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Friday, December 31, 2010

Iglesia ni Cristo: Oh Yes! We don't have official website, you better gonna see a minister

Plaridel, a pseudonym of an INC blogger Arephenos is a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo, once caught cheating just like what many INC bloggers did. Below is his response to an earlier post entitled Iglesia ni Cristo is a CULT! by Fr. Tom Martin.
Catholic Preist [sic] Got this wrong.

"I was reading CD2000's blog and there was a post there entitled "Iglesia Ni Cristo -Cult!" The quotes this guy named Tom Martin. I went to the link  wthat CD2000 placed on his blog and it went directly to the post of Tom Martin. Tom Martin Claims to be a Catholic Priest in the last sentence of the first paragraph of his post. He also claims the following:[...]

"The Iglesia Ni Cristo Has no official blog or website. The blogs of INC Members are unofficial this cannot be held as references on debates and arguments. What Website did this guy even go to? He dint provide a link so we don't know about what he saw but i say to you that they may be unofficial [...]

What kind of god do the INC have by demanding

"Still no official site."
OK. Two things Plaridel was most uncomfortable with Tom Martin's post. First, that INC do not demand 10% from its members. Second, they do not have OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Yet one might be wondering, something is smelling fishy here, don't you think?

Granting that the INC do not demand 10% from its members, I wonder where they are getting those huge amount of money being exposed at the Iglesia ni Cristo in a Nutshell. Could be that this author was an insider? I wonder why he knows too much about the flow of funds in the Iglesia ni Cristo? Only an insider can do that, don't you think?

Second, Tom Martin claims that he's reading INC's "Official" website which Plaridel DENIED twice. Plaridel said that his cult DO NOT have official website so Tom Martin was wrong! Plaridel was wondering what "official website" Fr. Tom was referring to when in fact THEY DO NOT HAVE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.  That's the safest way to refute Fr. Tom's claims.  And since there's NO OTHER WAY a wondering soul can have access to the "truth" in the supposed "restored" Church of Christ, the only way a soul can be saved is by visiting an INC church and talks to a Minister.

What a brilliant and "all-knowing" god or deity they have! Don't you think so?

"If you want to know about our church you can go to the minister nearest to you. if you feel that you don't want to go to a minister you can go to blogs like this but remember that we, as mere members, may not give the official answer of the Church of Christ. So I suggest that you go to the nearest chapel of the Church of Christ nearest to you to have the official answer to your questions."

Read Plaridel's post here at http://arefenos.blogspot.com/2010/12/catholic-preist-got-this-wrong.html

Sorry folks, INC DO NOT have official website so in order for you to know the "truth" about the "restored" Church of Christ and to be "SAVED",  I personally advise you to travel to the the Philippines and talk to an INC Minister or if there's any nearest chapel that has the name IGLESIA ni CRISTO (CHURCH of CHRIST)  Make sure that it has the TAGALOG name IGLESIA NI CRISTO! where you are assured that this church is the church founded by the "Last Sugo" Felix Manalo, a Filipino ex-Catholic, ex-Protestant, minister, turned agnostic and atheist before he founded his own business and incorporated it in July 27, 1914 under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

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