feast days, the promise of reward or punishment in the afterlife, a hierarchy, and initiation and burial rites.”

Now let’s see the real meaning of Freemasonry; Freemasonry is “secret” organizations appear to be harmless fellowship gatherings. Many of them appear to promote belief in god. However, upon closer examination, we find that the only belief requirement is not that one must believe in the True and Living God, but rather, that one must believe in the existence of a “Supreme Being”, which includes the “god” of Islam, Hinduism, or any other world religion. The unbiblical and anti-Christian beliefs and practices of this organization are partially hidden beneath an outward appearance of a supposed compatibility with the Christian faith.

No wonder a member of INC 1914 is allowed to join Freemasonry. Just like during the painting of INC’s centennial image for Felix; the painter was a member of Freemasonry shown evidence on the ring he is wearing. A picture really paints a thousand words. While we Catholics are prohibited by the Church to join Freemasonry for them it is allowed. In fact the Church has imposed the penalty of excommunication on Catholics who become Freemasons. The penalty of excommunication for joining the Masonic Lodge was explicit in the 1917 code of canon law (canon 2335), and it is implicit in the 1983 code (canon 1374).

Now let us proceed to the real symbolic meaning of INC 1914 and how it coincides with MASONIC symbols.

Let’s start with the most visible one.


For MASON it means “to circumscribe and keep us within bounds with all mankind”. To keep reachable by mankind is just the show-up meaning and what we do not know was the motives. If you want to conquer the whole world then it is the best Idea to be in reachable by all mankind. Imagine if all the people will join this organization then they could conquer the whole world.

HAYS RITUAL, 1860-1863. First definitive departure from the Francken Ritual. Based upon the Ritual of Albert Pike. One quotation conveys the spirit of the new emphasis:

“Here we see John the Baptist. The day of truth has come at last; all doubts will now be removed; from East to West, one God and one fraternity shall RULE the world. Freemasonry — that is to say. Truth — is no longer the happy lot of one Nation, of one Sect; it is now the lot of every man on earth who desires to know and to practice it; it calls to every man and is, at all times, ready to impart its light to all.

2. The Lamb that resting on the top of the BOOK of Seven seals. A 17th degree, Knights of the EAST and WEST Symbol. The lamb is a symbol of obedience, to obey all the organization’s commandments.

Seven Seals- Then follows the symbolism of the Seven Seals, which the Candidate opens one by one and takes from each some particular article:

A Bow and quiver, with arrows.
A Sword.
A balance.
A skull.
A cloth stained with blood.
A vase or pot of incense.
A vase with seven trumpets.

The Sealed Book in the 17° and 18° is not the Holy Bible, which is never sealed on any Masonic altar, They use the “Sealed Book” as the “Book of Life” in these degrees as a symbol to represent the history of man’s existence on earth with the significant eras being recorded in its successive chapters. The mysteries of human behavior lie hidden in its pages.

3. The INVERTED Triangle;

For the Upright Triangle, from time immemorial the Equilateral Triangle has been preeminently the symbol for Deity being the culmination of mind, body and spirit, or Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (TRINITY). For the Triangle is the primary figure from which all others are built up and the Equilateral Triangle, being wholly symmetrical, is the one perfect Triangle and thus clearly becomes the symbol for that Perfect Being in which all things find their beginning This Symbol is so completely appropriated to the purpose of a symbol for Deity and Perfection that to here treat of its various other, and decidedly minor, symbolic significances would but obscure its pre-eminent symbolic meaning. The triangle is an ancient symbol of Deity or the divine union.

Now how about the INVERTED Triangle a complete opposite? It sometime used as a Thaumaturgic Triangle for some sorcery like used for magical purposes such as spell casting or demon summing. Sometimes used as SATANIC symbols.

As some says Inverted triangle is the “Alchemical/Magical symbol” for WATER, symbolizing downward flow. The downward pointing triangle is an ancient symbol of femininity, being a representation of female genitalia. “One of the four alchemical elements, water has the properties cold and moist, and symbolizes intuition, the unconscious mind, and the enclosing forces of the womb.”


For MASONS it is dealing with equality and balance. It is a perfect visual measure PERFECT/Equilibrium state. But it was not held by a Blind woman meaning it is an artificial Justice system meaning all is permissible and allowed even if the intent is immoral.

A Royal Arch Mason would be obligated to hire a Companion Mason, even for sensitive or skilled professions, even if he didn’t have nearly the qualifications required.

Additionally, though not mentioned in the oaths, many time Masons get a “fairer” trial in courts where a Masonic judge presides. A sizable majority of judges are Masons, and many attorneys are Masons as well. If a Mason appears in court against a non-Mason, all he has to do is give any number of obscure gestures or words to the judge, and the judge will be obligated to rule in his favor.

Just like during election, INC 1914 members are not allowed to vote for themselves. They are manipulated by their Ministers to whom they should cast their votes. These are just some of the links of INC 1914 to Freemasonry. There are a lot more but the members are already blinded and brain washed, even if the truth is knocking on their faces.

Do you still think the INC 1914 LOGO and symbols are just a coincidence out of Ignorance?No, it is very clear and unblemished on how the symbol is look like, exactly the same, a perfect match.

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