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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Manalo Family Feud: Eduardo V. Manalo, INC's present Executive Minister disrespects his own mother and family!

ReadMeINC must be hiding in SHAME now that all of what they are afraid to talk in the open finally burst.

This morning, a video of Ka Angel Manalo (Eduardo's younger brother) and Mrs. Tenny Manalo, widow of the late Eraño G. Manalo and the mother of Ka Eduardo V. Manalo, the present Executive Minister, was posted in YouTube asking for help while they are living under threat.

While the video received a few thousand views in the first few hours when it was first posted, as of 4:00 PM, Thursday, 23 July 2015, it has reached 107, 961.

Soon, Rappler picked up story and made it available online.

At noon, one of the most powerful news media in the Philippines made the BREAKING NEWS announcing of the EXCOMMUNICATION of Mrs. Tenny Manalo and Ka Angel Manalo, mother and brother of the present Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo.  The announcement was made by INC™'s General Evangelist Bienvenido Santiago (video below is made available by Rappler)

After the announcement was made, major media outlet circulated the same story.
  • NewsInfo: "INC expels mother, brother of Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo"
  • Philstar: "Iglesia ni Cristo expels leader's mother, brother"
  • Rappler: "Sign outside INC building: 'Tulong, hostage kami'"
  • Rappler: "Iglesia ni Cristo head expels mother, brother"
  • GMA News: "Manalo clan's family feud becomes public as Iglesia ni Cristo marks 101st year"
Outside the building of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® in Tandang Sora, a flashsign was seen onto the window saying "TULONG, HOSTAGE KAMI" (Help, we were hostaged).

Photo by Rappler

'PERSECUTION.' An unidentified person warns against a personality or personalities aboard a certain vehicle. Photo by Mark Saludes/Rappler

WARNING. The unidentified person warns bystanders about 'armed' personalities near the building. Photo by Mark Saludes/Rappler

INC™ members are quick to throw their bitter judgment to the whole Catholic Church when a Catholic priest is accused of doing what is contrary to the doctrines of the Church. But when this issue among the MANALO CLAN was first been made public by a certain KA ANTONIO EBANGELISTA, INC™ didn't accept it as true. Instead, they hurled insulting words against Ka Antonio and his blog was even hacked (http://iglesianicristosilentnomore.wordpress.com) with the caption "This blog is now silent. No More. Iglesia Ni Cristo remains!!!"

That didn't stop Ka Antonio Ebangelista. Instead, he made another blog (http://incsilentnomore.wordpress.com) in July 19, 2015, enumerating the list of INC™ Ministers who were abducted by ARMED MEN, which he believed are members of the SANGUNIAN (Source: INC Silent No More blog)

1. Bro. Nolan Olarte from Cebu is among the 9 ministers abducted.
Updating our list, so far, we have identified the following ministers:
a. Bro. Boyet Menorca, Sorsogon – handcuffed while officiating worship service, white cloth thrown over his head
b. Bro. Joven Sepillo, Tacloban
c. Bro. Nolan Olarte, Cebu

2. Families of abducted ministers are under strict orders to keep their mouths shut or more terrible fate will befall their abducted minister family member.

3. Some brethren have reported seeing Bros. Arnel Tumanan and Jun Samson at the worship service in Templo yesterday, after we’ve reported Bro. Jun’s expulsion and the two of them being under house arrest. DON’T BE FOOLED, brethren. This is a ruse, a trick. Bros. Arnel and Jun were under strict instructions to act normal, as though it were business as usual, so that the brethren would not suspect anything is amiss. They were being watched the whole time. They will even put them on TV if necessary to deceive you. The Sanggunian wants to make me out to be a liar, after I’ve reported on this blog their true situation.

4. Bro. Arnel Tumanan, and Bro. Jerson Samson (who has been expelled) and the 9 abducted ministers, have been moved to a secret location. Bro. Jun Samson was taken as well but afterward, was taken back to the Central compound housing, where he was seen this morning finishing up on packing their belongings.

5. Radel Cortez (I can’t even call you “Brother” anymore), has led all the interrogations and house arrests, venomous words spilling out of his fuming mouth, while ordering the physical beating of the ministers.

6. Ministers and family members were asked to surrender their passports to the Central Office to ensure that they will not be able to leave country should they decide to escape. This is a violation of Republic Act 8239, THE PHILIPPINE PASSPORT ACT OF 1996, Section 11 which reads:

Sec. 11. Ownership of Passports. — A Philippine passport remains at all times the property of the Government, the holder being a mere possessor thereof as long as it is valid and the same may not be surrendered to any person or entity other than the government or its representative: Provided, That a Filipino citizen may voluntarily surrender his/her passport to a Philippine Service Post for storage and safekeeping for which a proper receipt shall be issued for use when reclaiming the passport at a later date.
Ref. http://www.chanrobles.com/republicactno8239.htm#.VarV8_mqqkp

Many INC™ members, including ReadMeINC, defended the group of Mr. JUN SANTOS and their bully Ministers at SANGUNIAN!

