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Friday, October 17, 2014

Albert Martinez will play the "Sugo" as Felix Manalo, FOUNDER of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC-1914)


Well, according to TEMPO (local tabloid),  Felix is the "FOUNDER OF THE IGLESIA NI CRISTO"!

ALBERT IS ‘SUGO’ – Learned from Ms. Shirley Kuan that Albert Martinez is playing Bishop Felix Manalo, founder of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, in “Sugo,” meaning Messenger. Shirley is Albert’s manager.

“Sugo” will focus on the INC founder, instead of the previous plan which would have also given equal importance to those who followed the INC founder, Bishops Eraño and Eduardo Manalo.

Playing Bishop Felix Manalo’s wife is Dawn Zulueta.

Playdate of “Sugo” is May 2015, in celebration of INC’s 100th year, which started middle of 2014 and ends May of next year.

Directing the epic filmbio is Joel Lamangan.

INC has churches all over the world. It has a university and a hospital in Quezon City, New Era.

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