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"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Friday, July 29, 2011

Iglesia ni Cristo's unexplained 97th Year Anniversary Logo

As they couldn't provide any official explanation about their official logo and the INC flag stolen from the Italian flag the INC's 97th Founding year anniversary again used symbolism that has no official explanation to the public, thus openly inviting people for personal interpretation, I hope I contributed justice in interpreting their official logo:
INC-1914 official  97th Year Anniversary Logo

Possible symbolism from their official logo,
  • Ninety-seven "97" -  clearly indicates it's year of existence, only 97 years founded in 1914.  News stories about the INC foundation day made mention of Felix Y. Manalo as their founder- NOT Christ Jesus.  And therefore this cult's claim of being "connected" or "restored church" clearly is pointless, inappropriate, fallacious, fictional; bigoted, arrogant, deceiving and misleading.  The "Ninety-seven" numbers says when they were founded. 
  • Iglesia ni Cristo Church of Christ - It’s redundant. The Tagalog registration Trademark of this cult is “Iglesia ni Cristo” and that is official; therefore this registered name should be used in all its official pronouncements. The translation of this Trademark into other languages such as English aims to aid only those non-Filipinos, non-Tagalog speakers. The INC, by law are forbidden to identify their cult as “Church of Christ” without it’s Tagalog registered name for possible violation of their “SEC Registration” as “Iglesia ni Cristo” (Church of Christ) 1914. That explains why they need to have the English translations side-by-side with the registration name “Iglesia ni Cristo”.
  • Red, White and Green - I have attempted to interpret those colors here.
  • Crescent shapes tri-colored Italian flag - the shape looks like "Islamic crescent".  In religion today, there is only one religion that officially identifies itself with that symbolism-- Islam!  In Islam, Muslims believed in Jesus as "prophet only".  Islam rejects any other claims by Christians about Jesus as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity and his Divinity  For them, Jesus is only a prophet, as it's summarized in the Shahada, no more than that.  For them the prophet Muhammad is their "Last Prophet" (nabi نبي) and "Messenger" (rasul رسول). In the same way, INC doctrines completely rejects the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity.  For them Christ is only a man.  And all bibilical references that proves his claims to be God is either distorted. For INC, Felix Manalo, like Muhammad is their "Last Messenger- Angel" (Huling Sugo) sent by god to "restore" a Church it never apostatized.
In other news, the YOUTUBE video below proves its "global" presence but exclusively attractive to ONLY FILIPINO INC members working abroad.  Reported by INC member Joel SAN PEDRO (hmmm they hated the saints, San Pedro as the Church first Pope) Filipinos find it like their "real home" for having INC locale found where they can inter-act with their co-Filipinos, using the same Filipino language, proudly bringing a Filipino founded church to foreign lands.  Thus the Iglesia ni Cristo emblem is rising proud in their host country-- truly PROUDLY PHILIPPINE-MADE!

Lastly, a INC defender (as he sometimes identify himself) admitted his church is founded by Felix Manalo only in 1914 proudly confirms what's IN THIS NEWS, ReadmeINC exclaims:

You read it right!


INC is not a Filipino Church only for Filipinos.
INC came from the Philippines and that doesnt mean it is only for FILIPINOS. If you have this kind of view then be ashamed, work out your common sense!

3 more years to go and its the centennial celebration of the INC!
What all are waiting for!

To all INC members:
Let's keep our faith unshaken and let's continue our church duties, and especially the services to God, because that's what's being a TRUE member is all about. Its not time for you to have cold faith, its not time for you to be expelled in the church, its not time for you to doubt about the church, ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GET UP, and share the FAITH...

Be a light to those in darkness!

If you read Anti-INC articles again, every church's anniversary, well dont be surprised, they cant help theirselves but to secretly admire and amazed about the phenomenal growth of the church, that's why they say lies on their posts.

For example, if your friend is more noticed by your classmates, and because youre the jealous one, ofcourse you will do something unappropriate for you to have your classmate's attention. That's what happens between the INC and the jealous nonmembers, only because the INC was in the spotlight, then it is also their time to counter that. Remember, a liar deceives many!

