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Monday, September 28, 2009


Photo Credit: Thanks to SMH.com
The recent typhoon that hit the Philippine Capital City of Manila has damaged properties and human lives. In this moment of need, I am emploring everyone with goodwill to spare us a little of your time and say a little prayers for the affected families and for the souls of their dead that they may rest in God's peace.

For those who survived this catastrophic disater, I am appealing to you personally to share with us some of your comforts by donating some money or used clothes, can goods, blankets, beddings or anything you think our people need.

Contact Bro. Bo Sanchez of Kerygma Family. This holy man has been so busy preaching but he is also busy doing good works for our suffering kababayans.

Or you can contact GAWAD KALINGA of the Couples for Christ to these places:

1. GK Camacho, Marikina (Bodoy 0917-888-8276)
2. GK Tatalon, Quezon City (Bobby 0918-906-9075)
3. GK Brookside, Quezon City (Rabbi 0906-462-7232)
4. GK Sitio Ruby, Quezon City (Benjie 0906-286-4447)
5. GK Sitio Pajo, Quezon City (Mar 0919-208-8784)
6. GK Selecta, Cainta (Dolphy 0928-604-4632)
7. GK Caliuag, Pasig City (Ryan 0922-859-6453)
8. GK Pinagsama, Taguig City (Raul 0919-229-1416)
9. GK PBA, Pateros City (Cesar 0905-235-7929)

For your cash donations, here are the following ways to transmit :

1. Gawad Kalinga Philippine Peso Current Account 3101 0977 56
BPI EDSA Greenhills

2. Gawad Kalinga US$ Savings Account 3104 0162 34 with Swift code : BOPIPHMM
BPI EDSA Greenhills

(Should you need receipts, please fax your deposit slip to : Delfin Mangona, Operation GK Walang Iwanan at 632-726-7405. Kindly indicate name of donor and contact number.)

3. For donations outside the Philippines, you can choose from the following :

You can send your checks to ANCOP USA, PO Box 10095, Torrance, CA 90505.
Or go to www.ancopusa.org if you prefer to do it online via credit card.

You can issue checks payable to Ayala Foundation USA with project noted (Gawad Kalinga Ondoy Relief) and send to :

Ayala Foundation USA
255 Shoreline Drive, Suite 428
Redwood City, CA 94065
Tel. no. 1-650-598-3126
Fax No. 1-650-508-8898
Email info@af-usa.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you can donate to Ayala Foundation USA via credit card by visiting http://www.af-usa.org/donate_now_form.asp. In "choosing organization to receive the donation", please choose "Gawad Kalinga-Community Infrastructure Program" for now. By tomorrow, September 29, Tuesday Philippine Time, you will be able to choose "Gawad Kalinga-Relief"..

DONATE ONLINE AT http://www.gk1world.com/

Click on "Operation GK Walang Iwanan (Click to Donate) at this website. This facility can accept donations from all over the world.

Daily updates on the needs of affected communities will be posted here so we can respond quickly and appropriately. Thank you for all your prayers and all the efforts in doing as much as you can for the people in need.

Source: Gawad Kalinga

Or respond to a volunteer posted by Palaisip.blogspot:

Ateneo is mobilizing to help deliver flood boots for cleanup. Volunteers and vehicles are needed to deliver them. Please proceed to CERVINI DORMITORY to drop off donations and sign up as volunteers. For cash donations, please deposit to Gawad Kalinga, BPI C/A # 3101-0977-56. Your financial contributio

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