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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Peacekeepers to be the Protectors of Pope Francis

Pope Francis, as a leader of 1.2 billion Catholics and the supreme head of the smallest independent state in the world (The Vatican City State) should be protected by the Philippines  during his visit on January 15-19, 2015. This action by the State shouldn't be questioned by members of the Iglesia ni Manalo (INCM-1914) and other Protestant churches and "Born-Again" movements  since what the Elite Soldiers' will be doing is to protect a leader of a Sovereign State according to the United Nations protocol, and also he is THE POPE. -CD2000
Official Logo of Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines on 2015. [Source: papalvisitph]
Hero peacekeepers excited to protect Pope Francis
MANILA, ABS-CBN News - Following their stint in Golan Heights, the country’s hero peacekeepers are off to another important mission – to protect the Catholic Church's top leader.

Contingent Commander Lieutenant Colonel Ted Damusmog said his troops are "excited," although he said protecting Pope Francis is completely different from what they went through in the Golan Heights.

The soldiers escaped the Syrian rebels who surrounded the supposed safe camps dividing Israel and Syria back in September. The soldiers refused to surrender their firearms to the soldiers amid a direct order from the UN commander.

Amid supposed threats against the Pope who condemned the acts of the militant group ISIS in Iraq, Damusmog said the details of their training can't be disclosed.

After the ceremony in Malacanang, the peacekeepers will be taking a 15-day vacation to be with their families before they begin their training for the Pope's visit.

The peacekeepers, totaling 271, were commended by President Benigno Aquino III today in Malacanang.

Aquino cited the soldiers' bravery during the crisis despite the challenges that confronted them.

He said he is still waiting for the results of the investigation by the United Nations in what he called was an "impossible mission."

He told the soldiers that if they surrendered their firearms, they would have been held hostage by the rebels, which could have led to a more complicated situation.

Aquino reiterated that the Philippines will not be sending any troops to the Golan Heights for the meantime until the UN investigation is completed.

During the ceremony, Aquino awarded Distinguished Service Medals to Damusmog and UN Disengagement Observer Force Chief of Staff Col. Ezra James Enriquez.

Gold Cross Medals were also awarded to Cpt. Nilo Ramones, 2LTLarry Endozo, MSgt Wilson Lagmay, Sgt. Alwin Cuyos, SSg Leonardo Aboy, SSgt Ramil Bobiles, and Coroporal Joneve Acolicol.
SSg Andy Mejos, who was also supposed to receive a Gold Cross, was not present.

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