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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Biggest mosque in Europe opens in Netherlands finance by the ruling family of the UAE

While Muslims always boast of their gradual domination in the Western hemisphere, Muslims in the Middle East and other Muslim dominated states PROHIBITS Christians from building their own church without their approval. If Christian churches were ever built, they are NOT ALLOWED to have a bell or a cross built on top of those churches?!.They even persecute its own people just because they are Arab Christians!

Here is an example of Islam's failure to reciprocate.
Western Europe's biggest mosque opens in Netherlands

THE HAGUE - Western Europe's biggest mosque opened on Friday in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, five years behind schedule with organisers blaming obstruction from far-right politicians for the delay.

The mosque, which is built with two 50-metre (164-feet) high minarets, can accommodate 3,000 worshippers and will be a centre for charity, mutual understanding and forgiveness, said its chief adminstrator Abdelrazak Boutaher.

Construction began in 2003 and was slated to last for two years, but organisers said far-right opposition had delayed the project.

"This horrible thing doesn't belong here but in Saudi Arabia," said Geert Wilders, the Dutch far-right leader, on his Twitter account.

The mosque is funded by the Al Maktoum Foundation, a charitable organisation established by Dubai's ruling family.

Immigrants account for about 25 percent of the Netherlands' population, but anti-immigrant feeling is strong with Wilders' Party for Freedom making strong gains in this year's general election.


  1. Saudi Arabian have afraide to building a Church a home of the God Jesus Christ,because in middle east and around the world millions of Satanist islamic converted every year in the true Religion to Christianity.In Africa every year 8 million satanist islamic convert to the Christianity,in Turkey Iran US Canada every year 55.000 satanist muslims convert to Christianity,in the world every year 80 millions people convert to Christianity because they read the true and the true is the son of the God Jesus Christ.
    People of Middle east you need a Democracy you need a God,the true God is Jesus Christ Amen.Stop killing people,stop war,stop violence but keep the love the peace and the tolerance of religion.

  2. to anon..what the hell are you talking about??there is no other true religion except Islam!.You only count people who converted from Islam to Christianity..but do u ever count how many people around the world converted into Muslim???u such an idiot!!

  3. I am so sorry that you both do not have that fine tuning of your attitude towards the other. It's true that there were Muslims who secretly converted to other religions for fear however it is also true that there were non-Muslims who converted to Islam. People do not convert to win numbers. People should convert because they want to be better persons. If those converts do not reflect that desire then they become extremists whether Christians, Jews or Muslims. We all should watch our own brethren who is genuinely converting to become a better persons. The bottom line is, all religions should respect our God-given freedom to choose our own belief without coercion, intimidation, threat or reprisal. That is FREEDOM of RELIGION.

    So plese both of you, I shouldn't have accepted your comments but for the sake of your respecting your personal views, so I decided. if you want other peoples believe your religion, do the right thing and do good to others as well regardless of his/her belief, color, race etc.. God bless both of you.



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