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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Politicians' courting the Church of Manalo

An INC building in San Francisco clearly shows it's masonic logo and it's Filipino registration Trademark.

Two Philippine politicians are urging the Aquino government for granting special attention to the upcoming Centennial celebration of a church founded by Felix Manalo in the Philippines in 1914.

Manalo's church which is called the "Iglesia ni Cristo" was officially registered under the Philippine government in July 27, 1914 thus making the year 2014 A.D. as their centennial anniversary.

The INC is also claiming to be the original church founded by Christ although they too believe that the Catholic Church which was founded by Christ in 33 A.D. had totally apostatized. Through Felix Manalo they believed Christ's church was restored.

The name 'Iglesia ni Cristo' (Church of Christ in English) was taken from Romas 16:16.

Manalo considers himself as God's "Last Messenger" (or an angel) which he never preached until in 1922 A.D. when there was an imminent schism -- thus ensuring total control over his founded church.

Wanting to receive a perpetual blessings from the Manalo family two Lawmakers from Quezon City namely Winston Castelo (2nd Disctrict) and Jorge “Bolet” Banal (3rd Distric) filed House Resolution 2157 favoring INC's centennial celebration. If the resolution will pass, the government will be spending the Filipino people's tax money for Manalo's church centennial.

“Considering the global scale of the occasion, it is projected that a celebration unprecedented in scope will mark the unfolding event. Taking into account that the Philippines is the nucleus of the Church and is the center of the centennial celebration, the influx of foreigners unparalleled in number in Philippine history is anticipated,” the two lawmakers explained.

Manalo's Church will celebrate its centennial anniversary at the Iglesia ni Cristo Arena built in the province of Bulacan- they claim the biggest arena if completed.

Though this resolution may be considered improper under the separation between "Church and State" affairs the mere fact that our politicians wanted assurance from the Manalo this move will definitely reciprocate a good gesture from the Manalos.

To this day, the INC members roughly exceeds 3 million according to news clippings and is headed by Felix Manalo's grandson Eduardo Manalo. Eduardo's son (Angelo) is expected to succeed his father after he retires. Thus ensuring a total control of their church.

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