So if youre convinced with their anti-INC articles/dirty tactics, well you will not notice that you are DECEIVED!

be alarmed! they are everywhere!
(Source: http://readmeinc.blogspot.com/2011/07/iglesia-ni-cristo-97th-anniversary.html)

Poor INC member, he's making noise in the net but his INC central is comfortably silent in the Philippines without any official website, not even a personal blog by its current leader Eduardo Manalo (grandson of their founder Felix). The Holy Father, in his desire to reach to people via the internet has the Pope2You.

Yes we read the News story right that,
  • it is founded by Felix Manalo
  • it is founded only in 1914
  • three (3) more years and it's celebrating centennial-100 years (while the true Church Christ founded is gearing up to the Third Millennium (more than 2,000 years old now).
  • it was registered under the name "Iglesia ni Cristo" in Tagalog
  • it is global where there are Filipino migrant workers, there the is INC-1914
  • it is truly a world-class Proudly Philippine-made
As a piece of warning:
  • Don't be deceived. Searched and read only official pronouncements such as what were written officially in their magazine Pasugo
  • Demand for an official explanations from their Central office in Manila, starting with their logo, their stolen Italian flag and their 97th year Anniversary logo.
  • Demand for an official website (like the Vatican State).
  • Demand for an official publication of their doctrines like the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC). Let them publish their teachings and not hidden secretly in New Era.
  • Be alarmed, they are now "global" spreading deceit and lies about our Lord Jesus Christ and his truly founded Church-- the Catholic Church! 
  • Don't be deceived with their "dirty tactics".  If in doubt about anything, make it a rule of the thumb, CONSULT what is official.
  • Be a light to those who were snatched by the anti-Christ. Spread the goodnews. Make known about the splendor of the truth in the Church proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ in all you do.
  • It's time for us to GET UP and share our faith. Said the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, we should blog! Pronounce his TRUTH that is very much available officially in the internet!

To Jesus Christ be praised, now and forever Amen!


  1. What are the deceptions your implying?

    The deceptions would be what the Catholics defenders are doing.

    Teaching of the TRINITY... where did the APOSTLEs or CHRIST ever taught this?

    Not one catholic has ever found in their own bible regarding this DECEPTION. Don't you agree?

    How about the CATHOLIC name. Where did the apostle ever taught that the name of the church built by Christ is called CATHOLIC?

    My gulay di po ba yan ang malinaw na DECEPTION?

  2. FIRST:It is a outrightly wrong assumption to think that the Catholic Church which is the True Church of Christ "invented" the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity. (Read HERE ABOUT THE TRINITY)

    In fact, Early Christians believed in JESUS as GOD which is doctrinally opposing that of the JEWISH monotheistic beliefs.

    Although it was not yet spelled as "TRINITY" Christians believed Jesus is God (nowhere in the Bible you find a verse that denies that fact).

    When OTHER Christians tend to deviate from what was communally accepted as Christian belief, then the CHURCH stepped up and PROCLAIM the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT as ONE-GOD in THREE therefore named TRINITY.

    This belief in the HOLY TRINITY pre-date that of the Nicene Creed which was just a few hundred years after the death of the last Apostle John.

    Felix Manalo was not even born that time. Not even his great great grandparents were born yet. Therefore it was FELIX MANALO who INVENTED his "Jesus-the-Man-Only" doctrine.

    Yes, it's true, the Bible says Jesus came in Flesh Appearance but the same Bible DOES NOT DENY his DIVINITY. Rather, Jesus MADE SIMILAR CLAIMS of DIVINITY which eventually CAUSED HIS DEATH-- death on the charge of BLASPHEMY!

    Blasphemy is a serious offense in Judaism. No one would dare to speak the Holy Name of God (Yahweh).

    Here is Jesus Christ, a man in appearance claiming to have existed EVEN BEFORE ABRAHAM...

    Here is Jesus Christ, a man in appearance claiming to be the Alpha and Omega.

    Here is Jesus Christ, a man in appearance claiming to be seated at the Right side of the God.

    Here is Jesus Christ, a man in appearance Word-God made flesh.

    Here is Jesus Christ, a man in appearance defying the Laws of Nature by walking in the water.

    Here is Jesus Christ, a man in appearance commanding the wind and the water and the fish.

    Here is Jesus Christ, a man in appearance ressurected to life again.

    Here is Jesus Christ, a man in appearance who passed through walls.

    Here is Jesus Christ, a man in appearance who disappeared and appeared miles and miles away to the view of the apostles.

