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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Iglesia ni Cristo® is a Masonic Church. It's in its Logo says an American blogger

The INC™'s logo can't escape an American blogger Mary Tomaselli's judgment that it is indeed a MASONIC church.  Here is what she's thinking about the Iglesia ni Cristo® church she found at Forest Hills, NY. [Read also my earlier post What's in the INC logo?]

I was driving through Forest Hills, N.Y. a neighborhood near me when I came upon the church you see in the photo above. It was huge and very imposing, a structure I had never seen before. The architecture was strange and modern-looking. It turned out to be the Iglesia Ni Christo, a church I'd never heard of.

That this church had been built in Forest Hills was unusual, I thought, but in my research I found out that 61.3% of New York City's total Filipino population live in Queens of which Forest Hills is one neighborhood. When I went to Wikipedia I found a photo of the Eglesia Ni Cristo church in Quezon City, The Philippines. Here it is:

If you click on the Wikipedia link above you'll see the architectural details of the Forest Hills church are VERY similar to the church in Quezon City.

Finally I want to show you the logo of the church which sits boldly on the front of the church as it faces the street.

What I noticed in particular was the combination of Christian and Masonic symbols. Apparently Felix Manalo, the church's messenger from God, was a freemason. I hope you liked the additional information attached to the photos I took of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® church. They aren't touched up in any way.


  1. Are you insecured catholic defender? Why don't you ask for a public debate?

    1. ok lang kelan po iyon? bgo ka maghamon ng debate, sagutin mo muna ang mga tanong na ito...

      does your pastor have power to bind and loose (Mat. 16:19)? when he closes no one can open, when he closes no one can open (Is. 22:21-22)?

      God's way of sending messenger is by laying of hands like: Moses to Joshua (Duet. 34:9) and barnabas and saul (Paul), they were sent by the Holy Spirit after laying of disciples' hands to preach the Gospel (Acts 13:3)Who laid hands on your pastor and sent him to preach?

      you can have your comment through my cp no. 09084608123

    2. why are you challenging us to debate you in public?

      before you challenge, why don't you answer these ff questions:

      a) God's way of sending messengers is by laying of hands (Duet. 34:9, Acts 13:3)Who laid hands on you before you preach the Gospel? how and when it was performed?

      b)the Lord God speaks and asks, "The heavens are my throne, the earth is my footstool, what kind of house can you build for me? what is to be my resting place (Acts 7:49)?

      you can reach me through my mobile # 09084608123

    3. The proof lies in the fact that the Catholic church alone corresponds exactly to the exact religion established by Christ. Now, the Christian religion is that religion which--
      a.) Was founded by Christ personally
      b.) Has existed continuously since the time of Christ;
      c.) Is Catholic or Universal, in accordance with Christ's command to go to all the the world and teach all nations;
      d.) Demands that all her members admit the same doctrine;
      e.) Exercises Divine authority over her subjects, since Christ said that if a man would not hear the Church he would be as the heathen.

      Now the Catholic church alone can claim--
      a.) To have been founded by Christ personally. All other churches disappear as you go back through history. Christ said "Thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my church." Matt 16:18
      There are many claimants to the honor of being Christ's Church. But among all non-Catholic Churches, we find one built by John Wesley, another on a Martin Luther, another on a Mrs. Eddy, etc..
      But the Catholic church alone can possibly claim to have been built on Peter, the chief of the Apostles, and one-time Bishop of Rome.
      b.) To have existed in all the centuries since Christ
      c.) That every one of her members admits exactly the same essential doctrines
      d.) To be Catholic or Universal
      e.) To speak with a voice of true authority in the name of God.

  2. Only one translation of the paleo hebrew texts is in existence. This is verifiable by the jewish encyclopedia under entries "Jerome" and "Vulgate". It praises the authenticity and accuracy of the Vulgate which was translated by Jerome and hebrew scholars. The one known as lord god is deus dominus. When looking at the Biblia Sacra Nominum Interpretatio , you will find that deus dominus who enters the text at genesis 2:4 is a dead ancestor known as "Elias". We all know that a dead ancestor did not create the heavens, earth and everything in it as genesis 2 claims. Get a real bible, it is called a Latin Vulgate. It tells an entirely different story. The declension in the latin which is intefral to the language shows many important things. One is the fact that there are many Jesus' in the texts , old and new. This is also verified in a greek lexicon under entry 2424 Jesus. The one who is ",CHRIST" is Jesum Christum. The evangelical gospels are of Iesu Christi. Any one cayhing on yet? This is also one of the reasons the Catholic Church is the only TRUE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. They knew which Jesus is the CHRIST amonv other reasons listed above. Pray the 150 daily as Our Lady has instructed. Stay out of All Churches today. The catholic church was infiltrated long ago.All we have now is the rosary and brown scapular as the truth. Hold onto them for your life.

  3. Catholics are Illuminati, and INC is a Freemason, therefore: The Catholic Church and INC have one advocacy, to drag mankind to hell. Illuminati and Freemasons are one secret order. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8kK_uyvsVc


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