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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mr. Ja Hoon Ku, a South Korean member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo®, a fugitive protected by the INC™

From Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More blog
The continuing Saga of Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. and Mr. Ja Hoon Ku

Ja Hoon Ku is a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, a convert and this is his story: http://www.studyiglesianicristo.com/Converts/convert-story-19.html

“Mr. Ku attended his first worship service in South Korea which was officiated by Brother Jun (Glicerio B. Santos Jr.). With the aid of a translator, he was able to understand the lesson. In fact, despite the language barrier, he was visibly moved by the singing. of hymns, the fervent prayers, and the orderliness and spirituality of the entire worship service. He recounted, “I was observing Brother Jun and the brethren during their stay here [in South Korea]. I admire their helpfulness, trust, and instant camaraderie even though they were just introduced to each other.”

Then one day, the whole world was startled when we saw the news on TV about JA HOON KU who was arrested for embezzling $200 Million in Korea. But surprisingly he was suddenly released by the swift order of Sec. Pacquito Ochoa and was given to the custody of Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. This act of Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. of flexing the organizational muscle of the Church in influencing Government officials to obey his orders at the expense of Church’ reputation, is truly unbecoming of a Minister. He not only put the name of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in a bad light, feeding a negative news frenzy for quite sometime for harboring a criminal. But surprisingly, Malacañang kept quite about it, then one by one, the news buzz died down…

So what actually happened?

Here is the article I wrote about it: https://iglesianicristosilentnomore.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/the-burden-of-proof-is-the-proof-of-burden/

Here are some more information regarding Ja Hoon Ku.

Watch the Video Here: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/metro-manila/10/03/14/palace-stops-deportation-korean-fugitive

And instead of expelling Ja Hoon Ku, what did Bro. Glicerio B. Santos do? He took him in, protected his beloved convert, and ofcourse the http://www.theiglesianicristo.blogspot.com gave their opinion about the matter which is, as we all know now, NOT THE OFFICIAL STAND OF THE SANGGUNIAN, because according to THE PRISTINE TRUTH, the Sanggunian do not even know them or that they even existed… so ssshhhhh… hush hush we don’t want to blow their secret, since they too are afraid to reveal who they really are, just a pseudo name.

Here’s what they have to say: http://theiglesianicristo.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-case-of-ja-hoon-ku.html According to them, WE SHOULD NOT BE JUDGEMENTAL with a person being hunted down by his own country’s government for embezzlement, but apparently it is perfectly fine to expel brethren left and right for reading my blogs, liking, commenting and sharing my articles. Isn’t odd that Bro. Glicerio B. Santos put the Church reputation at risk of ridicule and contempt because of one man, well one very rich man? Yet, they persecute and expel brethren who are seeking the truth and asking questions and looking for answers and clarifications? Bro. Lito Fruto, Bro. Jesus Ponce Jr. and his whole family and Bro. Richard Vasquez and his wife, just to name a few:

If that’s not being judgemental, I don’t know what is…

So what happened now with this Ja Hoon Ku? According to our anonymous-not-official-inc-stand-mr.know-it-all, The Pristine Truth: Where is Ja now? Ja Hoon Ku is now back in South Korea! He even attended the dedication of the new House of Worship in South Korea. Thus, truly no irregularities, no anomalies took place. He was only temporarily entrusted to the INC until the Supreme Court made a final decision on his case. – Pristine Truth”

So that means, that Ja went all the trouble of evading his government for legal prosecution for his crime, ONLY to go to South Korea to attend the dedication of a new house of worship? Did I read this right Mr. Pristine? Well I guess, Mr. Pristine can provide proof of Mr. Ja’s whereabouts since he obviously knows everything about such church matters although he claims that he is in no way connected officially with the Church Administration, he just knows, period.

Because according to brethren who grabbed this picture from a proud member’s facebook page who was able to attend the gathering, Mr. Ja Hoon Ku was not there during the dedication of the House of Worship in South Korea since he is in hiding from the authorities, that is why his associate was the one who received the Plaque of Appreciation from the Church Administration:

But then again, we could be all wrong and Mr. Pristine could be right, because for all we know, he might have been actually there during the dedication of the house of worship in South Korea, and ofcourse we will take his word for it, he knows all these sensitive information inside the church, while the rest of the Church knows nothing. He knows where Ja Hoon Ku is while other government agents are still looking for him. Just Brilliant!

So I guess it is only but fitting that we update everybody. Well this is fresh from the press as of June 24, 2015 10:31AM:


So now, the Judge that Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. used to favor Mr. Ja Hoon Ku is also in trouble according to the news: “The Supreme Court saw the defiance of Gallegos as disrespecting an order of the country’s highest court. “A resolution of the Supreme Court should not be construed as a mere request, and should be complied with promptly and completely. Such failure to comply accordingly betrays not only a recalcitrant streak in character, but also disrespect for the Court’s lawful order and directive,” the high court said. “Judge Gallegos should know that judges must respect the orders and decisions of higher tribunals, especially the Supreme Court from which all other courts take their bearings,” it added.The high tribunal continued, “When the judge himself becomes the transgressor of the law which he is sworn to apply, he places his office in disrepute, encourages disrespect for the law and impairs public confidence in the integrity of the judiciary itself.””


So according to the unofficial opinion of the non-Sanggunian-related Mr. Pristine, “Let’s not be judgemental”… So where is Ja Hoon Ku again Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr.? Since you are the custodial caretaker, and according to Mr. Pristine you are not hiding him, kindly inform the public where he is and please do the right thing and release him to the proper authorities, so you can atleast minimize the bad reputation you have inflicted upon the church administration and the church as whole. Everybody knows the political muscle of the Church (except Mr. Pristine or atleast he pretends to be too naive about it), that is why government officials bend to the will of the “powers that be”. But to use these powers for vested interest or in the favor of an individual at the expense of the whole church, is….is… *sigh*, I am already at a loss for words, you be the one to call it as it is. And anybody who’s stupid enough to think that Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. had no hand in this fiasco is probably in too much denial or is in need of a CT Scan of the head.

Lastly, please allow me to quote this: “When the judge himself becomes the transgressor of the law which he is sworn to apply, he places his office in disrepute, encourages disrespect for the law and impairs public confidence in the integrity of the judiciary itself.”

If there is a profession most honorable, most respected and most revered above all profession, it is the holy MINISTRY inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo. So if among the judiciary, Judges are expected to have the highest level of integrity, what more for the Ministers of the Iglesia Ni Cristo… So when the Minister himself becomes the transgressor of the Doctrines which he is sworn to apply, he places his Ministry in disrepute, encourages disrespect for the Doctrines and impairs the brethren’s confidence in the integrity of the Ministry itself….

Let the Ministers in the Sanggunian ponder upon this for a while…

~ Antonio Ebangelista

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