    Here is Jesus Christ, yet God, stripped off himself, took the form our man, obedient to the Father, like a Lamb led to be slaughtered, offered himself as our Sacrificial Lamb, the Living Bread from Heaven in the form of Bread which becomes his Body...

    Now tell us, why was Jesus ACCUSED OF BLASPHEMY and yet never RETRACTED?

    If Jesus is a RIGHEOUS MAN, HOLY, why did he refuse to retract from the Jewish accusations "making himself equal to God?"

    It's because JESUS is GOD himself and that if He is God, there should be NO TWO GODS but ONE GOD in THREE DIVINE PERSONS --- thus we have the TRINITY-- the very CENTRAL TEACHING OF CHRISTIANITY.

    Refuse to believe and YOU NO LONGER CALLED CHRISTIANS, that's what was DEFINED in the COUNCIL of TRENT.

    Now, did the Catholic Church invented the doctrine of the Trinity?

    Definitely no!

    And before you ever dare to mention the BIBLE, the WHOLE HISTORY of the BIBLE makes one realize the AUTHORITY of the CHURCH over matters of faith...

    That's the reason why St. Paul's First Letter to Timothy 3:15 said that the "CHURCH IS THE PILLAR AND BULWARK OF TRUTH."

    That is the CATHOLIC CHURCH... The Truth of the Trinity was proclaimed by the same CHURCH, which is the Pillar and Bulwark of Truth, to be a DOCTRINE no one can alter or erase, just as the same CHURCH problaimed the books of the HOLY BIBLE, no one can REDUCE nor ADD!!!!

    May gulay, malinaw na NILOLOKO lang kayo ni MANALO!

    1. believe me sire you're a moron. don't you get the meaning in revelations that the lady in white is the catholic??and you're a blatant antichrist by making too many idols which is against the ten commandments.and no Jesus himself said to worship God and God alone not the saints not mary and definitely not your pope.

    2. and the catholics said the bible is wrong and its lacking..so the catholic make additions..and thats all about paganism.

    3. i wonder if God created the council of trent?????and did God said "oy celebrated my birthday and make SUN day holy bring my statue more flower and bow to that as well so i may blessed you??"didn't God said its sabbath day NEVER sun day??so what is that for your so called true church??

  3. youtikz,

    And you told you t Catholis "worship" saints and the Pope?

    Only IGNORANT people like you says so. Go back to kindergarten and learn the basics.

  4. youtikz,

    And who told you that Catholis "worship" saints and the Pope?

    Only IGNORANT people like you says so. Go back to kindergarten and learn the basics.

  5. Before you judge someone's religion , did u ever knew the history of INC ?. Did u know their lessons and their explanations ? The flag of italy was been created in June 19, 1946 and INC was created in 1914 so how come that INC copied the flag ? Did u ever knew that INC was just being rebuilt in july 27 1914 , it has exist since jesus christ is alive . Before you say something about INC make sure that u knew all about INC. Bahala k s buhay mo , kapagod mag english . Makinig k s leksyon kung may tanung k okay ?

    1. Or let's paraphrase it.. before Felix Manalo's INC religion judges other religions such as the Catholic Church, did she ever knew the history of the Catholic Church? Did you know their lessons and their explanations?

      Oh, the flag of Italy was created in June 19, 1946, after the Second World War... and how about your INC flag? When it was created?

      Are u talking about the founding of the flag or the founding of their country? Coz if you mean 1946 that was according to their flag and yet you compared it with your FOUNDATION DATE in 1914?

      If we talk about the historicity of Italy and INC foundation well, Italy's history can be traced 20 years BC while yours is 1914 AD.

      Their flag was in 1946? And how about your copied flag? When was it officially hoisted in your tanggapan?

      And before you and your PASUGO say something about the Catholic Church make sure that u knew all about the Catholic Church. Basahin mo ang Biblia, history at Catechism kung may tanong ka.. dito pa lang nose bleed ka na sa English un pa kayang Catechism namin na sinulat ng mga dalubhasa sa biblia, kasaysayan at liturhiya?

    2. Yey. True. . .
      They won't stop by denying the divinity of Jesus Christ, The Catholic Church, beliefs/traditions, etc. coz they were brainwashed by their cult leader oh i mean a rapist angel Felix Ysagun. . .
      Its funny that its nonsense to INC to do good deads because they claimed that INC members only will be merit the salvation. . . *clap *clap.
      Satan will praise Felix for this modus.


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