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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

INC Pandora’s Box: Top 6 allegations against Ka Eduardo

Source: Politics.com

Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister Eduardo “Ka Eduardo” Manalo’s official declaration on 23 July 2015 to expel his mother, Cristina “Tenny” Villanueva,his two brothers Felix Nathaniel or “Angel” and Marco Erano, and sister Lolita or “Lottie” did not come as a surprise to the millions of members of the religious sect founded by Manalo’s grandfather, Felix Y Manalo, in 1914.

The schism and purge at the INC had gripped the INC community for months through the blog site, Iglesia ni Cristo: Silent No More, which is managed “Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista” who the Inquirer described as a “deep throat” in the inner sanctum of the organization which turns 101 years old on the same day the President makes his final State of the Nation Address.

Here are the juicy stuff from the Pandora’s box opened by AE:

1) Alleged abduction and torture

The blog site claimed that three long-serving Iglesia brothers were abducted and tortured to force them to spill the beans on who were behind the group fomenting dissension among the INC faithful. Ebangelista also claimed that at least 9 other INC ministers were picked up by Central Office goons from their homes and brought to Camp Karingal in Quezon City. The INC has denied these as mere allegations.

2) Extravagant lifestyle of INC officials

The blog site exposed how ministers under Ka Eduardo’s watch suddenly living a lavish life with their purchase of bigger houses, luxury cars (such as BMWs and Lamborghini) , and expensive bags and other accessories.

3) Bad investment decisions

The conscience group claimed that the INC acquired two helicopters and an Airbus under Ka Eduardo’s watch. Ka Eduardo also pursued the construction of the mammoth Philippine Arena in Bulacan even when the cost has ballooned to $200 million.

4) Fire sale of INC properties

The blog site enumerated properties sold by Ka Eduardo including rest houses in Baguio and Tagaytay, tracts of land in the United States, and a prime property along Roxas Boulevard close to Pagcor City. The INC has defended the sale of these assets claiming that these were idle and that the money could be used for other needs of the INC.

5) Money-spinning ministers

The blog site also made allegations that members of Ka Eduardo’s inner circle had controlled lucrative contracts in the religious organization including the production of uniforms and exclusive concessionaire contracts in INC events..

6) Creation of political liaison office

When Ka Eduardo took over in 2009, he restored the ‘political liaison’ office allegedly under who allegedly served as the go-between the INC and the politicians who want to take advantage of the sect’s bloc voting members.

Politiko welcomes any response or reaction from the INC leadership.

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