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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

While Catholics around the world grew by 15 million, INC Ministers are not doing their job well

Catholic Population (Source: Wikipedia)
A report from 2011 Annuario Pontificio reflects a rapid growth of Catholic population around the world. Amidst sex abuse scandals commited by some "Judases", Catholics on this planet grew by another 15 million in a year. The Annuario Pontificio was presented to Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and Archbishop Fernando Filoni. (News source Catholic Culture)

Catholics around the world is now nearly 1.2 billion, it's 17% of world's total population, still the largest single church next to Islam (Sunni and Shia combined).

While many anti-Catholic groups (comouflaged as churches) rejoiced with the sex scandals which put down many dioceses into bunkrupcy, the Holy Spirit is still actively working among good Catholic missionaries, priests, religious and laity for harversting another 15 million to His fold. "The gates of hell will not prevail" against Christ's founded Church. (Mt. 16).

Thanks to the good leadership of St. Peter's successor Pope Benedict XVI, he did a very good job. Catholics by Country from CIA)

Converting Catholics to the Iglesia ni Cristo is INC Ministers' most important job. A minister's success is measured on how many Catholics he may convert. They use to do that in their "Pamamahayag". This "Pamamahayag" is a carefully scripted flow of discussion using twisted Catholic official books such that a neuphite has no time checking their sources for accuracy. 

Showing a copy of that Catholic Book is enough to deceive many Catholics while in their temple territories. Once converted these ex-Catholics hate Catholics and attack every fiber the Catholic Church teaches.

The latest religious rally which they did simulteneously in Luneta and elsewhere in the Philippines in February 28, 2012 is an attempt on how they could convert more nominal Catholics to Manalo's Church-- at least the Philippines.

As they are preparing for 2014 A.D. Centennial celebrations there is no tangible proof that Manalo's Church members are growing. According to news clippings official data shows their number to be roughly 3 million only.

Eduardo Manalo has to do double-time effort. Catholic had influenced more than 160 countries Twhich CELEBRATES December 25 as Christmas Day. A day appointed to commemorate the Birth of the Son of God-- Jesus Christ the Redeemer.

Only 1 country (one race) celebrates July 27 as their founding anniversary.

Eduardo Manalo and his paid ministers really need to work double-time or perhaps launch an official website that could reach these countries who are still celebrating a "pagan" day and may replace it with July 27.

Some of these countries that Manalo and his paid ministers should be doing MISSION are: (Source: Wikipedia)


  1. Hello again catholicdefender,

    It's John again. Another great article. I wanted to say that even though the majority of our Filipino people in the Philippines are Catholics which is great. But, please bear in mind that historically, an active disciplined minority can beat disorganized majorities. The real question remains, what are we going to do to take down the "INC Corporation" for good? Our people who exposed the INC were killed in the most brutal manner. The INC is a sole corporation by definition, but disguised as a religion though.

    Anyway, take care and kind regards!

    1. Thank you very much brother John.. God bless and Happy Easter to you.

  2. I like the News...thank GOD.


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