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Sunday, August 7, 2011

INC News: INC members around the world celebrate their FOUNDING Anniversary

What's in this logo? The Unexplained INC 97th Anniversary Logo
Never it was mentioned in this opinionated "news" article that Felix Manalo FOUNDED and registered the INC in the Philippines in 1914. Their much publicized founding anniversary celebrations each year is the best proof that they recognized 1914 as their historically FOUNDING year, such that our Gregorian Calendars having 2011 shows how old is the TRUE CHURCH today -- it's Two Thousand and Eleven years approximately  for Christ said (Mt. 16), "the gates of hell can never prevail" and that He "will remain" with us "until the ends of times." (Mt. 28:20). That's Christ SOLEMN promise and is being fulfilled in our midst!

Unlike Christian celebration such as Christians is celebrated around the world exulting Jesus Christ's birth on Christmas, their celebration is like a little "christmas" but instead of Christ, Felix Manalo, their founder is being exulted and the Manalo clan being praised for expanding their corporation registered as "Iglesia ni Cristo." 

Note: As a registered corporation under the law of the Republic, their registered name in Tagalog "Iglesia ni Cristo" should never be translated "alone" in any article in the news. Regardless of what language being used, their registered name "Iglesia ni Cristo" should always be written in that way-- TAGALOG as it was registered. -CD2000

97 years of God’s work to Iglesia Ni Cristo
Source: SunStar

THE brethren of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) all over the world have simultaneously celebrated its 97th founding anniversary last July 27, 2011.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo has truly gone a long way since its emergence in the Philippines 92 years ago. The Church's mission has spanned the globe, reaching 90 countries and territories in six continents, with a membership consisting of 102 different nationalities.

The Church was officially registered in the Philippine Government on July 27, 1914 concurrent with the outbreak of Word War 1 by Brother Felix Y. Manalo.

Despite the intense persecution, the brethren actively participated in the propagation and edification campaigns of the Church. As a result, various locale congregations were established in the country.

Brother Felix preached in public plazas and participated in religious discussions, and debates resulted in the rapid growth of Church

He has succeeded in winning into the Church of Christ a handful of faithful converts then began to form a small group of Church followers. Despite the innumerable odds and trying difficulties along

The way, Brother Felix bravely continued his mission.
Brother Felix Manalo tirelessly fulfilled the divine mission of propagating the gospel and administering the Church through almost half a century of unselfish effort and dedication.

The church members will always cherish in their hearts that Brother Felix
Manalo was the fulfillment of God’s commissioning of a messenger in these last days, who preached the true Gospel of calling people into the Church of Christ, the man’s chance for salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

They will never forget the spiritual legacy Brother Felix has left them with that would continue to illuminate their path to salvation. He is gone but his memory lives on.

With the election of Brother Eraño G. Manalo, known to members as “Ka Erdy” to administer the Church as Executive Minister upon the demise of Brother Felix, the Church of Christ has reached the glorious stature.

The Church under Ka Erdy remains in God’s merciful hand and keeps on receiving His grace and sovereign guidance and this can be attested by the continued success in its mission and expansion.

The concrete proof of the success of the Church under the supervision of Ka Erdy was the unabated construction of magnificent houses of worship that serve as Philippines’ distinct landmarks and even abroad, the unprecedented expansion of the Church beyond Philippine shore, unhindered by global economic downturn.

The Church has also made its presence in the West – believed to be the fulfillment of biblical prophecies – in 1968 with the establishment of the local congregations in Hawaii and California.
In 1994, Ka Erdy has led the establishment of local congregations of the Church of Christ in Rome: in Jerusalem in 1996 and in Greece in 1997.

For the Church, these remarkable accomplishments are works of God through the dynamic and inspired leadership of Ka Erdy.

Upon the demise of Ka Erdy, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo has assumed the Church leadership.

With the phenomenal progress of the Church, its administration has never been remiss in its duty to exhort its members toward spiritual maturity.
Most of the lessons preached twice a week by ministers and evangelical workers to all Church local congregations all over the world address a wide variety of issues and concerns such as family, brotherhood, righteous living, salvation, sin, youth, among others.

These enable the members to overcome obstacles on their sojourn toward the Holy City.

The Church administration is continuously admonishing the brethren and the officers to lead and live righteous lives, to remain obedient to God’s will, steadfast in faith and love the brotherhood for them not to lose the opportunity to receive God’s grace of salvation.

All the successes of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in its wide variety of undertakings are attributed as the works of the mighty hands of God in these last days. The Church officers and members have all the reasons to thank, praise and celebrate the 97 years of God’s work for his chosen people in these last days.

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  1. Good day.. I am happy to see your endeavor to defend our Catholic teachings based on the Bible, tradition, and history. We cannot deny that there were some former catholic deceived by other sects through imbibing into their minds that they were the true church..It is not my duty to use this blog as " tsismis ".But out of curiosity, is it true that Iglesia ni Cristo is divided into two clandestinely ?. The blue and red one ? Thanks and more power...


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