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Saturday, March 17, 2012

On "Vicarius Filii Dei" issue: INC's lies and deceit

See this YouTube Video produced by the Iglesia ni Cristo of Manalo? Eraño was depicting a Papal Tiara with the words "Vicarius Filii Dei" as if it was true.  There is NO PAPAL TIARA or MITRE which bear the words "Vicarius Filii Dei" as Eraño Manalo has intentionally did to DECEIVE many!  In Matthew 24:11, Christ already warned us of the coming of the DECEIVER- the FALSE PROPHET--! Now embodied in the INC of Manalo!

Even so, the Virarius Filli Dei is NOT a name but a Title... Revelations says the NAME of the BEAST... here  are their names (from Catholic Faith Defenders):

•FELIX [5 letters] because Felix is Latin but if it is translated to Tagalog: PELIKS = 6 letters]

•YSAGUN [6 letters]

•MANALO [6 letters]


IRANYO: 6 Letters

GUSMAN: 6 Letters

MANALO: 6 Letters

Take note that this teaching was HEAVILY BORROWED by Felix Manalo (INC's founder) from the Seventh-Day Adventist where Manalo was once a preacher before founding his own church in 1914.

What kind of followers do the INC have if what they are presenting during their "Pamamahayag" are ALL LIES?!!


  1. makatul;igsa ka nlang ... hindi guzman lang ang apelyido ng ka EGM.. kundi ERANO de GUZMAN MANALO.. hina talaga ng kokote mo..

  2. Dapat pala EdGM hahaha.. ang talino talaga ng INC ni Manalo!

  3. haha..yun lang ata yung kaya nyang i-refute...
    hayaan niyo na..

    kawawa naman ee.. :)

    +pax christi

  4. SINUNGALING ang Manalo na iyan at ang INC na iyan. Kahit halungkatin nila nag buong Vatican City, wala silang makikita na tiara or mitra na may nakasulat na "Virarius Filli Dei". Mga baliw lang ang maniniwala sa kasinungalingang ito ng mga Manalo.

  5. INC of Manalo members are really the exact biblical story of a BLIND LEADING THE BLIND... (Lk 6:39). At alam na natin ang karugtong ng kwento..

    Pare-pareho silang MAHUHULOG sa "dagat-dagatang" apoy!

  6. They have been accusing the Catholic Church of this; but, until now, they could not show an actual photo of the pope wearing that tiara with that alleged description.

    Actually, it is illogical that these inscriptions should appear on the tiara as it would render a different meaning to the 3-crowns. These INC people are truly showing their gross ignorance.

  7. may tanong po ako mga kaibigan! by the way po,this blog is a nice blog po. hehe. good day po! here's my question sir!

    kelan po ang pagtatayo o pagtatag ng IGLESIA KATOLIKA APOSTOLIKA ROMANA dito sa lupa?
    at,kung ito po ang tinayo at tinatag ng Panginoong JesuCristo,bakit po wala sa biblia ang mismong IGLESIA KATOLIKA APOSOTLIKA ROMANA?

    may mga follow up questions po ako sir!!!! thanks po!! :)


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