Sa pagsesearch ko sa mga kasamahan ni Antonio Ebanghelista, muli akong kinilabutan sa mga nabasa ko.

Ang grupo ni A.E ay samahan ng mga tisod na kapatid at mga tiwalag sa Iglesia.

At isa nga sa mga kilalang taga suporta ni A.E ay si Lito De Luna Fruto, isang tiwalag na ministro ng Iglesia.

Kasama ang ilan pang mga taga kasamahan nila ay pinag uusapan nila ang tagapamahalang pangkalahatan.

At kung iche check nyo ang mga fb accounts nila, iisa lang mababasa ninyo, kung hindi paninira sa IGLESIA ay ang pagpaparinig patungkol sa Ka Eduardo at sa mga nasa Sanggunian.

Kayo na po ang bahalang humusga kung ANO BA TALAGA ANG KANILANG TUNAY NA LAYUNIN. Hindi man sinasabi ni A.E sa kaniyang blog ang tunay niyang motibo ay hindi na maitatago pa ng mga kasamahan niya ang gusto nila mangyari at ang pananaw nila sa Pamamahala sa Iglesia...

Kaya sa ibang kapatid na unti unting napapaniwala sa grupo ni A.E, ang pagsuporta sa kanila ay ang pagsuporta sa lihim nilang motibo.

ReadMeINC, the hiding INC™ MINISTER was caught unaware that today, his beloved INC™ will be exposed of its deep seated feud between the group of the sitting Executive Minister, bullying his OWN MOTHER and his OWN BROTHERS and SISTERS.

What kind of a SON is EDUARDO V. MANALO? His public display of DISRESPECTING his OWN MOTHER and his blood BROTHERS and SISTERS is a violation of the Fourth Commandment God which is "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God gives you" (Ex. 20:13; Deut. 5:16)

How could he, the Executive Minister of a religion VIOLATES the very commandments of God?! He should remember that Felix Manalo, treated his OWN MOTHER even they weren't members of his founded church.  As a matter of fact, members of his church acknowledged that truth.

The Reasons Why He Cahnged His Name to "Felix Y. Manalo"

The PASUGO tells us that Brother Felix changed his name to "Felix Y. Manalo" because of his great love and affection for his mother. That he grieved his mother's death so much he decided to used his mother's surname. However, there was another reason why he changed his durname - he and his siblings wanted to have only one surname. Yes! It was not only Brother Felix Y. Manalo that changed his surname, but also his brother and sisters. The four siblings have different surnames - Felix and Praxedes were using "Ysagun" and Baldomero and Fausta were using "Mozo." The father of Felix and Praxedes was Mariano Ysagun, while the father of Baldomero and Fausta was Clemente Mozo. Their mother married twice. So, it is unlikely that Felix and Praxdedes use "Mozo" becuase they are not "Mozos," and it is unlikely that Baldomero and Fausta use "Ysagun" because they are not "Ysaguns." Thus, "Manalo" is the most logical and practical because they are all "Manalos." Brother Felix's siblings indeed used the surname "Manalo." Their records and families attested to this.

If their founder Felix Manalo honored his own mother, why is it that his grandson Eduardo DISHONORS his own mother and brothers and sisters? 

Despicable! Unbecoming of an Executive Minister!

I have no other words to describe Eduardo as I myself love my mother with a true son's love. It will be interesting to watch the upcoming INC™ bloggers's articles what would they say after this news has violently erupted like a dormant volcano.

Let me guess. Those who would defend Ka Eduardo's disrespectful gesture towards his own mother are the ones who are SLAVES OF MONEY. They're cowards. They are afraid to defend the truth. They are afraid to stand up for what is morally right and going against the wishes of Ka Eduardo means, kicking them out of the INC™ Church therefore, leaving behind their salaries, housing, allowances. They are afraid to lose their jobs. Oh paid ministers!

To Ka Tenny Manalo, Ka Angel, Ka Marc, and their two sisters, claim what is yours. You have legitimate children of Ka Erdy, you shouldn't be afraid. Be bold. I believe that you have goodness in you. Use that, and find the light of God's salvation, not in a man-made church founded by your late grandfather but a Church founded by God. 

JESUS IS WAITING FOR YOU IN HIS TRUE CHURCH! If your own church dishonored you and disowned you, there is a CHURCH which is ready to welcome you. But you must DECLARE THAT JESUS IS GOD, and you will surely be saved!

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