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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

INC® 99th Year Anniversary: It's growth, thanks to ITS FOUNDER FELIX MANALO - Manila Bulletin


Thanks Manila Bulletin for the straightforward facts! [emphasis mine]
"Today, INC® membership includes at least 110 nationalities. Its phenomenal growth and expansion has been attributed to the zeal of its founder, Ka Felix Y. Manalo, his son, the Brother Eraño G. Manalo, and the current INC® Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo."

Felix Ysagun Manalo - Founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo®


  1. For their 99th anniversary in SRP in Cebu last July 27,the INC gathering caused much traffic and disarray that is considering only a maximum of 350,000 attendees which pales in comparison with Pedro Calungsod's 1.5 million which was orderly. Moreover last year's gathering in Manila was more outrageous with 1 million paralyzing for a day the capital which doesn't happen during the Nazareno Procession of 10 million people. Just an inquiry, God is god of order isn't he?

    1. Brazil, with 3 million attendees for the World Youth Day representing more than 100 nations without any incident or misbehaved incident. The mayor of Rio said.. CAtholic youths are the most behaved ones....

      Now compare that with INC in Cebu who are all Filipinos... parepareho na nga lahi eh magulo pa... yan ba ang galing sa Dios?


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